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    Drexciyian Veteran BOON

    Well i've finally gotton off my lazy ass and decided to make this thread

    I run 0/0/10/30/30 which gives be alot of survivability and maximise healing for the raid

    I use Mist Form and Armoured Earth for surviving, stun breaks and stability & Arcane blast which works as a blast finisher which is great to use in fire, lightning and most importantly water fields for more AOE healing. For the elite you can use pretty much anything, tornado is good for knocking people off battlements and aoe blinds but you'll drop to ~1300 toughness so you'll die pretty quick if not careful

    For gear i either go P/V/T(i dont want to die), Clerics(squishy but heal alot) or Knighs(i want some damage and alot of toughness) with clerics/knights jewels, imo you should try to have at least 500 healing power. Weapons i use P/V/T or Knights with battle sigil for more might

    Playstyle & Tricks'n'Tips

    Your main job in raids is to support the raid NOT damage, this including healing and laying down as many CC's and fields as possible. In a moving fight the first thing you want to put down is is static field which is a massive AOE 2s stun for anyone who passes through it without stability, other good CC stuff to drop is water 4 for AOE slows & minus skill recharge rate and Earth 4 for cripple another good thing to drop is water 3 in front of were we are moving, this is called an offensive heal as alot of blast finishers will be going off there.

    Moving fights
    When KC calls for healing you drop your #3 or #5 water on him and i normal do a arcane blast in it, another good thing to do if you're in earth at the time is to drop you #2 then switch to water which will give a healing ripple then drop your 3/5 abilities also a roll will also give healing wave.

    Make sure you are within a spell distance of KC but make sure you aren't either right in the front like or too far behind, another good thing to do is to actually split off to the side as our frontline hits move around their zerg then back into KC on the other side, this can be tricky to master and sometimes not good to do if they aren't balled up its something you'll have to learn for yourself and judge if its better to stay just behind our frontline or go around but make sure you can get back in without getting caught. If you get into trouble is roll twice, make sure you pop your armoured earth just before the fight as it will give protection and stability, if you're about to die pop mist form keep moving and pop your heal.
    Meteor Shower Really don't cast this unless the whole group is stationary, i can't count the amount of times i've seen a fight start and a bunch of people just stand there and casting this....... save it till most of them are down and we're finishing them off


    When we are attacking a tower/keep again your main job isn't to dps the door its to AOE the battlements focusing on siege then players but also you want to keep water fields going down as well and popping blast finishers in it, another neat thing to do is to auto the door while in water as this will give a ~400 heal to 5 friendlies

    Other builds that can work
    D/D ele's using staff http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?fEAQBYAg84FTYRUAjyjZ2xGA
    I don't want to die http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fEAQBYAgo4ETGKEZjyjZyxGA or http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fEAQBYAg84ETYZoQkNKKmJHA
    DPS support http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fEAQBYAg84ETYJoQACKKmJHA
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON


    Personally I agree with the gear, PVT + cleric jewels. this works for D/D too, so currently I use the same spec, just change slotted traits between D/D & Staff
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    Kharjas Community Member

    I was using that PVT+cleric but the damage was crap, so I start to use cavalier jewels instead (now half-half) and damage is half crap and healing is still ok. Utilities, mist form and lightning flash always and I change from Armoured(to long cd) and arcane blast. Traits, I am using exactly the 1st one, 0/0/10/30/30. Btw, runes as I havent get monks, I use 2 water & 4 altruism (I have 10% less in boon duration but I gave might every time I use a healing skill)
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    Ichigo Mahiro Community Member

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