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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Selenus, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON


    Same way elementalists can shine doing damage on WvWvW, they will also shine for support.

    This build provides 2 condition removal for yourself and everyone close to you whenever you attune to water, plus additional conditional removal ticks with healing rain. It provides 2 pets, which should always be cast in water for frost field and heals and knockdown, and the field can be combo'id with a blast finisher for AoE frost armor buff.

    Armor of earth cantrip for a free stomp or getting an ally back up without getting cc'ed.
    Free armor of earth buff at 50% health for some extra survivability / escape.

    Using glyph of elemental harmony will also grant everyone around you regeneration, which in turn will cure a condition for everyone as well due to Cleansing Wave.

    So yeah, the build focuses on heavy condition removal, combos and heals.

    If you look at spreadsheets, elementalists are the profession with the biggest amount of boons and condition removal. Arenanet is nudging at the high viability in playing ele doing more than meteor shower in wvwvw, and this is why.
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    Xtranerf Veteran BOON

    Doesn't Earth's Embrace and Armor of Earth share cooldown?
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Of course not :)

    You can effectively get 16 seconds of stability and protection if you time it right

    But the main point of having a castable armor of earth is to be able to time a stomp or a rezz
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    Xtranerf Veteran BOON

    That's awesome if not a little too good imo ^^
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    There's nothing "too good" for ele. We're worse than everyone at everything. Burst build? warriors do it better with higher base armor and health. Support build? Guardians do it better with FAR better survivability. Heck even mesmers have crazy burst atm and then stealth.

    Condition damage? Necros do it better. Engineers do it better. Even rangers do atm.

    Eles have been shafted. At this point I'm only playing it cause I can't be arsed to learn to play another class so close to release, so I'll just hope for some balance.

    Our only advantage atm is in WvWvW. For sPvP we're trash unless in the hands of an amazing player, and even then, more effort and RSI required to do the same you could do with a lot less effort on another class.
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    Xtranerf Veteran BOON

    Aye, I thought overall too good since I now assume it's like this for Endure Pain and Spectral Armor etc or is it this just for Eles? Now I feel confused ^^
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    No idea, I only play ele
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    I like the build but there are a few interesting alternatives:
    • How much of an influence are those 925 Healing Power from Cleric's amulet and jewel? Somewhere, I read it's only like 15% more healing. This is something I didn't test yet. An alternative would be Soldier's amulet that almost doubles the hp pool. That way it's possible to survive 2 ballista shots.
    • 10 trait points into arcane instead of earth, because I prefer Evasive Arcana to Earth's Embrace. It offers an awesome burst finisher on a 10 second cooldown per attunement. (Each burst is 2k base healing in a water field, 3 might stacks in a fire field, 5 sec frost armor in an ice field, ...)
    • Soothing distruption is another nice water trait and gives regeneration and vigor on cantrip activation. It has synergy with Cleansing Water (condition removal when granting regeneration) and Evasive Arcana, as vigor allows dodging more often. Especially in combination with Cleansing Water it offers easy access to condition removal (independent of the currently active attunement).
    • Finally, Lightning Flash is a skill that can be used instead of Mist Form. I'd say Mist Form is easier to use, but Lightning Flash is more powerful.

    All those passive skill procs from traits don't share the cooldown with the skill itself. They have an own cooldown which should be noted in the trait's description.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    In all fairness Im yet to test the amulet's output in everything we provide (water attunement heal, , aoe regen, glyph etc)

    Evasive Arcana is awesome and helps with boon duration, but if you're getting spiked down and your castable armor of earth is down this will prevent you from dying cause it reduces the damage you take and makes you immune to cc, enough to be able to kite back to your force.

    Soothing disruption does work well for self-only condition removal, but it implies you need to have one of your cantrips up. You might not :< At least with Stop Drop and Roll you know if you get chilled and dodge backwards your snare will be gone. It's situational really, like so many builds.

    Lightning Flash isn't necessarily better, again it's situational. Mistform might allow your own meleers to take care of an overextended warrior or thief cause of the temporary damage immunity. The blink might just result in you getting bullcharged and hb'ed or something to that effect and die. I rather the temporary immunity :)
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Well it's up to you, but I'd say the build is so much stronger with Evasive Arcana. Situations, where you survive a spike because of Earth's Embrace passive proc should be really rare. At the same time, you're limited to one blast finisher (only in earth attunement). Evasive Arcana gives you about 4 more. Against spikes you already have a defensive counter skill - whether it's Mist Form or Lightning Flash. And in the end this is supposed to be a support build.

    Regarding the choice of the defensive skill, I can't imagine a situation where Mist Form works but Lightning Flash doesn't. Lightning Flash can't be countered by conditions like immobilize. If you don't clean immobilize fast enough, you end up in exactly the same situation as before when Mist Form runs out. On a side note: Bull's charge can't counter Lightning Flash if used to port back. Lightning Flash has a longer range and you should end up right between your allies (where a single warrior isn't really a threat).

    Something else I noticed:
    So far, I thought Cleansing wave cures conditions only on yourself. As an example, if you grant regeneration to an ally it removes one of your conditions. Did anyone really test this?
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    I've tested it and it works. And the tooltip says removes a condition from you and your allies. And you're confusing cleansing water with wave.. Cleansing water clears a condition whenever you grant regeneration to someone. Cleansing wave clears a condition from everyone close to you when you attune to water.

    Another main problem with lightning flash for me is the one second it can take you to target where you wanna jump to, should you be targetting the opposite direction. Mist can save you for that one extra second or so if you're taking damage.

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