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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Bluff, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Bluff Community Member

    Okie i didnt find any thread for it so i made one.

    i only played RIFT BETA5 and BETA6, i went for warrior, i was most of the time in warfronts testing alot of builds

    i tried sooo many builds, but they always have few problems like i am getting snared alot, and i am always chasing my targets, and stuff like that

    i equipped a 2hand weapon and went for Champion/Void knight/RiftBlade

    what i mainly needed from champion is:

    Pull rush (which can stun for 3 seconds when i spend more points on this soul)
    Deadly Strikes (total +24% dmg when i equip 2-hand weapon, and spend 3 points in this passive buff)

    Battlefield Intimidation (i fear every1 around my target)
    Proper Timing (next attack will crit)

    what i mainly needed from Void Knight is : Discharge & Pact Conversion

    what i mainly needed from RiftBlade is: Flamespear

    Here is the build at lvl 25-32

    was pretty simple combo, i used to spam Flamespear X3 >> Fiery Burst >> Flamespear X3 >> Pact Conversion >> Proper Timing >> Discharge >> enemy dead

    most of the times i didnt even need to make the long full combo, in warfront i gain lots of Pacts because of the Void Buff, i dont even use Pact Conversion alot cuz i am always at max pacts.

    when i am in melee range, i spam Reckless-StrikeX3 and Fiery Burst (Reckless strike deal more dmg when i have stored pacts, and with the DOT from Fiery burst it's OP)

    as i progress in level and reach lvl 50, my pvp build will be something closer to this :

    i will gain more snares (even ranged snares) from the riftblade, and maximize the damage of my ranged attacks (Discharge & Flamespear)

    i think this is the best PVP build in warfronts, didnt do much 1v1 duels

    Regarding my solo PVE build, i used the above build for pve too cuz i was too busy to optimize my PVP build to make another one for PVE.
    and i still need a PVE Tank Build, i didnt do a single instance in beta cuz i was afraid to go with PUGs, and i didnt have a build to tank the elites inside.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Well tbh flamespear is so easy to get and so bloody useful I have it in all my low level builds. I think for a level 50 PvP build I'll go far into Champion with the PvP tree (Vindicator) and the 2nd charge ability, but I just need to have Cornered beast and Destroyer's Bearing in the champion tree. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0ctkE.VVd0M.EAsdqRrGudz

    For PvE Ill probably go dual wield and go deep into paragon with Champion complementing the damage and maybe Paladin's one handed damage and hitrating

    My PvE DPS build probably: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0ckuh.L.EetsuAusR.Vxo
    Paladin giving me 5 % hit, 10% damage. Champion gives me 8% damage on abilities and 5% flat damage.

    For tanking , no idea yet as I havent tanked yet but Ill make a build anyway. also depending on the amount of Warlords it'll be a choice to make as they're gonna be extremely useful.

    I made a build that includes a Warlord for PvE, decided to go for an AoE tanking build with mainly Reaver/Warlord and 5% spelldmgreduction from Voidknight: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0cEAg.xEzVozRs0z.guqzuzkVck

    The main problem I can see with the build is possibly needing to press too many buttons, but it has alot of spelldamage reduction and reduces the damage enemies do by alot aswell. Plus it really boosts the damage output of allies aswell.
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    Fokkie Veteran BOON

    If you go that deep in Riftblade you should really pick up Rift Surge, its amazing!
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    Chowder Community Member

    did anyone consider making a support warrior? beastmaster and warlord seem to have lotsa nice buffses.
    decisions decisions..
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Yup, warlord is something I'll try next beta but eh dont want beastmaster honestly hate it :p
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    Even doh I'm not going to play warrior I'm going to try this build in the beta.


    For me it seems like a real solid pvp build. You have alot of damage reduction. Alot of armour and HP. It is going to be close to impossible getting killed.

    The damage from riftblade is easy enough to support this build.
    You have flamespear and riftsurge pretty much the 2 only skills you want.
    You have teleport to an enemy, at least that is how i though rift walk worked havent tried it.
    You have endurance HP buff. Think it gives like 37 endurance at 30-35.
    You have 5% reduction to all damage through the avatar. You have 9% less damage against spells ontop of that so together that is 14% against spells.
    You even have a res out of combot if needed haha.
    You have range slow spear that can root up to 3 targets.
    You even have some aoe dots, and all the spears hit 3 targets if used fork.
    You also have a 4second range stun.

    Seems like a really solid pvp/tank/support build, can even do tons of damage if you want to do that too. This build seem very interesting to me. And if your lower then 36 i would take some points of the riftblade soul. So what do you guys say about this build? ofc it is a 1h and shield build.
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    It really is. One of the most amazing skills there is.
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    Shantotto Guest

    I really question the viability of ANY pvp build without 15 points in vindicator at least.

    If you want to PVP DPS you _need_ trauma and taking imp trauma gives you -50% healing debuff ( mortal strikes lulz ).
    If you've never played a warrior in wow before in high level pvp ( as in, strategy level, not derp maxlevel ), then you know the biggest issue a warrior can face is MOBILITY.

    You should also know that any build without a healing debuff is going to make you a complete joke in group PVP.

    I think something like these will be pretty decent.


    Key points:

    Imp trauma for 50% healing debuff
    High damage output
    Multiple ways to "Get in" to your target.
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    Lilith Community Member


    Going for a full champ tree is a waste at lvl32. Try a Champ/VK hybrid or Champ/RB if you prefer champ to be your main soul. Discharge and Rift Surge are really overpowered right now.

    This is what i used in Beta 6: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1cLkg.xbszdo.gh0dqRMG0z (Although I used the PvP soul with 0 pts in it but it was a mistake not to change it with VK as u get 5% spell reduction)

    Check the screenshots for results.
    2011-2-5_16024.jpg 2011-2-5_23330.jpg 2011-2-6_175353.jpg 2011-2-6_205838.jpg 2011-2-7_114137.jpg 2011-2-7_183113.jpg


    Remove "Improved Rift walk" since Planar Blade refreshes its cooldown almost every time.
    Max out "Enhanced Burst" coz the dmg it adds to your bursts is awesome too (its going to work properly in the open beta)
    "Shield of the Hero" and "Martial Shield" only work with a shield you know that right?
    As a 3rd Soul you may put VK and get "Void" for 0pts invested in the tree.

    Other than that it looks ok but I still think that changing Paladin with another dps soul would be much more viable coz you either go as full tank to support your group or full dps(my own opinion).

    I will try some more tanking builds in the open beta to see what works well and what doesn't but as it stands now Warriors are inferior tanks to rogues/clerics due to Block being a shitty stat. The only thing we are good at is holding aggro.


    Do we know for sure that Trauma stacks with Lingering wounds(Champ -% healing debuff) ? If it doesn't then its really not necessary to keep both. So I suppose you will replace the Champ one with something else if you want to go higher in the PvP soul. Besides we don't know how hard it is to gain Prestige ranks so making theoretical builds with the PvP soul right now is pointless. There is absolutely no point in going with that PvP soul branch since you will be using a 2hand i assume and you won't be able to "block" as it requires a shield.

    I would change your build to this http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0ctLk.VVb.x0szdsMGtzz.qhozqR . Personally I'd rather remove the 3 pts in "Unrelenting" and put them into "Elemental deflection" for even better survivability. Oh yea and since you've went to 31 pts in RB why not put 1 more to get the Silencing spear.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Actually Shield of the Hero does work without a shield, it gives the +5% hitrating atleast and that is why I picked it for the Paragon DPS build, obviously the block does nothing without a shield.
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    Lilith Community Member

    You don't really need that hit bonus untill 50. Waste of a precious point imo but well every1 plays as they like. That is why I never bother writing guides and builds and stuff like that coz different ppl have different tastes. If you think the talent is worth it then its worth it. end of story :)
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    Bluff Community Member

    i tried Paladin/vindicator build, my dmg sucked, i had +10% from vind and +10% 1h weapon dmg from Paladin and i used to do ~90dmg with 1h+shield

    at same lvl, i equipeed 2h, i got my +24% from Champ, and with reckless strike, i used to do 200-230 dmg per skill (because of the stored pacts)

    also this +24% used to stack with other passives from RB/VK that increse the dmg of ranged skills

    i used to crit Discharge for ~700 and Flamespear used to land with ~150 + the Imba DOTS

    i invested alot in champ at mid lvl, to get Ruthless SPirit (break from Stun/root etc..)
    also i wanted the snare and the 100% Crit buff for finishing the target before he start running to the back and get healed

    the ~700 dmg i used to get from the 100% Crit Dischage used to take like more than 50% of the hp of scouts/mages

    it's nice build, but i tried to invest more in the vindicator to keep trying it till the end, it asked me to obtain Prestige Rank2, so i dumbed it.
    but really equipping VK, makes u gain LOTS of pacts Pacts without using pact conversion and without wasting ur attack points.
    u gain pacts when mages hit u, just imagine urself standing in the front line getting dmg from mages who spam TAB , then nuking them from melee with Reckless strike (if u have healer in ur ass) or from range with Discharge (Kill and run back when u r low hp)

    anyway all that still theories, we dont know what will happen at lvl 50, we will see what warriors need more, snares? dmg? defense? and we try to balance it out.
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    This is the ultimate pvp group build, survival + damage and nice aoes.


    Damage reduction of all attacks = 16,5%
    Ontop of that spell reduction = 18% and with the damage reduction = 34.5%
    Ontop of that when stuck in melee physical reduction increase by 5%, so a total of 21,5% against melee users.

    Combind that with spears affekting 3 targets (spears is silence and root)
    Every 2 minute you have a aoe slow effect.
    And ontop of that you have 2 different aoe attacks, one hit 7 targets one hit 10 targets.

    Tons of aoe damage, and survivability makes this the perfect pvp build for grouping. Build is made for 1h and shield. I'm mostly just playing around in the planner :D
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    Bluff Community Member

    i remember Killa said that he will go for this build at lvl 50, at lvl3x he tried that build and asked a friend cleric to heal him in warfront and went inside killing every1 (specially cuz the dots/aoe dots from reaver will do the same dmg regardless you are using 2x1h or 1h+shield)

    then he changed back to VK/champ/RB cuz most of the time he go with no healer on his ass.

    will see what happens at lvl 5x, maybe there will be more than 1good build.
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    I'm 100% sure it is going to be million of different builds in the end game, that is what i like so much about this game. There is like unlimited amount of options. Some might work better then others but all is going to be valid i bet.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    Im not sure, there will always be people with strong opinions telling what people should be speccing. Eventually people will see what works and what doesn't and you can say goodbye to your uniquely put together spec and itll be the same for everyone unless they dont want to perform 100%. Just personally hope im not too lazy and I've tried everything myself before I get told what to spec.
    But meh maybe its just me being stubborn and not seeing the difference between friendly advice (criticism) and someone telling me I'm being a numpty for even considering something.

    And if it's not that it'll be the class-balance or whatever you need to be for the guild that'll be the decider. You'll end up with 4 Soulsetups that are only a few points different then eachother to get the whole min-max thing going. Just hope I'm wrong about this worst case-scenario. And I guess I need to be careful what to tell others if they ask something and im not 100% sure, dont want to be advertising a build I haven't even tried yet.
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    Shantotto Guest

    There will definitely be some cookie cutter builds that are widely used, but even in the cesspit that was wow you had some multiple tree viability, with this many trees a lot of stuff will be viable.

    ( not having a healing debuff however, is not one of these cool quirky things ).
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    What i've heard, if 2 classes speced for burst should be able to instant kill any healer. Then a healer debuff is nto going to make that much of an difference.

    The healing debuff only works if you put it on a healer if i understood it correct, and wont make a difference if you put it on a warrior or something else, because he didnt have any healing spells.
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    The warrior debuff trauma you can put on any target, reducing all healing done on that target by 30(50)% which means that if you are fighting say a rogue thats being healed. He will receive only 50% of the healing from that cleric.

    For example, you are 2 DPS fighting 2 healers. If you do not have a healing debuff the healer will heal him/herself and the 2nd healer will heal him/her aswell so you wont get them down and they can slowly wear you down. Not to mention the different specs they may have and the defensive buffs they can use on eachother.

    Also I dont think spike damage will be so high when people have all their HP buffs on and got their high-end gear, theres some really good defensive spells and specs that reduce DPS by alot. If you've played Arena in WoW with similar skill mechanics as RIFT you would know that unless you have some really heavy CC/Interrupts you will need Healing Debuffs to get your targets down by DPSing.

    Ofcourse there are going to be glass cannons that dont get healed before they go down anyway but they will generally be nr1. targets.

    Either way, would you rather have someone that does 20% more damage to a target or someone that can reduce their healing by 50%? I think people will make the discision for you eventually.

    PS: I also think that AoE wise Champion's healing debuff Lingering Wounds will be put on everyone you crit on aswell, making their group much harder to heal and easier to wear down. You run in, pop Proper Timing (100% crit) do your biggest AoE and you have a healing debuff on the whole enemy group, throw in a fear and a couple of roots and you can decimate an entire group.
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    Wonsie Veteran BOON

    I though it was the same way as you describe it, would make the most sense also it is the same as wow is doing it. I just heard on vent someone saying it was the way i wrote in my last post, maybe i missunderstood it.

    Yes, it all makes a big difference in the matter of the situation. Ofc, the healing reduction is going to be good, no doubt about it.

    But there is like so many options, if i would choose 50% healing reduction or 100% stunned for the amount of time it takes to kill him. Id easy choose the 100% stun. There is so many factors to take in, so lets just leave it as it is damn good either way with healing reduction.

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