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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Xtranerf, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Xtranerf Veteran BOON

    Here are three different builds that I think would work WvWvW for different scenarios. Since I'm unsure if we can use Amulets in WvWvW the builds are without them.

    Warrior Healer
    Since most of my siege experience comes from EvE I'm a bit unsure how melee will fare in WvWvW, might be better to use Runes of the Soldier instead for more toughness and condition removal at the price of healing.

    Rifle Warrior
    Good single target dmg but is lacking AOE and good condition removal and also removes conditions from allies.

    Longbow Warrior
    The Longbow is a really wierd weapon since it has lowe single target dmg, little burning, some CC and some AOE capabilities. I don't think conditions are that good for WvWvW so you can either stack crit or power and in this case I chose power. The traits "Empowered" and "Berserker's Power" should help to boost the dmg.

    As you can clearly see I love For Great Justice and Shake it Off, I think these are the best utilities a Warrior can have for group play (atleast a ranged Warrior) and all builds have decent amount of toughness with Longbow Warrior having the most. These builds are probably not perfect but it's what I've been thinking of playing if I choose to play a warrior so please feel free to criticise, make fun off, give tips or post your own builds!

    EDIT: I have a feeling that you can't put Adept traits in Master traitslots, am i right? :confused:
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    You should be able to.
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    Undeadmonkey Veteran BOON

    Warrior Healer
    Since most of my siege experience comes from EvE I'm a bit unsure how melee will fare in WvWvW, might be better to use Runes of the Soldier instead for more toughness and condition removal at the price of healing.

    Maybe Axe+Warhorn instead of mace+sheild?
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    What is it you are wanting to try thats different, healing/support i would guess from looking at the build, but i don't understand the mix and matched 10 and 15 points here and there. It seems you want to build adrenaline fast for the regen bonus from defense? Don't think the 10 points in discipline is worth it tho. Plus the axe burst skill is like one of the best so you would be wanting to use that alot if your in the thick of the fighting i would of thought.

    If you are going for healy but survivability it might be better to go Axe + Shield, all you need is 5 more points on defense and you get shield master for 90 more toughness (140 in total for the 5 more traits invested)

    http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fIAQBYAApwqrOFoK9gM0SD is a start with 10 points to put where you want. I didn't change Turtles defense which you took in defense but its not something i really took before, i liked the reflect on blocking when i tried the shield but if your set on using a war horn then that would be useless to you anyway

    But i have no idea what it is you exactly want, are you dead set on using the war horn? If so why?
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Well, i was aiming for a shout build/aoe buffer basically. Warhorn to me in WvW is a must for a suport build, improves alot mobility and if necessary i can switch to OH Axe when dps is necessary (Special Ability L.Bow + LB 3 + Axe 5 = FUUUUUUNNNNN!!!).
    Shield doesn't seem as helpful in group situations » only have 1 Block, the stun CC seems a bit meh to me.
    15 pts on Discipline to reach Fast Hands, i like that skill very much (fits my playstyle of weaponswaping) and has nice synergy with Versatile Rage and Adrenal Health although this last one might be «overheal».
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    Undeadmonkey Veteran BOON

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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    I use 10/0/30/30/0 too, but instead of Great Fortitude I use death from above, that knockback came handy more then once but extra HP is a great choice too.
    Instead of turtle defense I use Merciless Hammer, because I use a hammer and I already have 3.2k armor. The rest of the traits is the same as I use.I keep warhorn as secondary so I could mass remove movement debuffs and buff swiftness and sword so I could use the leap skill for mobility. Erm and instead of fear me I use "on my mark" due to shorter cooldown and sometimes its even useful, but I really see the appeal of mass fear. With full cleric gear, dwayna runes, and life sigil at 25 stacks shouts heal 2718, and mending 7275 hp.
    Stats: hp: 23178, armor:3209, crit chance:5%, Atk.power 2909
    Note that killing people is not my primary objective with this build I use hammer to stun, slow, knockdown enemies to keep them in place and not dodging until the raid takes care of them and the healing shouts keep the people in frontline with me alive a little bit longer giving them the extra chance to retreat if needed.
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    Pauleh Veteran BOON

    The build im currently testing is this one:


    Not really given it much testing as people are trying to make me social when all i want to do is play the fkin game ARGH!

    But so far its good bit of dmg, and has a bit of support thrown in, still a bit squishy but most build will seem squishy after playing sword and board or hammer. hopefully i'll get a chance to test it out in wvw tonight again.

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