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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Warprophet, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Warprophet Community Member

    Ok guys,

    I am currently studying and need ROCK music to listen to, please all recommend your favorite Rock records or Rock remixes, your all helping me study by stopping me spending time searching for a song to listen to and means i can come pew pew earlier in the evenings ^^

    all this guys songs are good couldnt decide which to post but know we have brony fans lurking about

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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    First of, not a single rock song is listed in these videos.
    Heads up! Electric guitar does not equal ROCK!

    Now, if you can be a bit more specific on what you want to do i can be retardedly specific on what you have to listen.
    I got 2 decades of experience listening to Rock/Metal Music that spans over 5 decades.
    What do you need to listen/present/study? Context?
    History or Skill?
    Progressiveness or catchy pop tunes?
    On drugs or sober?
    Good happiness stuff or Death by Antichrist?
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    Warprophet Community Member

    am very easy with music, doesn't have to be rock specifically just people being skilled with there music or the context of the music. Skill with instruments, easy listening and preferrably good happy stuff please ^^

    The old:

    The New:

    The soundtrack associated;

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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Want Rock? Start looking for musics from late 70´s until early 2000´s. Guarantee win :)
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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Liked purely for mumford and sons. After I saw them live my respect for them rocketed. They are brilliant live.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    lol this thread isn't quite working as intended :confused: was hoping for straight up links to good music i haven't come across :help:
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    oh this is QUALITY

    um... covers...

    let me get you some happies
    or not. i dont want to go full on mainstreamish, things everyone knows. you know, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Queen, Bowie, Stooges, Beatles, Who, Clash and so on and so forth the list never ends.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    doing my best here NOT to go too far into metal.
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    Seriously now, if you don't want to waste time looking for Rock music while studying, why not use online radios? usually works for me althought i'm more leaned into indie music.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    i'll be here for 15 more minutes if theres something different you need.
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    Warprophet Community Member

    no lovely stuff relinquished, good music, moar covers/remixes ^^, im probably wasting more time making a thread about this than actually searching listening to the radio, but its a great way to get to know peeps and their tastes.
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    Relinquished Veteran BOON

    theres a lot more ppl in here that can help you on the subject dont worry.
    i gotta go now but will post again.

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