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    Medium value Warfront, Prestige/Favour per hour mid-range.

    Communication is vital.

    • Team size - 15
    • Minimum level - 20
    • Time limit - 20 minutes
    • To win - First team to 1000 points, or team with most points at the end of 20 minutes.
    - Control Points

    In order to win The Codex, your team must control nodes to earn points. The more nodes your team controls, the more points your team earns.
    In total, there are 4 nodes: The Codex, Translation Scope, Statue of Thonic, and The Vault.
    Of the 4, The Codex earns your team the most points. The other 3 nodes combined earn more than The Codex, but only barely.

    - The Codex is the primary win-conditon
    The Codex is worth 5 points whereas the other noes only give 3, as such controling the Codex and 1 other point is the surest means of victory.

    The first team to earn 1000 points will win the Warfront. However, if the time limit is reached, the team with the most points will win the Warfront.

    - If a controlled point is assaulted by the opposing team, the controlling realm will not gain points.
    However, by recapturing the flag within 60 seconds the controlling team will instantly begin accumulating points again. This means that even a limited number of players can successfully defend a point with CC (I do it a lot solo with Mez + Rift Prison)


    - PUSH! (Again)

    It is imperative that the Codex is controlled early, so 100% of the team should be push the codex as soon as the match starts, with one person stopping to cap Statue of Thontic on the way.
    After that, defend Codex with your life as its very easy to access Statue and Scope from there.

    - 1 person can interfere with the Vault

    The Vault is a minor control point in that it is very remote and difficult to defend effectively.
    This means that you opponents will either over-commit to defending it and lose the match as a result, or under-commit and leave 1 or 2 people defending that 1 person alone can deal with and at least temporarily deny them points by contesting the flag.

    - Control Codex and Statue to win

    It may take a little longer, but it is a guaranteed win scenario. Unless you totally dominate the opposition and can spawn camp them effectively, do not try to take the Scope at all.

    - Take the high ground
    Ranged classes and healers can use the high ground rocks above The Codex for an advantage over the people down at the capture point.

    - Purifiers are your friends

    Using absorb shields can help against being interrupted when capping a flag point.

    - Rotate defense if you are overwhelmed
    If a point you control gets zerged, simply rotate defence accordingly.
    eg. If the Codex gets overwhelmed, rotate anti-clockwise and take Statue+Vault, Then Vault+Statue before ending up back at the codex.
    This is extremely difficult to execute, but can save the match.

    Overall, Codex is a very simple map that can be won with little real difficulty as long as the team is focused.


    Any really, lots of AoE for the initial Codex push and 1 or 2 "Tough" players with CC for defending flags.
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    As always, feedback is welcome!
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    Didn't know that worked. Nice tip.

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