Discussion in 'TERA' started by Necrionet, May 2, 2012.

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    Necrionet Community Member

    I have tried everything to make V-sync work (D3D overrider, edit ini file,force from amd catalyst, radeon pro) anyone know something else i can try?

    Here's my rig:

    Cpu: i5 750 oc 3.4 ghz
    gpu: x2 hd6970 cropssfire
    ssd: 120gb ocz vertex 3
    Windows 7 x64
    mobo: p7p55 d deluxe
    12 gb ram ddr3 1600
    seasonic platinum 1000w
    mouse: razer naga epic
    Keybboard: razer anansi
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    You can't force vsync. The best solution is in your ini change your min and max frame rates to your refresh rate. And leave smoothing on. I changed mine to 30&60 and get tearing but my gpus dont try to detonate anymore.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    Already have max fps limited to 59 with dxtory to reduce input lag (First person shooter trick =P) but its really annoying tho. Thx for the answer anyway ^^
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    Angelo Community Member

    There was a big post on reddit about tweaking your game for better performance, I do hate how sometimes im wondering around see a name in red but the model doesn't load so im stuck guessing what class he is.
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    Necrionet Community Member

    Ok, after a long research, i finally found a way to enable v-sync for system with crossfire gpu.

    go in tera-->client-->S1game-->Config and in notepad open the file named "S1Engine" and find the row that say "UseVsync=False" and change it to "UseVsync=True". this will enable v-sync.

    Remember that v-sync will cause some input lag, and in a game like this, that aim like an fps, could be quite of a problem. But i have a trick to resolve this thing ;) .

    Still in the file above, search this row:


    and set it like this:


    Save the file and voila`! v-sync without input lag ^^. Hope this help. (This trick work with every game, so in game that dont have this option in the .ini file, you can use a program called "dxtory" )

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