World Cup Fever Sweeps ArenaNet!

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    By Martin Kerstein June 18th, 2010

    Hello, I’m Martin Kerstein, German Community Manager here at ArenaNet. As some of you might have noticed, the Football World Cup is currently under way. Since I am German AND I come from the Ruhrgebiet, football is part of my genetic code.

    I’m definitely not the only person at ArenaNet who is closely following the World Cup and is cheering on their favorite teams, so I decided to talk to my co-workers and get a sense of who they’re supporting.

    (I really wanted to include a paragraph here about the superiority of German football, but after getting up at 4:15 this morning to see my team getting beaten by Serbia, I decided to take a more humble approach to this post.)

    So without further ado, let’s talk to ArenaNet studio members about the beautiful game!

    James Barwick – Environmental Artist

    I’m hoping Mexico continues their recent strong showing all the way to the final round! My wife is a native of Mexico, and says I have to cheer for them. It’s also hard not to love the team with the player who invented the . Stéphane Lo Presti – French Community Manager

    Please, as if there is any doubt as to whom I am supporting! Allez les Bleus! Will McDermott – Writer

    I am definitely pulling for the U.S. squad, but past that, I love watching Brazil play. They are so fast and so amazingly skilled with the ball that their games are always exciting to watch. Now, after watching Mexico beat France, I have to say that I plan to watch them more often moving forward. They’re also pretty exciting, and amazing in transition. Plus, it’s always fun to see big U.S. rivals move forward so we might have a chance to play against them in important games. Danny Yeo – Character Artist

    I’m supporting South Korea because my background’s Korean and I grew up there. DAE~HAN MIN GOOK! CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!~CLAP!CLAP! Richard Anderson – Artist

    I’m pulling for the USA of course. It’s been cool to see them compete at this level of play, and you can tell they’re really hungry to win. I’m also supporting France because my girlfriend is French and I have a lot of French friends as well. Mike Zadorojny – QA Team Lead


    I'm supporting the USA because I was born and raised here and it is my civic duty! We don’t have the respect that some of the European teams have and it would be great for us to have a strong showing this year. Our team has a lot of heart and each tournament we gain more experience. Byron Wright – Programmer

    I’m pulling for South Africa, although it’s looking pretty grim right now. We have to beat France to stay in the game. I’m a South African citizen – I grew up just outside of Johannesburg (or Jo’berg) and yes, even I find annoying. However, if South Africa beats France I’m going to run through the halls blowing one. Peter Giuntoli – Content Programmer

    I’m rooting for ITALY! I’m Italian, so I have to root for the good guys. I also love the color blue and winning. Ben Miller – Game Designer, Amateur World Cup Announcer

    I like group play, because you can pull for multiple teams!

    Overall: Argentina. With Messi and Higuain it’s like watching two soccer gods. Messi’s ability to make everyone around him step up his level of playing is simply amazing. For Higuain it means “free” goals as Messi steps into a more “Chavi-esque” role.

    Group A: Totally torn. I have friends in Mexico and France so both of those teams get my bias. Ultimately though – it would be nice to see South Africa make it out to the next round.

    Group B: South Korea – gotta support the corporate homeland!

    Group C: USA! The next games are going to be super important. Unlike some of the other groups EVERY little thing in these next matches could mean the USA moving on or washing out.

    Group D: Ghana. All the Africa teams are amazing to watch. They play with a lot of heart.

    Group E: This is one group I’m pretty checked out on.

    Group F: NEW ZEALAND! It would be great to see them go to AT least the next round. Plus who doesn’t want to see Reid take his shirt off some more!?!? I wonder what piece of clothing you need to remove to get a Red card?

    Group G: Brazil. Not because I want them to win, but I want to seem go up against Argentina. Then the soccer universe would explode in awesome as Messi and Kaka face off!

    Group H: Thanks to high school Spanish – I have to root for Spain. That next game against Honduras is going to be HUGE if they want to exit this World Cup gracefully. Evan Query – QA Tester

    I’m hoping the U.S. will get into the next round, and I’ll support them as far as they go. I want to see the U.S. get more respect when it comes to the beautiful game and in doing so create world peace. Yup, world peace through soccer, it can happen! However, my backup team is Mexico. They just had a 37 year old player score a few days back. How can you not support that? Jason Yu – Localization Project Manager

    I just like watching the games, not quite cheering for any of them. If I have to pick one to support, then I’d say I lean towards the Koreans or Japanese teams. It’d be cool to see the Asian teams do well in the World Cup one of these days :D


    As you can see, many of us here at ArenaNet are passionate about football – and who can blame us? As Bill Shankly, the famous former manager of Liverpool FC, once said: “Football’s not a matter of life and death… it’s more important than that.”

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