What is Your Most Epic Moment in MMO Gaming?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 10, 2013.

  • by Acina, May 10, 2013 at 12:57 PM
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    Inspired somewhat by the recent post on WildStar Central and Allstar 's article over at MMORPG.com I thought it would be good to see what folk here remembered as their most epic moment in MMO gaming history. Was it the first time you stepped in to the world and gazed at wonder at everything, through to the first time you were involved in raiding or maybe that crafted epic item that cost you in time and fortune, it could be just as simple as PvP fun in the open world.

    Let us know in the comments what you remember most, what was that one epic moment in your (MMO) gaming history?


    I have plenty of favourite moments, but for me nothing was quite as epic as raiding Sunwell in TBC Warcraft, yes I enjoyed everything that came before, the world PvP of Vanilla WoW and L2, 40 man raiding will never be forgotten in my eyes, but Sunwell (pre-nerf’s) was hard, Sunwell killed guilds – so many top flight guilds fell apart. Due in part to the Muru encounter, but also the sheer amount of prep and time required to raid it on the bleeding edge of MMO PvE.

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 10, 2013.

  1. Pauleh
    IIRC it was an undead mage and some orc warrior with a bad ass 2 hander axe wasn't it? Cant remember the warriors name tho, but i know he was pretty well known at the time.

    I think this is up there as one of my most epic moments. I think the first time i did deadmines was pretty epic too, i think you we're there adagio on the fagelf with Rolo and Torund (remember them 2? lol). Good times indeed and like a few have mentioned on here no games has really had that wow factor (no pun intended) since WoW.

    Quite enjoyed the first 20 levels of Conan for the fact i think it was the first MMO (atleast that i played) where the quest NPC's had dialog rather than having to read the quest text (yes i quite enjoyed knowing the lore behind quests rather than skipping through the stuff). But after leaving the starting area and getting to the main city i thought my game was broke or the NPC i was talking to was a mute or some shit, after that it went a bit downhill for me.
  2. adagio
    Pauleh I don't remember much about them days. Just we were all borderline addicted to that cs condition zero server who gave wow a trial. Rolo was a dwarf who talked alot if I remember, toround a warrior. Fuzz a paladin and leader. Mantles druid.

    Then my brain goes fuzzy. I imagine asuryran was there with tim(mith) who I gave my first account too. Most of it is a blur with people I know these days.
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  3. Feidan
    Same as some previous posts, first time walking around Azeroth. Connecting the places I stumbled upon with the ones from the warcraft lore was my favorite thing to do.

    Sometimes I close my eyes, imagine wow never happened and think how cool it would be to have an mmo in the warcraft universe.
  4. Pauleh
    aaaw bless ya :p

    Do miss playing CS:CZ, that server was epic for banter :)
  5. adagio
    I don't see you naming the original fellowship of the boon members. ;)
  6. Firoz
    Destroying 40 French golems, on my own, in Guild Wars 2 First open Beta.
    And all Aion sieges, 200+ vs 200+ fights. /amazed
  7. Pauleh
    cause you said most of the ones i remember, altho u missed out fens who was the leader. Slack!

    Just remembered Bb and Wreckless so ha!
  8. HardKoar
    The epic raid that lasted 1 week in Ultima Online where both the creators of the game came in as the lords of 2 different factions leading the battle, Lord British and Lord Blackthorne .
    I think I didn't sleep for 3 consecutive days just to not miss a thing! It was PvP Heaven, naked with a straw hat riding a fucking Ethereal llama with only reagents and bandages on my bag, FFA pvp how I miss you.
  9. Merketh
    PvE wise, probably working my way through Molten Core for the first time and seeing the bosses and the lore.

    The most epic PvP I've had in recent years was when I first started Darkfall. we all started out as Elves, mostly because we wanted to start close to each others and avoid the dangerous cross-country trek alone. We decided to to a small raid on the Mahirrim lands to the north, and that first excursion that we spent something like half a day on deep in enemey territory without having any idea of the lay of the land or enemy numbers will always stay with me as a highlight.
  10. Lissaere
    In Aion, mine was taking Divine right after the Telecaster merger and the few abyss sieges before it.

    Alternatively first time killing Ragnarok in Gelkmaros with Section IX with just 18 people and no transformers with asmos constantly harassing us
  11. Screenager
    you mean this?

    I think the one that I always remember is the revenge of the elyos in Aion. after 3 months of gettign steam rolled by asmos me and a few other guild lead types sat down and organised this

    Be under no illusion almost all of this is guild raids and it was just insane to organise and run this on vent between 3 of us. totally worth it though by the sign of at 1am.
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  12. F U R I E
    Even though GW2 siege mechanics seemed good on paper, nothing really beated the Aion sieges and the rewarding feeling for taking a long thought keep. One of the reasons im still disappointed by the direction GW2 took and for what the game is now :/
  13. Gib
    So I was riding through Duskwood at 40 on my first horse and a friend whispered me, "meet me where the road forks off to STV, this is gonna be cool". So I ride over and see him and "hi" and he goes up the path to Twilight grove and omfg look at all that shiney shit armor and a DRAGON...

    World dragon, 40 man raids, horde turned up, world pvp with added Lethon shadowbolt spam, I was hooked.
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  14. Ormi
    Picking just one moment is difficult. But i still remember finally getting my Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers in WoW. All the helpful people who despawned the quest mobs and having to wait for the Onyxia takedown. Oh and who could forget Floyd (Hi Pauleh).
  15. Jasra
    my most epic moment was in L2, when i need Baium for first for my subclass. that was one epic battle on 13th floor from 1pm till 7am. i was almost dead after this, but it was also most exciting time in my gaming experience
  16. Ephiria
    One of my best game moments was in Guild Wars, during a ranked GvG while playing with friends in a smurf for fun and that we met the #1 guild of the moment. Epic moments on the TS with our leader doing crazy moves during the fight, laughs, tears and finally... win!
    Some other good moments on Aion and GW2 but I'll keep them secret! ;)

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