What WvW build are you using.

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by cosmose, Jan 18, 2013.

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    cosmose Community Member

    Posting up build use in wvw so can compare between others see whos using what :p

    Full Berserker armour
    Runes, Superior Rune of Divinity on all armour

    Berserker LB
    Superior Sigil of Fire

    Berserker Axe/warhorn

    Full Berserkers
    All Ruby orbs



    Healing Spring - Create a sping that heals you, your pet, and your allies. It also cures conditions on allies.
    Signet of the Hunt - Passive, Grants 25% increased movement speed to you and your pet. Active, Your pet's next attack deals more damage
    Signet of Renewal - Passive, Cures a condition every ten seconds. Active, Your pet pulls all conditions from nearby allies to itself.
    Signet of Stone - Passive improves toughness for you and your pet. Active, Your pet takes no damage from attacks (6 seconds)
    Rampage As One - Pet. Rampage with your pet, gaining stability, fury, and switness. You and your pet also grant might to each other when you attack.
    Stability (22s): Ignore control effects (Stun, Knockback, Launch, Knockdown, Sink, Float, Fear, Daze)
    Fury (22s): 20% Critical Chance
    Swiftness (22s): 33% Movement speed
    Rampage As One (20s): Grants might to your pet when you attack.


    30 Points -
    10 Point - Signet Mastery - Signets recharge 20% faster.
    20 Point - Piecing Arrows -All arrow attacks pierce targets.
    30 Point - Signet of the Beastmaster - Active effects of signets also affect you.

    30 Points -
    10 Point - Companion's Might - Critical hits grant might to your pets.
    20 Point - Sharpened Edges - Chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
    30 Point - Quick Draw - Short bow and Longbow skills recharge 20% faster.

    Wilderness Survival
    0 Points

    Nature Magic
    10 Points -
    10 Point - Strength of Spirit - 5% of vitality is given as a bonus to power.

    0 Points
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    Avaglaor Community Member

    After i got my Ranger 80 and running with him WvW i,m trying to find a proper build that will be usefull in our raids. When i made the rannger i had in my mind a "Ranger" but it seems that a classic Ranger build with bows and scirmish playstyle if not so effective in zerg wvw.
    The last build that i start feeling that i'm usefull in our raids was a trap based build for AoEs with Axe/Warhorn-Greatsword.

    Atm i'm trying something else and i see something in it, but i would like some improvements. The idea is a support build for the raids:

    that can be change to a build for smaller groups/solo if needed with some instant changes:

    The damage is not hight but i have good survivability and personally more fun coz i actually can join the fight now.

    Any thoughts?
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    Mawzor Community Member

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    Buttercup Community Member

    You have... too many skillpoints.

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