The Black Garden

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    Allstar Just A "Member"


    Small, fast and brutal.

    With the match being capped at 10players, Focus Firing and Crowd Control are more important than any other Warfront.


    • Team size -10
    • Minimum level -10
    • Time limit - 20 minutes
    • To win - First team to 500 points
    • Objective - Fang of Regulos

    - Murderball
    The object of this game is to take the Fang of Regulos placed in the middle and hold on to it for as long as you can. As your side maintains possession of the Fang your team gains points.
    Points are also gained for kills, but even at the lowest Points-Per-Second (PPS) areas holding the Fang will give more points

    - The closer you are to the center of the map, the faster you score
    There are many out of the way places on the map that you can run to and easily defend but point gain is reduces to 1pt. For optimal scoring stay close the center.


    - The longer you hold on to the Fang the faster you take damage
    As soon as you pick up the Fang, you begin taking damage at a steady pace. This pace picks up the longer you hold on. You will eventually die as you can't manually drop the Fang, a coordinated drop is advisible

    - If you are getting pushed back, fall back behind the tree to meet reinforcements
    LOS is your friend!


    - PUSH!
    A BG match is won and lost within the first minute, so push very hard and very aggressively into the centre of the map but be wary of AoE.

    - Focus Fire
    designate a Main Assist Target, that person should be the leader for marking and their target should always be the assist target.

    - Identify Healers and CC them
    Mark them up and don't hit them until told to.
    Killing their team-mates whilst their healer is disabled is much more effective than trying to focus them down

    - Identify strong DPS and remove them first
    Particularly AoE casters and saboteurs
    Removing AoE makes the job of grabbing the fang much easier, and allowing saboterus to stack charges on the flag carrier (FC) is suicide

    - Heal where it matters most
    With 2 healers, you can dedicate one to babysit the FC and the other to raid-healing, but with only 1 healer it is vital to heal the raid as the FC will die anyway, it is more important to keep the enemy surpressed and have someone grab the fang until the main FC is back up.

    - Have a tank to carry the flag
    Sounds simple, but the FC must survive as long as possible and having a tank spec to do so is important.
    Riftstalkers make amazing Flag Carriers due to their high HP, damage reduction from physical and non-physical damage and insane mobility.
    Several Warrior souls make good carriers if a Riftstalker is not available, Warlord in particular.

    - If people die, fall back immediately
    Its better to lose a few PPS to retain overall control of the match

    The Black Garden is the main WF for farming Prestige and Favour, although you get less Prestige and Favour per win than Port Scion, you gain vastly more Prestige/favour-per-hour than any other WF due to the speed with which is is won.


    TANK - Main FC
    FC HEALER - Purifier preferably, or Sentinel works well too.
    RAID HEALER - Sentinel/Warden
    BARD - with heavy riftstalekr spec to aid CC and be secondary/main FC
    MAGE CC - Keep Healers down
    MAGE AOE - for initial push in centre, use with care around CC
    SABOTEUR - Burst Enemy FC (EFC)
    CHAMPION - AoE fear to collect fang/pick off the EFC if necessary and Burst EFC
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    Ketz Veteran BOON

    Nice post matey.
    Here's my 2 cents, although CCing the healers would be ideal i think that just destroying them is more simple and straight forward.
    So far when we go in as Boons with Focus on the target caller we destroy the healers in around 1-2 secs and then rampage all the rest.
    CCing them is indeed way more tactical and i can see the usefullnes but i am not so sure if it should be our main approach.

    I am up for all tactics though and looking forward to trying it out asap.

    Tbh destroying their Healers in fragments of seconds has one really huge advantage, it makes them all not even bother coming down since they get slaughtered before even locatiing where our Fang carrier is /dancing.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    Point for the rogues:

    With the riftstalker spec you can "cage" the fang carrier once he's taking around 2-3k ticks. Doing this at the right time (a milisecond after a tick before he gets healed) will kill him as u cant be healed while caged but u still take fang damage. This is the best time for your raid to push together and start aoeing. Stormcaller is perfect for this.

    IMO Stormcaller is the most important class for this warfront as they can wipe a 10 man group in seconds going for the fang. Bard/Riftstalker equally so as they can CC people without it breaking due to Cage.

    Also, if you have enough points in bard/rift you can shift to their side of the map very quickly, stealth, and then aoe cc (verse of fascination i believe) before they can spread out, which makes it very easy for the stormcaller to aoe them all down very quickly.

    Great guide allstar, really helps people who havent much idea what they're doing. I have seen a lot of warriors in the guild going for nothing but damage which really isn't the best option. The most annoying warriors are the ones who drain and pull or the ones who do good damage and have fear.
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    Domain Veteran BOON


    there are 1/2 powerups in this map. it has a white cross shaped format, on the north and/or south "bases" they can be found.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    The important thing about killing the healer last is that they will miss the first wave of respawns where you've smashed all the DPS first.

    This will leave all the DPS who rezzed in the first wave without a healer at all, and will ruin their flow or force them to wait for the healer to respawn (by which time the match is lost).

    I probably should have pointed this out in the main article :omg:

    I actually didn't think this would work lol, I abuse Rift Prison on every CD susually on Healers/Stormcallers/People trying to gank FC but this is pretty awesome.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    a chloromancer who has invested deeply in the chloro tree gets a ranged "mortal strike", its called Blight requires 38 points in chloro and strips all hots of the target and reduces healing taken by 50% for 8 sec. This is a 30 m ranged spell with only 30 sec cd.

    With this up anyone we focus, will die! Best part is it can be done from 30m range!
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    Lyantha Community Member

    Sadly this wouldn't really work unless if we can join as a 10-man raid.
    How can you have max effect on black garden as a 5/6 man entry?

    Oh I usually try fearing the others away after tick of the fang so the carrior is without support, but with all the AoE and diminishing returns it's not always working :s
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    shibbyy Community Member

    I've been doing 5-6 man pre's for the past week or more and winning 95% of the time. If you have 5 people specced correctly then you can dominate!
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    The idea of cc'ing healers is nice, but usually healers die SO FAST if 1 or 2 warriors supported by sabs jump on them... its not even funny :D If you kill the healers fast, you can to the other way around: when the healers ress on the first wave, they will have no team to heal... -_-

    BTW what's the exact timer on the ress ? Thats important to know so we can time the spikes on the healers to make them stay dead for 20 seconds or more :D
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Boon Control have been running several premades for several wf's on teamspeak, dunno if you have heard of it... it's a voip program that allmost all guildmates use to communicate with each other.
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    shibbyy Community Member

    Yea I have heard of it and I use it if there's a guild event going on. Unfortunately Ary can not speak on teamspeak so when running warfronts with her we use vent. Problem?
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I don't think anyone is arguing that healers ain't squishy so they need CCed till later.

    The argument is more to do with controlling the respawns. If you kill a healer first, there is a possibility he might insta respawn and jump back into combat (easily done on black garden). Alternatively he can wait and run back in with a few dpsers u kill off fast.

    Killing the healer last controls the respawns as healers and dps are out of sync... and dps don't wait.

    Alternatively, let him run OOM and keep him alive and in combat ap he can't drink. Risky, but would render him/her useless.
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    Gekido Community Member

    Yeah, and we are speced "correctly" - cleric(1-2) a bard and 6 champs. :D Forget the CC, rape them and make them cry "BABOON control *whine* *whine*". :D
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    shibbyy Community Member

    If you try to do that and the other team actually knows how to play it won't work. They will aoe your face with a stormcaller and cc the people trying to hit em.
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    Gekido Community Member

    Using the roster that alstar posted you have the total of 3-4 cc's, while having 6 champs you have 6 aoe fears... jump to the back>fear>kill aoers and healers rest is just ganking. Besides champs with vindicator souls have two "cc break" skills so... if the first rush is successful, you have the 95% win.
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    Kneels Community Member

    Dear Specter,
    There's a reason why some people are not on Teamspeak during non-raid times. 1 of the people they play with can not talk on teamspeak due to constant computer freezes when trying to talk. Check HERE and you can see this is not a unique problem.

    Maybe instead of posting sarcastic posts like the ones above, you could use your time to help find a solution.

    I for one would love to be on teamspeak but I won't pvp/pve if people who want to talk cannot talk due to a failing program.

    As for the topic, warrior = insta-win, just fear the other team through the ground or into the scenery.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Not really an issue as if you are a PvPer in this guild you should be able to outplay any team who "knows how to play". That's why you are here.

    As effective as AoE spam is, its scrubby. War had similar AoE mechanics to RIFT and trash guilds AoE spammed, top PvPers used tactics and assist trains.

    I'm referring to BGs, not open world. Open world is a spamfest.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I loled because its so true.

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    Ary Community Member

    We dont spam AoE, we use it ina clever way thats why 95% we always win fang capture, clearing tank trains, delaying their offensive. Aswell as theres assist trains tactics, theres also CC and AoE tactics, its not all about assist.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    @Ary - never meant it to sound like an acusation.

    Just when you read PvP tactics on official forums and you see guilds running like one healer and 5 stormcallers, it makes you lol at the mechanics.

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