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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Selenus, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    Hey peeps!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on the class leader role. Sorry I've been a bit absent, just been fairly busy irl and when ingame finishing off my legendary, but I'll be back next week in full power!

    Either way, in the mean time, here's some specs / gear for you guys to consider. Alternate suggestions feel free to mention, same with questions, just ask.

    WvW DPS: http://www.gw2db.com/skills/calc/el...|0|49962|49962|49962|49962|49962|0|0|0|0|0|0|

    This is a DPS role, though it doesnt mean you shouldnt change to water when possible to lay down a healing rain / geyser, and air for a static field, before returning to fire to resume DPS. The 20 points in air will give you a cooldown on your heal and your elemental (which should be Ice elemental in big fights) and Inscription will give you a 100% swiftness uptime when you use your heal in air, making running around more efficient. The 20 points in Arcane are essential, for the bigger staff aoe.

    As for the traits, lightning flash helps you avoid getting gibbed, arcane shield is excellent for when we're bomb jumping a group and you turn it on to absorb a couple of hits (Which are usually initially cc's) and arcane wave will give you a nice extra pbaoe damage, which can also be used to be your own field combo blast finisher (which when used in healing rain will give everyone extra regen, and when used in a fire field will give everyone might).
    Alternatively, you can replace Inscription with Bolt To The Heart, but I really like the perma swiftness myself.

    Gear wise, I recommend Berserker's armor with Divinity runes, but I do not recommend Berserker's jewelry as this will make you simply too squishy. I instead recommend Invader's (pvp) jewelry with 3x exquisite beryls and 2x exquisite emeralds in them. A bloodlust rune on your staff is important to keep those 25 stacks up. You're also fine to get those 25 stack swith another staff and then swap to a staff with a rune such as Superior Strength on it.

    WvW Support: http://www.gw2db.com/skills/calc/el...|0|49964|49964|49964|49964|49964|0|0|0|0|0|0|

    With this role you'll be stance dancing as much as possible due to 30 Arcane, but it is essential that you prioritize water. Support eles should be in group with melee, since apparently your heals/buffs etc are prioritized by party and only if your party member is out of range, then it'll go on someone else. This makes the healing rain on whoever is on ram /siege duty far more efficient.

    Other than at sieges, for big fights you wanna make sure you get a static field down on as many enemies as possible and then switch to water to summon both your elementals and put down a healing rain where your melee will be, to give them some regen and condition removal. You should also put a Frozen Ground slightly behind your enemies to make it as difficult as possible for them to kite. When switching to earth you can also add an Unstead Ground further behind that frozen ground to continue adding snares to whoever is kiting, and your Magnetic Aura will buy you some time if you're getting focused by ranged people that notice you.
    Also, during fights, every time you swap back to water you will clear 2 conditions from yourself and nearby allies, which is pretty awesome considering the cooldown on each attunement is only 6 secs.

    Gear wise, I recommend full Cleric armor and jewelry, with 6 dwayna runes on your armor, and a superior sigil of water on your staff.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

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    Jame Community Member

    Sure about the support utilities? Ofc it's about personal preference as well, but I'd never take armor of earth instead of lighting flash. Lightning flash has saved my arse too many times to count and as support gives me also distance when needed. (My other two utilities are mist form and arcane blast — the latter for extra aoe healing/shields).
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

    It is entirely down to preference. Many times I've lightning flashed away only to have a follow up heartseeker on me, while mist has bought me the extra few seconds for the thief to get assisted on and get downed. On battlements I'm almost always able to dodge and survive on time. Ironically, I prefer lightning flash over mist on my dps builds.

    Arcane blast is excellent if you don't have evasive arcana, but the main advantage of EA is that it basically becomes a combo flast finisher on every dodge, freeing up a utility slot. The 2 ice elementals will mean extra frozen grounds which in turn means extra aoe snare to kite or chase.

    There definitely isn't a "one build" option to gw2 like there was on wow, which I'm grateful for. I do however recommend removing arcane blast if you have evasive arcana (which you should, 30 arcane is a must for support so you can get in and out of water as frequently as possible), and possibly either flash or mist form but not both :D
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    Jame Community Member

    I'll give your build a try once I get my comp. ^^ I know my current build is rather unfinished so need something new to play around with.
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    Selenus Veteran BOON

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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

    Iam playing in DPS 30/20/0/0/20.
    Heal: Normal
    Utility: Arcane Power, Arcane Shield, Mist Form
    Elite: Varies mostly Elemental

    Armor: Full Berseker, Flame Legion Runes
    Weapon: Valkyrie Staff (Vitality as "tank" stat) Sigil of Fire for additional AOE. :D
    Jewlery: Beryl Rings/Earrings and Ruby Necklace.

    Doing fine so far.
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Currently running a D/D spec which is awesome for small scale WvW and switch to staff for big fights.
    My Spec
    Gear = Clerics exalted gear (Power Toughness Healing)

    My survivability is amazing now, and 1v1 1v2 and sometimes 1v3 is fine.
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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

    I think this might be the discussion thread and the one of balmung just a thread to get an overview?

    Either way i wanted to share some thoughts with your about some tests i did for using "bleed" as an option for a damage elementalist.

    As said i tried a Condition Build: (Exotics)
    Attack: 2.818
    Condition Damage: 1.438
    Armor: 2.230
    Health: 18.875


    Using a 20/10/20/0/20 Setup to gain -20% Reduction on Earth which leads to mainly using Earth "3" "4" and then Earth "2" in combo with Fire "2" continuing in Fire after Earth is off Attunment CD and switching again.

    The Damage Earth "2" can be devasting and reach up and over 9000+ Damage with 6 Bleed Stacks alone!

    Paired with Glyph of Elemental Power when cast in Fire Stance this can reach quite impressive and painfull damage-ticks as now the Earth "2" can also applie "burning".

    I came to test this in Spvp and wvw (yellow set) with Runes of the Undead and Sigil of Agony.

    Siege stand off with limited movement. Here the build shines, you either have narrow places or enemies that wont move away or are attacking while you are in defense. Most players overlook the aoe field due to no instant damage numbers and after bleeding is applied its to late but to "cleanse" it.

    Fast moving, nuking setups. Here the build is vastly inferior to the cookie-cutter Nuke-Build. For obivous reasons a channeled damage over time ability cant work in such setup.

    I loved to test it out. The overalldamage is insane, it does stack onto itself but sadly is very limited to our style of play. So iam back to 30/20/0/0/20 but iam looking further into build ideas.


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