The Road to gamescom: Assuring Quality

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    By David Campbell August 13th, 2010

    Games just don’t ship without a QA team, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. The ArenaNet Quality Assurance Team has been working furiously behind the scenes for months, making sure that the live demo of Guild Wars 2 we’re premiering at gamescom on August 18 plays like it should. Given the sheer size of the demo—there’s honestly no way you can play through all the content at a tradeshow—that’s no small task.

    QA team members Bob Green, Joe Belousek, Joe Longworth, and Anthony Ordon broke off from their duties long enough to talk to me a little about QA’s role in the upcoming demo.

    Bob Green, GW2 QA Team Lead

    I’m really excited to see what the public thinks of the dynamic event system and its impact on the in-game world. Some of the changes are subtle and not as noticeable as others, but every event can make a change in the world. Maybe a vendor opens to sell a product because you helped an event succeed. Maybe that vendor only sells a different product if the event fails. It’s going to take some time and a little brain power to figure out all the ways that some of these events make their impressions on the world.

    Joe Belousek, GW2 QA Maps Team Lead

    I’m most excited to see how people react to the new world. So many people have experienced Tyria already and will enjoy seeing familiar places again. Veteran players’ nostalgia and new players’ genuine giddiness will make the world seem 100 times more impressive and beautiful than it already is. Divinity’s Reach is going to blow some minds.

    Joe Longworth, GW2 QA Events Team Lead

    As the QA Team Lead assigned to work on dynamic events, I coordinate a team of incredibly passionate and skilled testers who are working on some of the most mind-blowing content we’ve ever had the good fortune to test. We have to thoroughly test all of the myriad dynamic events in the game, and if you’ve read Colin’s preview of this system, you just might appreciate the scope of that task. Testing these events effectively is rewarding in and of itself, but for me, the biggest reward is seeing it all come together and that the events just work. The dynamic event system in Guild Wars 2 is unlike anything I’ve ever tested before, much less played in someone else’s game, and I cannot wait to see how fans react to it.

    Anthony Ordon, QA Tools Team Tester

    I think the public is going to really enjoy the charr. So far, they’re my favorite thing about the game. There’s something incredibly epic about watching them taking on monsters in the demo level. As a playable race, they’re pretty unique; definitely not something you see in a typical MMO.

    Thanks, QA guys! Next, while we’re anxiously awaiting gamescom, we’ll chat with Bobby and Angel on the Writing Team about their role in making the awesome Guild Wars 2 live demo. See you then!

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