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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wonsie, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    need the oculus porn thing
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    For the purposes of scientific research, I checked this out on my Rift at the weekend. Most of the sources out there seem to be subscription sites, but I downloaded a few 20 second trailers out of interest. Put simply, it is disturbingly real and pretty freaky. As an experience, it is another step towards the real thing.... if by real thing you mean a run of the mill threesome with supermodels on a yacht!

    As a general comment on the Rift... this shit is off the charts. Playing Elite Dangerous on the rift and launching from a space station and into hyperdrive is probably the most memorable experience I've had in a PC game in a hell of a long time! Looking around your cockpit and initialising interfaces you look at, looking up above your head at enemy craft you are trying to track, watching your cockpit start to come apart in 3D when you screw up. It is nothing short of incredible.

    The only bad bit (in that game) is that there are so many keys to keep track of on your keyboard - this is fine normally but when you can't see your keyboard it's not as easy. Going to try setting up voice activation tonight.

    Anyway, going off thread - apologies.
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    Tarsius Community Member

    I've got used to peering through the small air vent holes in the bottom of the glasses, so I can see the keyboard. Not sure how they are going to solve that issue other than with something like the ileap motion and in-cockpit controls.
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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Actually I had quite a bit of success using VoiceAttack now - plus it's very cool talking to your ship.

    "Landing Gear" -> "Landing Gear Deployed" etc..

    Makes it even more fun and immersive!

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Edit: not sure if the module for Facebook is working, so here is the link for the video
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Beta testing to save the planet! :D

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    Feidan Community Member

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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Tvar you might like this one.

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

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    Merketh The MerkBot

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    David Hasselhoff FTW
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    Ceeo Community Member

    If you haven't seen this channel before, you're in for a treat. And probably a mild depression.
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    Fallanx Tactical Veteran

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    Merketh The MerkBot

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    Acina Admin Officer

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    I am all of those!
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    So cool of them to get the entire Wildstar population in one video

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