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    Here is the guide on how to join the private channel:

    In an attempt to make it even easier for people to join the terafans channel I have searched for a way to speed up the process, and I found something (thanks to Vann for the idea!). I have made a picture guide to explain the process:

    1. First of all, go into Settings and scroll down the first tab. Write down the "/cosjfdlqwkd (in Korean) terafans 1111" command in one of the four Quickmenu set (I chose the fourth one), confirm the change.
    2. Afterwards, go into the Settings and select the last tab (Keybinds) and scroll 3/4 down. Chose the key you want to use (if you changed your keybinds and are using the "Q" preset key for something else, confirm the change.

    3. Press the Quickmenu key and move your mouse in the direction of the command. You can now join the terafans channel every time you log-in in a second


    Hello everyone,

    We, of Atra Astrum, have set up a community driven guild in TERA - Korean Retail. Should people want a place to stay, quest and group up you are welcome to join us on the server Mystel (미 스텔). I would also like to mention our allies from Project Machina for their support in establishing the grouping guild.

    I must metion that there is no restriction such as having to actually "join" a guild. In-game it would be nice to all be in the same "retail guild", but this doesn't mean that you have to stick to it during the Western release. If you are in need of a group then tell me, if we work together it will make the game more enjoyable xD

    Please PM me for the "grouping guild" 's name, everyone is welcome to join regardless of level or activity (^^)

    There is now a "official" English /lfg channel on the Mystel server, Rikay325 has been kind enough to provide the following guide to help people create, join or leave private channels:

    Ahkrael has been kind enough to allow us to use his ventrilo server. It is the same as was used for the TERAFans KOB guild, the details are:

    Hostname: kera.zebgames.com
    Port number: 3844
    No password

    After logging in and checking everything, I can now confirm that you do keep everything from the KOB :)

    Taking into consideration what "conkerer" said I will keep the list private for now, as I do not want to risk people's account security. If you want to be added to the list please contact me through pm. I have made a "Retail guild" and will invite people to join it if they want to group up more easily. If anyone has a better idea please mention it in this thread

    Please try to restricts your private message to include your name, class and level if you plan on playing the Korean Retail version of TERA on Mystel. Do mention if you can understand or speak Korean (so we can all spam you with questions xD). Lets try to have a clean thread so we can start sorting things out (^^)

    I will try to post or link a guide on how to legally get gaming time for the Retail, first I need to figure out what payments are accepted. Please do not discuss any third party sellers in this thread.
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    Stay on topic and do not name-drop the sites you're using. If you want to name names, do it in PM, please. Warnings will be given from here on out if the OT and website naming continues.

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