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    By John Stumme October 18th, 2010

    The results are in! More than 10,000 people responded to our War in Kryta survey, and we’d like to share not only the results with you – but also how the information we received is going to impact things moving forward, when we take Guild Wars Beyond into the realm of Cantha.

    But first, allow me to take a moment to say a big thanks to everyone that took the time to respond. We hope you’ll join us again for more surveys in the future. Now on to the details!

    Q: How did you feel about the difficulty of the War in Kryta content?

    Our first category saw an interesting split in opinions: 50.5% of people felt the difficulty was “just right,” while 37% skewed towards “too hard.” This is something that we’ll be addressing when we move forward into the new Canthan content we have planned. To start with, on the quests that you’ll be taking, you’ll have the option of completing them in Hard Mode for additional rewards. This will allow us to make the baseline of the quests a little easier for people that just want to get through the content and see the story. For those seeking the challenge, you’ll have a more compelling reason to tackle the quests in Hard Mode—something that didn’t exist previously outside of the Zaishen/Shining Blade quests.

    For those interested, only 3.5% of people felt the content was entirely “too easy”, which may be attributed to their use of the super-secret asura battle-mechs.


    Q: How difficult was it for you to locate the War in Kryta content?

    Our secondary category had less of a split to it than the first, with almost even percentages of people who felt it was “just right” (43%) and those that skewed to “too hard” (42.4%). With nearly half of our respondents encountering difficulty, we’re going to be making some changes—not just going forward, but also for the War in Kryta. We’ll be adding in a series of over-arc quests that will help guide players through the War in Kryta content, to assist those that have yet to complete it. As part of these over-arcs, we’re also making a few changes to the requirements of the content, to help streamline the process. When we get to Cantha, you’ll find most of the content will be centered around our outposts to help make things easier to follow. For those of you that like exploring, don’t worry; there’ll be some extra things for you to discover as well.

    Just like in our first category, only 3.7% of people said that locating content was “too easy.” This may or may not be because our community does an excellent job maintaining the Guild Wars Wiki!

    Q: How did you feel about the length of time the War in Kryta ran?

    This is our first category that starts to show more of a range of responses. The predominant answer, again, was “just right” at 42.8%. Just 14.8% of respondents felt the length was “too short,” and only 4.6% felt it went on “too long,” with the remaining 11.4% in the median. There’s not too much to change here—the Canthan arc will run for a similar amount of time as the War in Kryta, but our goal is to make sure that there’s more content coming along with it.

    Q: How happy were you with the rewards from the War in Kryta content?

    This is our first category that shows a considerable need for improvement: the predominant vote is 38.2% for “moderately happy.” Only 12.8% were “very happy,” with the rewards, with 25.4% making up the middle ground. 6.8% of those who responded were “not happy at all,” with 16.9% between accounting for the last voters. Your opinion has been heard – improving rewards is something we’ve been discussing on the Live Team lately, and it’s something we’ll be incorporating into Cantha. It’s worth noting that improved rewards aren’t limited to just PvE. We’re also in the process of doing some revamps to make PvP more rewarding—you’ll see a lite version of this in GvG during our Halloween festivities (along with some other surprises).

    Q: How interested are you in seeing new stories that evolve the game world?

    This category has the distinction of having our single highest percentage – 80.7% people are “very interested.” Therefore, we’re not going to be doing any new stories like this, because we like to make you sad! Wait, no, that’s not right! On the contrary, the new Canthan content will continue moving the game story forward, and it will also set in motion events whose repercussions will be felt in GW2 – you’ll bear witness to history in the making!


    Q: How interested are you in seeing stories that explore existing game lore?

    Existing exposition evidently excites everyone – just not as much as new lore, as those who were “very interested” for this category comes in at 71.5%. Guild Wars has a rich and diverse world, and the Canthan content will continue to expand upon our existing lore. Our game is lucky to have so many devoted fans of our world, and we want to do our best to continue making Guild Wars an engaging place for them. To those of you who have compiled exhaustive research on the dental hygiene of the Giganticus Lupicus, we salute you in your efforts, and hope you’ll enjoy what’s coming next.

    Q: How easy was it to party with other players for the War in Kryta content?

    This proves to be our next area for improvement, with our largest number of respondents at 36% between “too difficult” at 16.6%, and “just right” at 32.2%. Only 6.6% found the experience to be “very easy.” Making the process of finding other people for content easier is something we aim to fix – not just for the War in Kryta, but for Guild Wars overall, To these ends, we’re going to be adding Embark Beach—a new Zaishen outpost that will allow players to travel to all Mission outposts (that they are eligible for!) from a single location. So if you’re looking to find something to do or someone to help you out, you just have to check one convenient location. Embark Beach will be included in an upcoming feature build containing some improvements for the game.

    Q: How would you feel about having a party that you could fill with Heroes?

    Our final category proves to be another big positive—50.7% of people say that they “love it,” while 14.4% are between that and “OK,” which comes in at 23.1%. Only 5.7% “hate it like burning,” while the final 6.1% were seemingly indifferent. You can look forward to filling out your party with Heroes as another feature of the free update build that will include Embark Beach.

    So now that that’s all been said, everyone can get back to anticipating what’s really important. You know what I’m talking about. That’s right… new Mad King Thorn jokes for Halloween!

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