Yet another interesting thread about GW2 [top 10]

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Specter, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    We saw the top 10 flaws, now the top 10 strengths:

    #11 – There’s no monthly fee!
    #10 – Love ♥
    #9 – Skill > Time Spent
    #8 – Custom Private Servers
    #7 – The Almighty Engine
    #6 – Information from the Field
    #5 – The Game Ends Naturally
    #4 – Small Team Sizes
    #3 – It’s Social by Design
    #2 – It's Accessible
    #1 – It's F*ing Beautiful
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Not sure if this post will eventually need to be moved to the private section, but i believe not :)

    My thoughts:
    I agree with every single point, pretty much like i agreed with almost all points on the top 10 flaws post, I also think that this post is not so deep (specific) in terms of what is being picked, when compared to the previous one.
    I interpreted this as: the game is good overall, but it still has some edges that need grinding to make it perfect.
    Everything on the top 10 flaw list is easily fixable if it proves to be a real problem, but on the other hand, almost everything on the strengths list is much more top-level design, which means that if it was a bad thing, it would be almost impossible to fix.
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    Tvar Classic Officer

    Critique time!

    #11 - True and probably the best F2P mmorpg out there by the time this hits us.
    #10 - Hate? </3
    #9 - This is a fine balance, although this may be nifty, to start PvP right away I know a large chunk of the mmorpg community dislikes the notion of ChessWars2.
    #8 - Wat? This sounds awful, hope I didn't understand this correctly or that Anet doesn't do this like it sounds.
    #7 - It's just an engine, "almighty" just got "fanboy" written all over it. But it is really smooth and plays very well.
    #6 - Sure but that's pretty basic for an mmorpg released in the 31st century, no?
    #5 - Nothing new, World of Satancraft has this.
    #4 - Warzone size being fixed at 5 sounds good, pretty small but sure.
    #3 - Not having to invite mouthbreathers is awesome, more info to come about sidekicks and multi-guild system (that Ketz and others love so much).
    #2 - IT CATERS TO CASUALS AS WELL AS HARDCOREZ??? That is not possible, since if it has something made for casuals or PvE in the game, it is mainly a PvE game for casuals! /sarcasm off, but I hope you see what I did there. -.-
    #1 - I like.
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    Specter Veteran BOON


    #6 -> if you read what damon wrote, you'd see that the information from the field means you will be supposed to pay attention to the game instead of the interface, this is indeed a great thing and something that will place it appart from mostly other games out there, where healers stare at red bars.
    #2 -> no idea what you mean... in his opinion, arenanet has managed to balance the simplicity of the game with the appeal to hardcore gamers. I never said it was impossible to do so, but i dont totally agree with him when he says its already achieved in gw2. Maybe, yes, but imo there's still much room for improvement in that area.
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    Feidan Community Member

    And it will never come out.

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