Warcraft III and custom maps

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Nerien, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Nerien "Bad Boy"

    Me back with a new thing :eek:

    I wanted to check in if anyone else where up for playing some custom Warcraft III maps.

    Just started up playing Wc3 custom maps with Blackspear and having some fun with some of the amazing maps that are around for this old game.

    Maps we got in mind mostly would be things like.

    Tower Defense Wars
    Hero Defense Wars (if anyone is interested)
    Adventure Maps
    Escape maps
    Regular Tower Defense
    Regular Hero Defense
    Footmen Frenzy
    Sheep Tag + Other things like it
    Duel maps (Warlock, Pudge Wars) + other maps of same type

    Probably missed lots of different game types.

    So just let me know if anyone is interested and I can get us going.
    If you already have Warcraft III copy we use garena client or Wc3Proxy to play with if you want to join.
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    Juggernaught Classic Guild Member

    I can join for sure, just have to install that ancient game...
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    Karasu Community Member


    Terrania - BEST.(CO-OP).MAP.EVER
    That - and the Survivor map.

    If you have a team of 6-10 ppl it's crazy. You need a botanist, blacksmith, builder, fighter, defender and cleric to work together and survive / solve the corruption. There's small hidden quests, crafting and hero and tower defence. The more you play the more XP you get (save/load by a code) and you can slowly unlock new skills with it. I've got a max lvl char and I helped creating the map a little ^^

    Oh, and there's crazy good RPG maps out there. Twilight Eve and Dacia ORPG being one of them (I was an admin for Dacia too)
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    Dextix Community Member

    You should try Gem TD, Night of the Dead, Elemental TD which are really good. I think there's one called Spore TD as well. I can look after my mapbundle and see if I still have it around, if you like?
    I'm sure up for some WC3!

    Oh! Don't forget tree tag! That's a funny map with enough people!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I never played this in WC3, but this map was remade for SC2 and it was outstanding. Me and Omnipresent used to waste entire evenings just playing one map of this mod.

    If the WC3 version is anything like the SC2 one, it will be great fun and a great time sink.

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