The Road to gamescom: Animated Conversation

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    By David Campbell August 18th, 2010

    This week we’re continuing our conversation with different folks around the studio about how excited they are for the Guild Wars 2 live demo at gamescom, which premieres today! My next stop was the Animation Team room, where I talked with Animation Team Lead Heron Prior, Character Artist Donald Phan, and Character Art Team Lead Aaron Coberly, who have all contributed mightily to the demo.

    You know that huge, glowing purple dragon that appears at the end of the MMO Manifesto Video we released last week? Yeah, that’s totally in the live demo.

    Heron Prior

    I’m really excited just to see the reaction players have when they’re unleashed in this beautiful new version of the Guild Wars world. We’ve all been looking at it for so long, I think we kind of take it for granted, but it’s incredible. I’m also excited to see the player response to reimagined characters from GW1, like the golems, grawl, centaurs, and some creatures and races that aren’t shown in the demo.

    Donald Phan

    I’m looking forward to hearing what players think of the two bosses they’ll be able to see in the gamescom demo: the Shadow Behemoth and The Shatterer. A lot of time and effort between many different people and departments went into making those, so I hope everyone likes them!

    Heron Prior

    Right now, I think I’m most excited to let people play as charr, since GW players have always been restricted to humans. The animators have been able to let loose a little more with this race and have fun in a way they don’t usually get to with the standard human characters, and I think it shows.

    Aaron Coberly

    I’m really excited to hear what people at gamescom think of the game. My team worked very hard putting the finishing touches on all the characters and creatures. I’m really proud of the quality of art we were able to put together for the demo, from the player characters to the Branded Dragon boss. I’m just really proud of my team.

    Heron Prior

    The dragon is probably going to get the most comments (and no, it’s not mocapped), but there are tons of little touches all over the place that we’re proud of: little things like the Whirling Defense animation, the golem’s spinning attack, or the special deaths when something gets electrocuted. Fighting and just moving around in general feels worlds beyond what we were doing in the original Guild Wars.

    Thanks, guys! As you may have gathered, the entire studio has been really eager to pull back the curtain on Guild Wars 2 at gamescom and finally let players get their hands on the demo – and now the day is here!

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