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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by adagio, Dec 30, 2011.

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    adagio Moderator

    Same as always but with a twist. This year we will have we will have 4 sections for you to name you game of the year.

    1, Gameplay
    2, Soundtrack
    3, Graphics
    4, Your game of the Year

    1, Magicka - Loved the idea and they just about managed to pull it off.
    2, Bastion - It was between this and Deus Ex.
    3, Deus Ex HE - Not the smartest but I just love that Bladerunner type of look.
    4, Minecraft - For me the most game I played this years has to be Minecraft. Although it has been indevelopement for 2 years this was the year of release. Never has a game dragged me in and made me want to create so much.

    I think it may be interesting to see some others answers.
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    TOMMCAT Veteran BOON

    1. Battlefield 3
    2. Skyrim
    3. Skyrim + Battlefield 3
    4. Battlefield 3

    Yeah i know i'm a BF 3 freak. :)
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    Tent Community Member

    Hmm I'm thinking

    1. Terraria
    2. Bastion
    3. Battlefield 3
    4. Terraria
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    Gekido Community Member

    1. Saints Row: The Third - pure fun
    2. Bastion - pure epicness
    3. Skyrim - pure beauty
    4. Saints Row: The Third - not the best in all aspects, but deffinately the most memorable gaming experiance of 2011

    Didn't mention BF3 anywhere, because it demands Origin to play and I prefer story based games over MP smackdowns.
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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    1. Dungeon Defenders.
    2. Bastion and Portal 2
    3. The Witcher 2
    4. Dota 2

    I've absolutely fallen in love with the gameplay of Dungeon Defenders, and are enjoying playing the game a lot.
    Music in Bastion is just awesome. I really loved the soundtrack for Portal 2 as well.
    I highly enjoyed the art style in The Witcher 2 and it didn't burn my eyes out with sharp textures :p
    Lastly Dota 2 the game I've played the most of this year probably except for Guild Wars 2 and I enjoy nearly every single moment of it.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    1. HOMM
    2. Skyrim
    3. Skyrim/DE-HR (unsure)
    4. Fus Ro Da.

    edit: I would not include SWTOR in this list because i dont think its a game that was meant to be released in 2011.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    1. Same as Gekido, Saints Row III. Amazing stupid ass fun. Definitely unexpected and memorable, first I pirated it and then I bought it afterwards!
    2. Skyrim
    3. M&M Heroes VI (because of the actual map art, not the units, not the cinematics, but the actual terrain of some of the maps.)
    4. Skyrim, with SW:TOR close behind
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    1. Witcher 2
    2. Skyrim
    3. Skyrim
    4. ToR
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    Felby Community Member

    1, Gameplay - Saints Row The Third
    2, Soundtrack - Saints Row The Third
    3, Graphics - Skyrim
    4, Your game of the Year - SWTOR
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    Tigros Veteran BOON

    1. Real life
    2. Real life
    3. Real life
    4. Real life

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    Feidan Community Member

    1, Deus EX
    2, Bastion
    3, Trine 2
    4, Bastion
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Gameplay:- minecraft. So much creativity to be unleashed!
    Soundtrack:- bastion, nothing comes close to how brilliant that games music is.
    Graphics:- BF3, stunning explosions and texturing. Only ruined by lighting.
    Overall #1:- has to be minecraft purely for how many hours sunk into it.
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    Karasu Community Member

    1. Portal (2)
    2. Umm.. nothing really stands out atm
    3. Portal 2 / Skyrim
    4. Heroes of Newerth
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    Korso Veteran BOON

    1. Gameplay: Minecraft
    2. Soundtrack: SWTOR
    3. Graphics: Witcher 2
    4. Your game of the Year: SWTOR
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    Acina Admin Officer

    1. Gameplay : Magicka (a gem in the rough)
    2. Soundtrack : Bastion (if you've not played it check out the soundtrack here)
    3. Graphics : Battlefield 3
    4. Game of the Year : Minecraft/Portal 2 - So many to choose from :(
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    1, Gameplay : Magicka (Holy shit this was released this year? WHAT.)
    2, Soundtrack : (gotta chip in with) Bastion (even if I've only heard it and never played it)
    3, Graphics : Skyrim
    4, Your game of the Year : Portal 2
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    Juggernaught Classic Guild Member

    1. Gameplay: Minecraft (only your imagination sets the limits)
    2. Soundtrack: Frozen Synapse
    3. Graphics: Battlefield 3
    4. My game of the year: Magica (innovative and a very refreshing game with devs who broke alot of so called "game rules" when it comes to development)
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    Verin Community Member

    1. Gameplay: Skyrim / Terraria
    2. Soundtrack: Saints Row the Third
    3. Graphics: Skyrim
    4. My game of the year: Skyrim / Tor

    its truly hard to find a game of the year, there's ben so many fun games to play.
    I think Terraria gets really high marks aswell as the two I've put down there, and Saints row, although a bit slow at times had some truly great moments.

    Also! Adding a new category

    5. Biggest Dissapointment of the year: Homm 6 & Space Marine

    Heroes because for me it just didn't have a fun feel to it, and Space Marine, even though I loved it, and defended it to the death against the other people who bought it Space Marine just didn't deliver. And the last stand coop free DLC just wasn't any good :(
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    Tal The Architect

    Played this quite a lot during 2011. Can't really say the graphics were that great.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    It's not even really that which bothers me, it's mostly the leveldesign. You can be somewhere in the countryside and see a wonderful mountain with a waterfall and go "I want to get there!" but it's friggin' IMPOSSIBLE. Really needs to work on that effort -> reward system too.

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