The Realm of the Fae Instance Guide (Video Included)

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    Level Bracket: 16~19
    Bosses: 4
    Quests: 2 (3 if Guardian)

    Location: Realm Of The Fae is Located in Silverwood and you enter via a well (hole in the ground).



    The Bosses

    Trickster Maelow


    Tactics: Tank and spank boss fight with initial adds. The boss pull is all three mobs and while the two adds (Celoah & Brae) are alive, Tickster Maelow will be immune. The best tactic is foro your tank to pull and tank all three. Have your DPS kill the add Celoah first as it buffs the boss while it is alive, increasing the bosses damage output. Once Celoah is dead, DPS down Brae, then Maelow.

    Special abilities the boss can do on this one are "Wild Kick" which is a melee singe target stun, and "Cottontail" which polymorphs/sheeps a random target. Even if your healer gets polymorphed, you shouldn't have any issues as the fight is really easy, but the polymorph effect is dispellable, so dispelling it would be a good idea.

    The fight itself is very easy and you shouldn't have any issues.



    Tactics: Again, another tank and spank fight. Boss has no adds. He only has one special ability that is an AoE ground effect "don't stand in the gloop" ability. It's called "Luggadham's Slime" and its cast on a target and slows them and damages them whislt they are standing in it. It has a green slimy texture ground effect when cast.

    Battlemaster Attrophinius


    Tactics: Again, another easy tank and spank fight. The boss has two adds which can be ignored throughout the whole fight as they will despawn upon the boss's death, however you can kill them if your struggling, but you really shouldn't be.

    There are two special abilities for this boss, they are "Mighty Cleave", a frontal cone AoE cleave that should be avoided by all but the tank. The other is "Drunken Rage" where the boss charges a player and knocks them back. To get around this ability, just have your tank put his back against a wall and tank it so that he cannot be knocked back and lose aggro.

    Fae Lord Twyl


    The boss is slightly more complicated than the others, but again, this being a low level "starter" instance, it is a very easy encounter. This boss encounter contains three events before facing Twyl. You will first have to defeat the Avatar of Autumn, then Summer and finally Spring. After each Avatar you will drop out of combat for a small period of time allowing you to drink if you need to.

    Tactics: Each of the avatars of their own mechanics. The first Avatar you will face is the Avatar of Autumn. He has one ability that dazes a random player. This ability is called “Haze of Wine” and it can be interrupted. The effect is short lived so don’t worry if you can’t time it properly. Focus on your healing and you’ll be able to get through it.

    After you defeat the Avatar of Autumn you will face the Avatar of Summer. This fight benefits from AOE abilities. When you damage the avatar enough he splits into two, who each split into two again, and those splits split again. Each iteration has less hitpoints that the one before and they don’t his as hard. Kill your way through and don’t worry if you aggro as non-tanks will not get one shot.

    The third Avatar you will face is the Avatar of Spring. It is a large treant that has the ability to summon adds. It will summon a swarm of Nectar Seakers. These are non Elite mobs that you can down quickly. Most of the time you can get the Avatar down before he spawns his third group.

    Once all the Avatars are defeated you will face off against Fae Lord Twyl. He has only one ability which roots and freezes you in place. Other than that he just attacks the tank. What you will have to watch out for is a little green light, called Fae Tempest, that moves around in random patterns on the ground. It will cause damage if it runs into you. So keep your eyes on the ground and those that are frozen might get hit as well.

    The fight is the hardest in the dungeon, but is by no means a hard fight. The hardest part is probably not falling off the cliff because of the blizzard effect you get up in the mountains in this dungeon.

    Instance Clear Video:

    BOON Control - Boss's of The Realm of the Fae Instance - Rift
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