What is Your Most Epic Moment in MMO Gaming?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 10, 2013.

  • by Acina, May 10, 2013 at 12:57 PM
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    Inspired somewhat by the recent post on WildStar Central and Allstar 's article over at MMORPG.com I thought it would be good to see what folk here remembered as their most epic moment in MMO gaming history. Was it the first time you stepped in to the world and gazed at wonder at everything, through to the first time you were involved in raiding or maybe that crafted epic item that cost you in time and fortune, it could be just as simple as PvP fun in the open world.

    Let us know in the comments what you remember most, what was that one epic moment in your (MMO) gaming history?


    I have plenty of favourite moments, but for me nothing was quite as epic as raiding Sunwell in TBC Warcraft, yes I enjoyed everything that came before, the world PvP of Vanilla WoW and L2, 40 man raiding will never be forgotten in my eyes, but Sunwell (pre-nerf’s) was hard, Sunwell killed guilds – so many top flight guilds fell apart. Due in part to the Muru encounter, but also the sheer amount of prep and time required to raid it on the bleeding edge of MMO PvE.

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, May 10, 2013.

  1. Doodle
    My very first "omg this is amazing" moment in a mmo was stepping in to Stormwind through the main gates in my very first WoW human male paladin. To this date there has not been a more epic moment then that music playing + those statues of old warcraft heroes.

  2. Allstar
    I got a similar feeling the first time I made a WoW character, stepping out of that crypt as an undead just blew me away.

    Tirisfal and Silverpine just felt so bleak and oppressive, I don't normally nostalgia about vanilla wow much but the feeling that everything in the world wanted you dead (again), and dragons only existed to fuck you up is long gone and I miss it dearly.
  3. Castspellar
    L2 fights before Baium and Valakas Raid's
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  4. Xelendar
    Back to back sieging and GvG on Age of Conan. Good times :')
  5. Aspira
    As simple as this is, I would probably have to agree with Doodle on this. There have been plenty of amazing things I have been a part of in MMO's over the years, but nothing has ever gave quite the same feeling of "omg amazing" as just walking around in WoW for the first time.

    My most epic moment in MMO as a BOON Control member however has to be Darkfall (even though we were technically not under the BOON flag). Going on "fishing" trips with KC and Grezza on the love boat, great times.
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  6. adagio
    I made the mistake of going night elf first time around so never got that epic city feeling. I have many great times in wow but one I remember most is the fellowship of the boons first raid.

    All being roughly 40 we decided to ransack the nearest horde town in ashenvale. We crushed everything in our path. 20 of us dismounting to kill one low lvl horde. It went great for half an hour the 2 lvl 60 mages turned up. We scattered to the cave which leads to Stonetalon and regrouped to hatch a cunning plan.

    The guild would hide behind the cave entrance while a gnome lured the scum to their deaths. 5 mins later and constant laughing and giggling like girls. The mages took the bait and came through the cave.

    All that littered the battlefield that day was gnomes, dwarves, humans and night elves. I think it was also the first time I cried with laughter on a video game.
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  7. Fozia
    Probably Nefarian back in blackwing lair in vanilla most memorable

    also running into cthun's room with a whole raid was epic!
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  8. Nerien
    My most epic moment must have been the first time I walked into the room with the Balrog in Lord of the Rings Online.
    Really awesome walking in there and seeing this gigantic thing that has been chained up there for ages.
  9. Acina
    Same here, rerolled to a Dwarf priest a few weeks later!
  10. Allstar
    Nothing to do with Fear Ward then? :p

    Priest racials were the dumbest thing everrrrr

    (although I support anyone re-rolling dwarf, if you insist on playing alliance, you should have the decency to play the only good race :D)
  11. adagio
    Can you recall ud rogues with wotf. Now that shit was dumb.
  12. Allstar
  13. adagio
    And most of them were dumb as shit. Starshards lol.

    Also the reason priests got racials I believe. Is blizzard were worried in beta no one would play a low damage healer in the game. So they added a few extras gimics to sweeten the deal. Well that was the rumour.
  14. Fizzee
    Hmmm, well I was very late to the MMO game, but WoW, hitting 70 and that night being dragged around BT with a guild who had it on farm, getting some sweet loot, and being there for the guilds first warglave drop... At that moment I became a raider... Went back with the guild to mount hyjal the next week and held my own, riding into battle with ride of the valkaries playing on vent.

    Yeah, WoW was a great game. Shame cata was shite :(
  15. Law
    Best gaming time for me was being voted one of the top 10 FC's in Eve Online, taking on a 150xman fleet with 50x and winning. This ofc was before the Nano Nerf ><
    I have loads more story's but awaiting for Application Day to BOON for wildstar to reveal all. ><
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  16. Kephir
    the zombie event right before wotlk got released:D the sheer amount of griefing you could do amazing. also ilum pissing people off :p also crafting my sulfuras and doing the Eranikus event in moonglade and the opening of AQ and the amount of farming that commenced while being drunk on teamspeak afterwards. also my first month into aion as a new player with alot of old friends leveling was good fun, too bad they quit. and winning the pvp tournament at EU Arkship was realy epic aswell :p.
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  17. Fallanx
    I'm pondering between two great moments. Infiltrating and looting a whole guild hall in ultima online, guild leader logged in while I was overloaded transfering stuff to my house. Epik heist in mmo history even before Eve online similar scams :)

    OR Pickpocketing a house key and then reselling it to his owner 30 minutes later for 50K gold :eek: funny shit -
  18. Law
    Scamming in Eve, I knew a perfect scam via trade window before it got nerfed, selling C-Types for A-Type Prices lol.
  19. Littletoe
    Well wow pretbc and most of tbc was amazing after that it allways felt kinda meh for me, the pvp was fun and seeing some one with high warlord or grand marshall(?) ment that they had SERIOUSLY farmed their arse off. And oh sunwell, that place was the shit Brutallus was probably the most satisfying and rage enducing boss ive personally done.

    And Darkfall.... I think my lovehate relationship with it will go on forever, simply the fact that it was so diffrent made it amazing. But the pvp... GGGOD DDDAMN the pvp, no game in my expirience has come close to being that awesome in pvp. Obviously anyone who played it knew its flaws aswell but i was for the most part able to look past them, but i think one expirience trumps all.

    Ahnull(for those that dont know hes a former member of KDS whom ive spent quite abit of time with YESHOMO), left KDS when i got kicked for the Nth time for some retarded bullshit and formed a guild with me, hes brother and obviously himself and i think katie joined up at some point. And we just wrecked EVERYYTHING in an NPC city and basically brought a local guild to its knees, there is nothing quite like killing a leader of a guild with their whole guild bank on him and taking it all. And in general just making sure they couldnt do shit unless we allowed it, Its a long story and this is allready a wall of text but those few weeks were amazing.

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