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    Ladive Community Member

    <edit: build added>

    Build on Guildhead

    OK, it's a bit quiet here on the thief's forum and there is a lot of talk in other threads on how to improve ourselves. So, putting my head on the chopping block, here is my build. Not saying it is the end all and be all, but just posting it to get some feedback and get some discussion rolling. Hopefully we'll get some pointers on how to do things better both in spec and play style ;D

    It is basically my own design with a few main criteria in mind.

    - It's for supporting groupplay in WvW. No roaming, no 1v1, no PVE, no scouting.
    - Main focus is staying alive
    - Second focus is is finishing of hurt players, single target DPS
    - Third focus is AOE DPS
    - Fourth focus is spreading buffs and debuffs

    I call it "The Executioner"

    Weapons first:
    - Main weapon is the shortbow.
    My reasons :

    Staying alive: the infiltrators arrow get you out of sticky situations fast and reliable.

    AOE DPS: The #1 is awesome, and lobbing the clusterbombs into packs is also very nice. I usually try not to detonate them since that give nice unexpected crit AOE to the opposition. The bleeds sometimes nice too though.

    Single target DPS: this is not the finisher weapon, unless there are several bodies close to eathother dying to get killed.

    Spreading buffs and debuffs: A few points here: the poison cloud from #4 Choking gas is nice when the campboss has the buff on him. Also works worders on a chokepoint in combination with a clusterbomb. Try to get past the melee while having weakness on you, and the cluster bomb is a great blast finisher for stacking runspeed and other sorts of happyness while tossing it into the fight.

    Second weapon: Guns, executioner mode
    Hey I'm Gunnhilde for a reason, gotta love them guns ;p

    The main resaon for choosing double pistols is to finish off enemies from a relative safe distance, without getting myself into harms way. The #2 vulnerability debuff followed by #3 unload is just very rewarding in that aspect and numbers fly up.

    I know, I know... daggers do more damage, get you stealth and such, but the guns just are a lot safer, especially with dealing with (ability) lag at times. There are other ways of getting into stealth and focus one is trying to stay alive ;p

    If at all possible I try to position myself a little bit behind the RL with just enough reach to lob clusters over or on top of him while tabbing though targets and using #1. When I take damage or get focussed I use my heal-stealth to let them drop target and shadowstep or shortbow #5 out of harms way. If I'm really down in health and my heal isn't up I just walk away and hide in stealth untill it's reasonably safe to join the mayhem again.

    In executioner mode, if at all possible, I stand and just unload my bullets for a nice and humiliating execution right on top of my victim. When not safe I just keep running circles around them but that's not so rewarding :)

    Full set of exotic valkyrie for the needed health and some nice crit. Jewelset is pure berserker's exotics for the damage.

    Runes and Sigils
    Runes: saving up for the exotic divinity for the +all stats and critdamage. Atm I still have major sigils, 4x divinity and two runes of the ranger for precission and crit. Just too many alts to be fully exotic yet on this toon as well.

    Weapon stats
    The shortbow is exotic pow, prec, crit with a sigil of fire
    The guns are exotic pow, prec, crit as well and both have bloodlust runes

    This is where more survivability and crit comes in

    Critical Strikes 30, III, V & XI
    Can't beat crit and precission in one traitline.
    III - Sidestrike + 7% crit, just works
    V - Deal additional 10% damage with pistols, nuff said
    XI - Executioner, 20% extra damage when target is below 50% health, ooh yeah,

    Shadow arts 20, I & VII
    Much needed toughness here, plus some nice escape routes like the blinding powder at 25% health.
    I - 20% faster deception skills. Nice for survivability
    VII - Shortbow + 20% damage. Of course

    Acrobatics 20, VI & X
    More heath and more survivability stuff like switfness on evade and faster endurance regen, so more dodging.
    VI - 50% Faster moving in stealth. Hey, I gotta get outta there if needed.
    X - Heal yourself when using an initiative ability. Sure, more health, welcome!

    Finally: Utillity slots:
    Heal: Hide in shadows, mainly for the stealth so opponents lose track of me.

    Shadowstep: stunbreaker and get the hell-outta-there.

    Signet of shadows, + 25% movement speed. Can't kill me when you can't catch me ;p
    And handy for catching up with a certain pretty fast moving RL.

    Shadow refuge: gotta' hide when you gotta' hide.

    Elite: Daggerstorm. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Both in damage as in the combo finisher whirl. Is dangerous though. Enemies tend to notice that big sexy Norn spinning around like crazy and somehow don't really seem to like it and take countermeasures.

    So there we are, the executioner. Sorry for the long posting :D
    Wonder what you guys think of it and what the other thieves use for specs.

    Ladive, also known as Gunnhilde.
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    I wonder how many times this has to be said ... To discuss/explain/show a build the first step is creating it with a build editor.
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    Kilrathian Veteran BOON

    Please provide screenshot or write down the stats with this build, hp, armor, atk.power etc. :)
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    Ladive Community Member

    Point taken :)
    Original post edited and build added
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    Xelendar Veteran BOON

    +1 pls
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    Klecksi Veteran BOON

    Just a few thoughts ... The most important note the towards the choice of Signet of Shadows.

    Try not to overcommit into poison fields. Poison is nice but the field itself sucks. Poison is probably the weakest out of all fields.

    The weapon choice and the focus to finish off people is rather weird at times of melee bombing and culling issues. Maybe switch at least to an offhand dagger. You gonna loose Unload but your initiative is probably better invested into cluster bombs anyways. In turn, you get an awesome stealth on dagger 5 to stomp enemies, deal more pistol damage and disengage. Also the dagger 4 is an awesome ranged dps skill with some added control from the long cripple.

    VII: Only 5% increased shortbow damage but the choices are still reasonable :)

    VI: This trait sounds pretty weak. I never even considered it in a build. Also the wiki says it's only 33% increased movement speed in combat. If it doesn't stack with swiftness that would mean the trait doesn't do anything 99% of the time. So this should be tested. As an alternative, I'd suggest trait II (might on dodge).

    This skill is a huge waste. It's one of those self-centered skills that brings nothing to the raid but a wasted slot. The movement speed doesn't stack with swiftness and since you have 100% uptime of swiftness in the raid this swiftness always renders the signet useless. Even if you lose the train you have infiltrators arrow and shadow step to catch up with people that have swiftness. Alternatives: Caltrops, Blinding Powder, Infiltrator's Signet, Scorpion Wire.

    You can check out the heal signet as well. It offers good survivability in dagger storm and the heal from all those multi hits are decent.
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    Ladive Community Member

    Now that's helpful, cheers for the reply Klecksi :)
    Yes, the offhand dagger is a great alternative, I'll play around with that a bit more.

    Your suggestions concerning some traits and the SoS are excellent and do indeed provide better group mechanics.


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