Whitefall Steppes

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    Allstar Just A "Member"


    Lowest value Warfront, Prestige/Favour per hour is terrible.

    I wouldn't recommend doing Whitefall at all unless you have quests there or really need a break from other WFs.

    • Team size - 15
    • Minimum level - 30
    • Time limit - 20 minutes
    • To win - First team to capture 3 Sourcestones (flags) or whichever team has the most captures at the end of 20 minutes.
    - CTF
    Whitefall Steppes is a classic CTF scenario. The opposing team must collect their opponent’s flag and carry it back to their flag. A team can only score a point if they successfully carry the opponent’s flag back to their base while they still have their flag. You cannot capture your opponent’s flag if your flag is currently taken.

    - Killing Ground
    The frozen lake in the middle will see a LOT of activity, but try not to get stuck there for too long and let EFC slip by.


    There are 2 main strategies that will see success in Whitefall

    - 1a - Moving as a Team (avoidance)
    I always find this method the most successful in any CTF map.
    Move across the entire map as a full team. At the start, try to avoid directly fighting the opposing team. Obviously, if they intentionally move to engage you midfield, you must stop as a team and fight. Otherwise, continue to your opponent’s base and pick up the flag.
    Then, as a team, move together down the east side of the map. On your way back, find whoever is carrying your flag and full out engage them. Your Carrier should stay back out of combat as to not risk dying. Fight in midfield, kill their Carrier, return your flag, then move as a team back to your base and capture the opponent’s flag. This strategy requires the most teamwork and skill, but works the best.

    - 1b - Moving as a Team (aggressive)
    As above, but instead of avoiding the opposing team at the start, smash them in midfield.
    This will only work if you can completely overpower the enemy team at any given time, as they will be able to respawn and turtle up on their flag by the time you get there and potentially wipe you at their base leaving you at square 1.
    Analysis of the opposing team prior to engagement is vital if you're attempting this strat.

    - 2 - Moving as small groups
    Much less effective than the zerg method, but 99% of PuGs will do this.
    In the beginning, a portion of your team will run and engage the opponents while the rest go towards the enemy base and picks up the flag. In order to be successful, you, as a player, should stick with the part of your team grabbing the flag. You should also help protect the Carrier on their way back to your base. From there, you will need to mount an offensive to get your flag back as the oppsing team will have done exactly the same.

    - Mounting an Offence
    Support souls and healers should stay on Defence, and DPS souls should mount the Offence.
    Of course, the Offence will need a healer, and the Defense may need 1 DPS soul.
    Communicate with the Defence team at all times.

    - Holding out as Defence
    The Defense simply has to survive long enough for the Offence to take down the EFC and return the flag, so actually wiping the enemy Offence isn't necessary.
    Good use of CC is vital, as is controlling the Power-ups at your base.

    - Tanks are the only souls that should be carrying the flag
    Warlords or Riftstalkers Ideally.
    Warlords have a lot of defensive group utility, and Riftstalkers have the highest mobility in the game.

    - CC Healers and Focus EFC
    Absolutely vital in returning your flag efficiently, the flag will retun of its own accord as long as you prevent you opponents from picking it up again.

    - Stick to the plan
    You cannot win this Warfront by playing solo.
    Cooperation, communication, and teamwork are the only things that will win Whitefall


    - Absorb shields will prevent interruption when trying to pickup/return the Sourcestone.

    - Using root break type abilities (eg: Warden Dissolution) will also remove the Sourcestone speed debuff while active.

    - Bard Anthem of Competence still works to give a speed buff to the FC, but will need to be reapplied.

    Overall, Whitefall is a very Simple match, as long as the team cooperates and communicates.


    TANK - Warlord or riftstalker for FC
    3 HEALERS - 2 for Defence, 1 for Offence. 2 healers is certainly do-able, but not advised
    BARD - At least 1 for Defence and flag running, 2 is advisible to take 1 for Offence
    DPS - FF and CC for Offence
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    I think this is one of the warfronts with the fastest win ratio if you do it properly. getting and capping the flag 3 times against pug should go as fast as WSG did in WoW.

    Either splitting up to defend and attack or the one tactic i prefer is, move as a team. get the flag. zerg the enemy flag carrier and score!
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    Mizou Community Member

    first i thought preventing them to get to our base is the key but i found it much easier to get their fang, kill em all on the way back and score, squirrels (cc) is insane on this map and u can get feared through the ground to be a deserter ! watch out what u doing :)

    thanks for posting all this, good work !
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Im MM ranger and riftstalker and its just perfect to running with flag! As Mm i have sprint for 5 sec every 21 sec, leap 20m every 30 sec and blink 15m every 45 sec. Also i have perma buff for running out of combat 15% but im not sure if its 12 or 15 tbh.

    Also MM is just awesome for taking down FC or just interrupting defiants picking the flag.

    Anyway as u said its low favor/h or just random, if you are owning than its fast tho.
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    I still havent won a round of his yet :/

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