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    This article talks about the common misconceptions wow players have around guildwars2.
    If you are a wow player and never played guildwars 1 or played it and hated it, then this article is for you.
    If you are a wow player and never heard of guildwars 2 besides of all the mega hype going on that you don't really understand, then this article is for you.


    The article talks on how guildwars 2 is similar to wow (non-instanced world, 80 lvls to lvl up, gear progression), but it also talks on how guildwars 2 is different from wow.
    Leveling in guildwars 2 will be different from leveling in wow in terms of linear progression vs exponential progression. Also forget WoW style quests. Dynamic events are the new deal. Think dynamic in every aspect you can imagine, not only events, but also combat system (action game god-of-war style) and skill system.

    Although the skill system may sound weird to you, wow player, since you are used to have your UI filled with lots of nice squares you can click on, in Guildwars 2 you are faced with choices...limited, yet dynamic choices. Choose your skills, choose your weapons, choose your traits. And the best thing, you can do this whenever you want, you dont have to pay some npc to respec everything. The smart and skillfull usage of the skill system will dictate the outcome of your battles, not the fact that you have a perfect gem slotted somewhere.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Should make sure you read the whole article over at Kill Ten Rats, really is a good read.

    PS: Loving the 5min MSPaint banner :p
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    nice read even though i've never played WoW. ;)
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    It was Paint.NET :) a tiny little bit better than paint, but not that much :p

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