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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, Jun 4, 2012.

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    This caught my eye a while back but is starting to look more interesting. It is a Sandpark MMO from Indie Dev studio Above and Beyond Technologies.

    Interesting factors:

    • 3 Faction PvP - the 3rd faction is a rogue nation (similar to the pirate part of ArcheAge) allowing you to create your own guild factions.
    • Player created cities and structures
    • Can create multiple nation (guild) cities and defend and siege other nations cities
    • Skill based leveling rather than level based (no levels)
    • Skills leveled by using them
    • Not forced int o a combat role, you can be a crafter, harvester, diplomat etc
    • Missions (quests) are available and acceptable on the fly - no need to return to base etc
    • Most items in game are purely cosmetic, items are modded to give stats
    • Public quest system similar to WAR/GW2, although with the random roaming of Rift's Rift system
    • Random engagements (PQ's) can spawn that will take over player cities and create dungeons
    • Ability to genetically modify in game species to create new species
    • Over harvesting an area will cause it to run dry (it will recover slowly)
    • Combat has 2 modes - Action (similar to TERA or a FPS) or RPG (Standard MMO fair)
    • Interesting twists to combat (see Kickstarter Page for more details)
    • Group combat content AI is randomly generated, so boss mobs for eg will change their behavior on the fly
    • Vehicles not just fir transport but can be used in combat as well
    Above and Beyond are currently accepting Alpha Test Applications here and they are hoping to slip into Beta testing towards the end of the year (Beta access is granted initially through backing on KS) and release next year (2013).


    For more information head on over to either their Kickstarter page or the main website, where they have quite a lot of information about the game and the team behind it.

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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Acina, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hsulf
    Skill based levelling is awesome!!! Ultima online all over again!!
  2. Astarael
    FFXIV just attempted skill based levelling. it did not go well.
  3. Astarael
    but btw, we're totally playing the rogue faction, and we're not building a city. WE ARE THE DOTHRAKI HORDE. siege everyone until they just pay us to walk past...

    ..then siege them anyway
  4. Astarael
    fuck that it'll be shit. look at LOTRO
  5. Acina
    Plus the 2 other GoT's games released recently have been pants :p
  6. Fozia
    lotro was awesome tho , best pve mmo created to date
  7. Hsulf
    What's pve?
  8. adagio
    Its that thing where ppl stand in fire over and over and over again.....
  9. Aspira
    I heard some people do that in 5v5.

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  10. Nerien
    LotRO was not a bad mmo, not the best PvP system but it was enjoyable to play it and it got some really enjoyable instances to do.
  11. Hsulf
    Lol.... Poor rodders.
  12. Gizmodio
    for a SCI-FI its looks interesting/sounds :)
  13. Blackspear
    Game was good but saying pvp in LOTRO is too much...

    We will see if this game will be anything good.
  14. Aspira
    Lotro had the best pve in any mmo ever. I would even say better than wow tbh.

    Carn dum, helegrod and the rift, those instances had hours of replayability for me atleast. Must have killed the balrog 100 plus times but it always remained fun because the mechanics were brilliant and even with gear, it remained challenging.

    I cry when I see what Lotro has become. It truly was Inet of the best mmos, but now it is trash. Sad but true.

    Personally I blame lack of updates for its demise. Wow had much faster content releases thus the majority of people went back to wow and Lotro died.

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  15. Balmung
    wow this sounds very nice, love the concept of player generated content!
  16. Melody
    Looks pretty awesome, even though its not my style.
  17. Spud
    This gives me the horn tbh, and player created content is erm revolutionary in a massively devolved genre. Are the devs actually learning that you cant beat wow at its own game?

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