The Legendary Sunrise

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    The Legendary Sunrise

    Today, 2nd October 2012 - after 10 days of waiting for patches - Firoz was finally able to craft the legendary weapon Sunrise. In less than one month two players worked together on puzzling together the recipe and gathering all required materials in order to create one of the most epic weapons in the game.

    This achievement was not gained without sweat and tears. Since day one we set our sights on creating a Legendary and started slowly gathering all the pieces of the puzzle. Funding came from playing the Trading Post, especially volatile trading. No gems were bought with real $$, no exploits were used to farm dungeons, events or gain value, no server switching was used to gather materials. (except to find an unbugged and unlocked temple of Balthazar)


    25 aug : Pre-release launch
    27 aug : Level 80 reached
    30 aug : 100% World Completion, Gift of Exploration
    30 aug - 3 sept : Time-out
    - Gathering gold and clues in preparation of the craft -
    6 sept : Mystic Clovers discovered
    9 sept : Dawn crafted from the Mystic Forge
    - Search for the last two unknown parameters in our Recipe.. -
    11 sept : Gift of Magic and Gift of Might discovered. Found the final missing number of 77 clovers required.
    Our recipe is now complete - several days before it was discovered publicly.
    15 sept : Gaining levels / skill points is too slow. Deleted character and made a new one with the same name. All but Dungeon Tokens and Bloodstone Shard are Account-bound. Levelled back to 80 through crafting and skill challenges is fast.
    16 sept : Finally 77 Mystic Clovers created, Gift of Fortune is crafted - No more RNG! :)
    - Several days of Karma farming and Dungeon running -
    19 sept : Dungeon runs done, Gift of Light and Gift of Sunrise crafted
    22 sept : Finished farming ALL the materials, including Karma. Temple of Balthazar event is bugged!
    - Lots of waiting -
    25 sept : Temple of Balthazar is unbugged. Got all my Obsidian Shards. Stacking them is bugged.
    - Even more waiting -
    2 oct : Dawn + Gift of Sunrise + Gift of Mastery + Gift of Fortune is combined to create Sunrise.


    In the process we’ve created tools to keep track and visualize the puzzle:


    The recipe itself is amazing, taking pieces from all over the world. I’d estimate the total cost including RNG over 400-500g, 1 mil karma and 400 skill points. If you are working toward your own, remember there is only a low chance a Mystic Clover will be crafted from the Mystic Forge. Other results can be 10-50 Tier 6 materials, Orichalcum Ingots, Mystic Coins, Obsidian Shards, Lodestones, Hidden Treasures, Crystals and Philosopher Stones! Some of the other materials are very tricky to obtain, such as the Lodestones, the Legendary Base weapon and all those Mystic Coins.


    Flavor Pictures & Videos

    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]

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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Karasu, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Aspira
    Gratz mate. Hope it was worth the effort.
  2. Jasra
    nice man, i want this gs also, but im too lazy -_- anyway gratz!
  3. Merketh
    awesome, good job mate :)
  4. Estylon
    Gratz Firoz.
    Sunrise it's quite an awesome GS i guess that a lot of ppl will focus on killing you and your flashy sword in WvW now :"P
  5. Firoz
    Actually I kill people easier now. They are always backpeddeling trying to get a better look on the sword. :p
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  6. Miha
    Congratulations :) nice thing to do :)
    I do not think i will get to that to soon :))))

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