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    **This is based on if you can chop and change your traits (not respec) in the open world, as i have only tested this while in heart of the mists where you can change your traits at will (and respec, but the idea of this build is for it to change based on scenario rather than constantly having to respec)


    Shortbow: http://gw2skills.net/editor/en/?fMQ...yYGzcysF;T8Ag1yqEUJpSVliKKrMWJsyalzKpVrKGVs1A

    Longbow: http://gw2skills.net/editor/en/?fMQ...oMm5kZLA;T8Ag0ynEOJdS9kyJKqMUJoySljKJVrKGZs1A

    Weapons: (Varies on scenario)

    For WvW i would most like go for Longbow for range with Axe and War Horn in the offset.

    For sPvP and probably PvE i would go with Shortbow with Axe and Warhorn in the offset again.

    In my experiences the Shortbow gives more powerful burst whilst also stacking bleeding conditions very fast so if you can't burst it down your atleast nibbling away at its health constantly while kiting/evading. The longbow doesn't do it for me, with lots of line of sight issues and when your opponent evades it really hurts your damage because the attack speed is so much slower with the longbow, if someone evades one of my shots with shortbow it doesn't really matter cause i've already fired of 1-2 more arrows at them.

    With longbow the attacks hit harder but much slower so when they evade one it really messes me up. Also the number 2 attack with longbow (Rapid fire) seems to build up its damage peaking at the end of the channel so it starts off hitting for say 500 and then reaching around 5000 at the end, but if someone runs out of line of sight or range / dodges / cc's or interrupts you then it messes up your damage. And i think if they dodge roll halfway through the channel it resets the damage peaking, so it starts again from 500 but won't reach 5000 at the end cause you've already used up half of the channel (i wanted to tested this to see for certain if this was happening or it was just my eyes seeing things) so if i turn out to be wrong then i apologize.


    Heal as One (not much to explain here, its personal preference here, and this happens to be mine)

    Quickening Zephyr / Sharpening Stone / or one of the Signets i'm not using already. Quickening Zephyr is incredible for getting more burst on a person, it makes the shortbow fire (and if this is changed/wrong forgive me) 14-16 shots in the 4 seconds its active, with a high crit chance and sharpened edges trait (chance to cause bleed on crit) not to mention if you are attacking your foe from behind or the side, then thats alot of bleeding conditions stacked on the poor bastard. Sharpening stone looks a little lame at first glance because i already have alot of chances to put bleeds up on my foe with my current traits and weapon sigils but the good thing about it is that you can press it and you gain the buff 30 seconds while its cooling down so if it was timed perfectly you could apply the 5 bleeds from it and then pop it again to put another 5 bleeds on the same target for some pretty cool dot damage. Sigil of the hunt is a bit lame, only good for the run speed as the active doesn't seem to increase the damage of my next attack (cause i gain the effect due to signet of the beastmaster trait) at all, rather it decreases it.

    But as i'm already using 2 signets i figured i wanted a nice cd to pop that helps me burst or get more damage out in a short period. Quickening Zephyr looks the best on paper but if im hit by cc or my foe goes out of range or line of sight during them 4 seconds its wasted, and Sharpening stone is a bit lack luster as i already have the potential to apply lots of bleeds as it is.

    Signet of the Wild: The passive is ok'ish giving both you and your pet passive health regen and unless it gets changed, it continues to regen your pets health even when its been downed, so if you cant rez your pet straight away cause your too busy fighting then its already trickling up little by little. But its not the passive i took this signet for, its the Active, the active makes your pet grow larger, deal more damage and grants Stability (immunity to most cc effects) couple this with the Signet of the beastmaster trait (active effects of signets also effect you) and its quite nice

    Signet of Stone: The passive gives toughness to both you and your pet, and the active makes your pet take no damage from incoming attacks for 6 seconds, with signet of the beastmaster that gives you the same for 6 seconds (tho its worth noting if you have conditions already on you they will continues to tick but any new ones attempted to be applied won't)

    Rampage as One: Rampage with your pet, gaining stability, fury, and swiftness. You and your pet also grant might to each other when you attack. Not much explaining about this one, if you can't see how attractive this is you should be shot.


    Marksmanship: 30 Points

    Steady Focus: 10% more damage when endurance is full. I'm not 100% sure on this because i was thinking of taking Signet mastery (-20% cooldown) but as the signets are panic buttons and i might not be popping them every cooldown a flat 10% damage increase is nice.

    Piecing Arrows: Arrows attack pierce targets. This is pretty decent on the ground, but when you are on the high ground (say on top of a keeps walls) it vastly decreases in value, unless arrow attacks aimed down at 45 degree angle to hit a player then suddenly run parallel to the ground in the direction they we're fired, i've not tested this so who knows. Which is why this is the trait i change to Eagle eye for when i'm using a longbow.

    Signet of the Beastmaster: Active effects of signets also effect you. Explained about this under the signets already so no need to repeat myself.

    Skirmishing: 20 Points

    Sharpened Edges: Chance to cause bleeding on critical hits. No idea on the chance it has but when you have 40% + crit chance and the fast attack speed of a shortbow, this thing stacks fast. Not sure its worth it if you plan on using a longbow tho.

    Quick Draw: Shortbow and longbow skills recharge 20% faster. Self explanatory really, shorter cooldowns on your main weapon skills, i'd use this for both shortbow and longbow setups.

    Wilderness Survival: 20 Points

    Wilderness Knowledge: Survival skills recharge 20% faster. This is so i can use Quickening Zephyr or Sharpening Stone more often.

    Hide in Plain Sight: Applies camouflage when you are dazed, knocked down, launched, pushed back, or stunned. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 30 seconds. Bit of a strange one to pick and it favors sPvP but it makes me laugh how many times i've had it apply camo and i've just watched my foe run off. There is an alternative in using Offhand Training for shorter cooldowns on the warhorn.

    Runes / Sigils / Jewels:

    For Armor Runes i choose Superior Rune of the Thief because it gave me hefty Precision and a little bit of a boost to my condition damage with the 6th bonus being 10% damage behind or beside my foe which is nice for shortbows style of play. As longbow and if for some reason i couldn't use the Thief one (i can use it in the mists and sPvP but i'm unsure if the same rules apply for WvW) i would use Superior Rune of the Ranger or Eagle.

    For Weapon Sigils i am going to be using Sigil of Superior Earth (60% chance on crit to cause bleeding for 5s) on both my Shortbow and Axe, with the shortbow's number 1 skill, the traits and this sigil i can apply so many bleeds in just a few seconds. On longbow i'd most likely use Sigil of Superior Strength (30% chance on crit to grant Might for 10s) as i felt the longbow was too slow in attack speed for the bleeding one to stack up to much. The number 2 skill for longbow and high crit chance could easily result in 5 stacks of Might which i thought was more desirably than the bleed.

    For Accessory Jewels i'm thinking of using Rampager's Jewel (+125 precision, +75 condition damage, +45 Power and Vitality). With the amount of bleeds i apply with shortbow condition damage seems much more better than crit damage from the Berserker's Jewel but thats only on paper so we'll have to see on that one i guess. I like the look of Knight's Jewel too because it not only gives power and precision but gives a lot of vitality so wouldn't be so squishy.


    Unsure on these at the moment and already wrote enough to make my brain want a rest so i'll have to come back to this one.

    **Again just to say again alot of this is based on the hope the once you have spec down a tree you can change the traits you've already picked up, if however this is not the case then basically just use this as a shortbow spec and thats what i'll like use in 2/3 if not all 3 aspects of the game.
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    Just an update as i got to check out if Rapid Fires peaking damage was interrupted / reset by dodge rolls and i can confirm it does, so with dodges / range / and line of sight / cc, all against it i am thinking i may not bother using longbow at all.

    Also if someone passes infront of the target you are using Rapid Fire on they take 1 or 2 of the arrwos which resets the peaking damage onto them until they move from the line between you and your intended target, and the damage peaking is also reset when your channeling back onto them, i did try piercing arrows out and i think this does resolve the issues of someone passing through your line of attack, but the other stuff still drives my crazy cause it reduced my damage output and burst down to practically zero.

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