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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Melody, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Melody Community Member

    Thief Overview.:

    Possible Land Weapon's: Dagger, Sword(only MH), Pistol and Shortbow.
    Possible Aquatic Weapon's: Harpoon Gun and Spear.

    Stat's a Thief most benefit from:
    • Power: For obvious reason's one of the main stats.
    • Precision: Again for obvious reason's one of the main stats.
    • Condition Damage: For Thiefs who relay on Condition's its probably the most needed stat!
    • Vitality: Thief's are somewhat weak compared to other melee classes when it comes to defensive stats.
    Overview on Sigil's that should be considered:
    • Sigil of Superior Blood
    • Sigil of Superior Force
    • Sigil of Superior Ice
    • Sigil of Superior Strength
    • Sigil of Superior Bloodlust

    Overview on Rune Sets that should be considered:
    • Superior Rune of Infiltration:
    Nice Stats & Scales well with the Executioner Trait (combined: 30% Flat Damage increase when Target is below 50% health)
    Somewhat useless Cloak (most of the time it doesn't even trigger)

    • Superior Rune of Divinity:

    Nice Stats (Fit's a high Critical Build best)
    Somewhat Expensive.
    Additional Damage only applied on Critical Hits.

    • Superior Rune of the Eagle:
    165 Precision + 8% Critical Damage + 5% Flat Damage when Target is under 50% health
    Expensive as shit! (Consider it when your done with everything else.)

    Insignia's you want in Crafted Gear:

    • Berserker: Power + Precision + Critical Damage
    Overall best DPS increase
    Lacks survivability
    • Valkyrie: Power + Vitality + Critical Damage
    Great DPS & Survivability increase
    Overall not that expensive
    Lacks Precision which decrease's your Critical Chance overall
    • Rampager: Power + Precision + Condition Damage
    Probably the best DPS increase if you play a Condition Thief
    Lacks Survivability
    • Carrion: Power + Vitality + Condition Damage
    Fit's Condition Thief best (You want to survive, otherwise your Condition's are quite useless.)
    Lacks Critical Chance

    Viable Builds (sPvP & WvWvW)

    • Pistol Whip
    Weapon's: Sword (MH) + Pistol (OH)
    Traits: 30 / 30 / 0 / 0 / 10
    Deadly Arts: Mug / Combined Training / Panic Strike
    Critical Strike: Side Strike / Combo Critical Chance / Executioner
    Trickery: Long Reach

    Heal: Hide in Shadows
    Utility Skills: Devourer Venom + Shadow Step OR Haste + Signet of Shadows
    Elite: Thiefs Guild or Basilisk Venom

    This Build is based on Dealing Damage on Stealing which allows you to proc Devourer Venom directly into Pistol Whip which is like Hundred Blades (Warrior Skill) somewhat strong and can kill Glass Cannon opponents instantly.

    Counter to this Build:
    Everything that does "Stunbreak"
    • Backstab
    Weapon's: Dagger (MH) + Pistole (OH)
    Traits: 20 / 30 / 20 / 0 / 0
    Deadly Arts: Sundering Strikes / Dagger Training
    Critical Strikes: Signets of Power / Signet Use / Executioner
    Shadow Arts: Infusion of Shadow / Hidden Thief

    Heal: Hide in Shadows
    Utility Skills: Assassin's Signet + Shadow Refuge + Shadow Step OR Blinding Powder
    Elite: Thiefs Guild

    This Build is based on Hide which turns you First Ability into "Backstab" that has a high Base Damage.
    Steal, activate Assassin's Signet and Backstab, finish with Heartseeker.
    Shadow Shot, activate Shadow Refuge OR Blinding Powder + Assassin's Signet, Backstab, finish with Heartseeker.

    Counter to this Build:
    Blind and running around to not be hit from behind.

    To be continued...
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    Killa Veteran BOON

    I really dont see vitality being superior to thoughness. Since healing in this game is mostly comming from urself, and u can get higher heals then 5k or so.

    I can agree with you on the part with S/P for sPvP, but in WvWvW you should use a totally diff spec
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    Angelo Community Member

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    Melody Community Member

    Well vitality does not(?!?) increase your healing, but increase the maximum health, toughness alone will not do the work you have to mix it up.

    I've already tried this @ sPvP, its pretty strong, but imho every player with a brain can counter this.
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    Angelo Community Member

    Ive seen multiple people reporting that Toughness > Vitality all the way.
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    Melody Community Member

    Everyone has there own preference, Toughness is a pretty nice stat, i stacked it up now and feel a bit more tanky, but ive added Vitality aswell, cause 12k HP is just nothing even with 2,6k Armor you die in seconds.

    If found a nice post on Reddit:

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    Tesshu Veteran BOON

    My build for WvW

    Weapons : dagger (MH) + pistol (OH)
    : shortbow

    Traits : 10/30/0/30/0
    Deadly Arts: Mug
    Critical Strike : Furious retalation , Practiced Tolerance , Executioner
    Acrobatic : Decend of shadows , Pain response , fleet of food .

    Berserker: Power + Precision + Critical Damage
    On weapon got Major Sigil of Perception with full 25 stack give me 13-14% cryt chance + buff iv got 85% cryt chance and 99 cryt damage


    Heal: Hide in Shadows
    Utility Skills: Signet of shadow + Shadow Refuge + shadow step
    Elite: Dagger storm

    I tested full dps build at start but less hp not help when you jump to zerg on dagger storm xD with this skill's can easy after aoe use hide jump away heal and dps with bow or run away ^^

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