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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Xelendar, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Before this thread rolls out of proportion, i believe its better to break out the discussion per profession.

    This is the best example to start with imo, since its one of the most obvious builds to use for a WvW roamer.

    Can you post your build m8? Because i'm curious on your choices for the trait lines.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

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    Xom Veteran BOON

    Very similar but still considering going more support-oriented for what it's worth. Still leveling so mostly in pve leveling spec. Which, obviously, consists of well AoE lolspam.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    I'm inclined to go with this one because dagger is just worthless. damage is a bit lackluster and you have to be right up next to them, which isn't really where a necro wants to be. I love my scepter. After the zerg is down and moving onto runners, it has a large aoe cripple and a strong bleed.

    At the moment I've been raiding with a conditionmancer-ish setup ( but my survivabilitiy is too high and I could just use more damage. I have like 32k hp and I basically never die unless I'm really stupid or I get ganked alone. I figure if I drop the 3k hp I'll still have tons of hp, but the extra damage from staff will be enough to get me those extra badges for exotic stuffs!
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    Haze Community Member

    I've been running pretty much the exact same setup, except with 10 points in Death Magic instead of Spite for maximum AoE destruction with Greater Marks. I also try to swap out Signet of the Locust for Epidemic before big battles. That skill slot is basically a wildcard, loads of stuff can go in there. Spectral Wall is pretty good for bumrushing, Spectral Armor for some more survivability just in case.. or just another well.
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    Spud Community Member

    I am finding that the further up front i go in DS or plague form the less i get hit, especially in rushes, i cant see them, they cant see me but i can see the numbers on the screen.

    I would say that in the way we play, condtionmancer is pretty much the only way to go and what most will do, so with this in mind i have well of power, it turns conditions into boons as an aoe and reverses everything a condition spec does. I would suggest a few of us uses this.

    Epidemic and well of blood are must haves in my opinion and i like well of suffering for extra damage option.

    as for traits, i cant decide at the moment, in a way i wish they would let us have a few trait sets saved, but i guess the best use of a condition build is to max the condition damage and duration which means 30/30 in spite and curses for when its a guild raid, but for when with pugs or fewer numbers i would rather do a death shroud spec which is gaining popularity which is more tanky in nature.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    I can't play a death shroud spec because I religiously forget to use DS. Only just starting to get used to it now.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged 4DHj g7A;T0Ag0CnoqxUjoGbNuak1soYQx5i3FzLA

    this, maybe, for pure zerg win and wvw badges. All wells, all the time. Help allies out a bit by removing allied conditions and changing them to boons (like spud said, i've been using this religiously in zergs, it's amazing), then corruption and suffering for damage. Mark Damage, increased range, reduced cooldown.

    Build suffers a bit when it comes to chasing down afterwards by losing the 33% condition duration on scepter, but makes you the tiniest bit tougher.

    Lose out on epidemic, but tbh I can rarely see an enemy at all when we engage so I don't have chance to use a spell like this. ground targetable aoe is where it's at.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Still playing with the traits myself but im using basically the same build as the rest of you with some little exceptions
    At lvl 65:

    On an offensive perspective i can't drop Locust Swarm / Warhorn unfortunately, or else i wont be able to keep up with the zerg -.-
    Dagger over Axe mainly due to skill nr3 Dark Pact, also due to the Vulnerability inflicted by the chain skill, still haven't catch a decent Scepter for me to test it out over Dagger MH.

    Don't like the idea of Well of Blood tbh, too static and i prefer to support the group debuffing the targets (Well of Suffering / DS), all professions have the tools to heal themselves effectively so WoB isn't something absolutely necessary to the group imo.
    I always go for Consume Conditions because i use it plenty as a condition remover.

    Testing out now as an offensive skill (when i manage to drop Locust Swarm in time)... Corrosive Poison Cloud.
    This baby is quite a surprise. Call it Mark nr5 if you will, i see it as a buffed up Chillblains with it's extended duration (15second instead of 6second) and Vulnerability debuff (instead of chill). ;)

    All in all, its all about your playstyle. Right now it's a fun "work in progress" to me :)
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    Spud Community Member

    There are so many different ways of playing this class, i love it despite not being good in spike damage.

    My zerg rotation is this:

    plague elite skill > tab target hit epidemic > hit DS then life transfer ( trait blood magic VI transfusion heals nearby allies when in life transfer) + trait blood magic IX deathly invigoration (heals allies when leaving DS)

    Usually by then the they have wiped but i will pop my wells if the fight is still ongoing by then DS is out of cooldown either repeat or switch to Dagger/warhorn and chase down strays or continue the DS/wells rotation.

    i cant quite come to terms with wether or not i should stack points in condition duration/damage or toughness/vitality for survivability. Our HP pool with DS pool makes us very tanky indeed especially when you trait in siphining health etc.

    Still a work in progress.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    Well of blood will be an almost mandatory spell. yes, everyone can heal themselves, but the instant heal and then regen from world of blood across 40 players = far more healing than just your single 7k heal on yourself.

    If every class uses their aoe heals then everyone should be sitting on full hp almost all the time, because everyone is healing everyone.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Wells and Marks are capped to hit a maximum of 5 players if i remember correctly, and even having more healing output on the Well, it's subpar spell for most of the situations imo. Don't wanna sound like a prick, i simply believe there are no healer professions in this game.
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    Spud Community Member

    Most of the class discussions on other forums i have read agree, and that further more there is no better heal than consume conditions in PVP, slot plague signet, take conditions off allies, and use them as a pool for spike self heal or activate and pass onto opponent, closely followed by epidemic.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    argh bored at work and want to be in WVW
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    Hsulf Veteran BOON

    Should roll with my guardian spec. You'll have 300 hot every second without me pressing a heal ;P

    Guardians I think are the only class that can get away as a healer as they have if specd properly 8group heals 2 self heals and an elite.

    Just an opinion, but half valid also.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Guardians are OP :p
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    Spud Community Member

    fwiw the heal trait when using the DS 4 skill is limited by only area, i certainly see more than 5 green numbers.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    I didn't actually count, but I'm pretty sure that well of blood pops more than 5 green numbers at a time as well so it may not be all that useless, given that you can trait to reduce well cooldowns (which obivously helps a lot if you got another 2-3 wells in your utility slots). I find it very useful when we got melee people smacking a gate/on the rams and being damaged by rangers/arrow carts/aoes on the gate.
    While consume conditions is obviously a very powerful self-healing skill, the necromancer has extreme versatility when it comes to handling conditions, so my personal opinion is that you can put them to much better use than healing yourself:
    a. you can use the signet which pulls conditions from allies to you, then throw them at an enemy and pop epidemic right after that. I find that sub-optimal when not against compact zergs, because it doesn't really affect so many enemies, but support-wise it's a pretty good choice and it doesn't require you to use consume conditions as a healing skill as long as you have enemies in range (mobs are enemies too in case of emergency);
    b. you can use the well of 'whatever it's called' that transforms conditions on allies to boons - this one I think is the best use you can put conditions to, support-wise;
    c. this one is a bit situational, but anyway, remember that the staff 4 skill not only does nice direct damage, but also transfers all conditions from allies to enemies;

    Aside from what you can do with conditions on you/allies, you can also transform enemy boons to conditions, which is another well. I tried it out past couple days and it looks promising, if you're running with epidemic on as well. I kind of doubt that epidemic will be a very useful skill for much longer, because now everybody is pretty much scrubs and we find quite a lot of compact zergs where it's really good, but once they all learn to spread out by the time conditions are stacked, it becomes less effective.

    Has anyone thoroughly tested the area affected by mark of whatever is number 3 on the staff with the increased size trait? The visual effect appears to be small radius, while the circle before activation and activation radius is increased, so I'm wondering if it's not affecting a smaller area than it should.
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    Astarael Vertically Challenged

    i havn't done any proper testing but the increased mark size thing constantly looks weird for me. dunno what it's affecting.

    I don't really use epidemic, I take 3 wells for my utilities. well of suffering for damage, well of boons>conditons on foes for a little more damage and obvious boon control (seewutididthar?), and well of conditons to boons on allies for lifesaving. If I do a full well spec, which sometimes I do, my wells give protection to allies, leech hp for me, and have a reduced cooldown. Combines nicely with the healing well making it 4 wells. Protection for a few seconds as well as the heal.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Based on what I've tested so far:
    marks 4 and 5 look and perform as they should with the increased size trait;
    mark 2 circle-on-the-ground-before-it's-triggered looks as if the trait wasn't there, but activation and effect is based on the increased radius so it's only a visual bug with the circle, behavior is OK;
    mark 3 circle-on-the-ground thing is increased, but the visual effect of chilling->poison only covers the small circle as if untraited, didn't fully test yet so I just don't know if the actual chill/poison covers the extended radius or just the area where it's shown. Either way, there's a lengthy post on the official forums with necromancer bugs and this is one of the most "popular" one and should be an easy fix, so I'm expecting everything to be adjusted soon.

    The main issue I have with full wells and speccing for lower well cd is that it takes away my bonus 10% movesspeed while wielding a dagger and I tend to rely on that+warhorn to keep up. Once I get a scepter instead of the dagger I'll probably use that as well, it's a really noticeable cooldown reduction and that well of suffering really packs a good punch imo, sadly I don't think that it benefits from condition damage, which is what I'm gearing up for.

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