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    Vampire Mansion, or 밤피르의 저택 in Korean, is the second instance in TERA. You gain access to this instance at level 26, although the recommended level is around 27 to 28, but the repeatables in the instance can be farmed till around level 30 and still give good experience. The instance is a five man instance and takes about an hour to do a full clearance or as little as 30mins if you speed run.

    There are a total of ten quests inside the instance. There is the main campaign quest that follows the games main story arc into the instance. There are six normal quests and three repeatable quests. All of these quests are picked up outside the main entrance to the Vampire Mansion, and as far as I am aware, other than the campaign quest, there are no prerequisites to the normal quests other than level requirements.

    The instance is located in the North East section of the Plague zone. The literal translation says the the Vampire mansion is located upon Vampire Hill in the Plague. The screenshot of this location is shown below. As always, entrance to the instance is via the teleport statue outside the instance.


    The instance itself is laid out as a long corridor with a branch leading off to the left, one to the right and rooms at the end of the corridor. Each one of the branches leads to bosses and to reach the final boss, you must kill the two of the other bosses to open the door that is magically sealed. The layout of the instance with the location of each of the bosses is shown below.


    You start the instance at the red dot in the top left and follow the corridor clearing trash as you go. The first boss, called "Traitor Kagarung", is located in the first branch that leads to the left as you are progressing into the dungeon. The second boss, called "Duchess Santorini Sardinia", is located at the end of the main corridor and up a ladder on the second floor of the mansion. Note that the blue line marks the magically sealed doorway that cannot be opened until the aristocracy of the Vampire Mansion has been slain (that is boss 2 and 3). The third boss, called "Duke Bolperon", is located in the room off to the left of the room in which the second boss was. There is very little trash between these two bosses, but the the trash between them hits very hard and should be killed with care. Once boss two and three are killed, the magically sealed door is opened and you can reach the last boss. Backtrack to where the doorway was and kill the trash until you end up in a room with a statue in the middle. Killing the statue will summon the final boss, called "Bergamo Beroseu". Killing this final boss completes the instance. I would just like to point out that the names of the bosses are literal translations and are probably completely wrong.

    The First Boss. (Traitor Kagarung)


    You would be forgiven for thinking that it looks like an undead pedobear. The character is an undead Popori which is skinned to look like a bear. This boss fight is relatively easy if your group is smart. The boss spawns in a sort of jail cell area to the side of the boss room. Once agro has been established, it will move to the middle of the map and spawn adds (which are like 8 or so smaller undead Popori's). However, there is a trick to stopping these adds. If your tank is a Lancer, it can use the chains/shackle ability to hold the boss near the jail cell and prevent it reaching the center of the room. If the boss never makes it to the center of the room, it will never start the script of spawning mobs, therefore you never get any. Other classes can assist the Lancer with this by chaining stuns to ensure the Lancer has his chains/shackle ability off cooldown when it is needed. The only other important skill this boss has is an AoE in which a template is drawn on the ground, the boss jumps into the air and then deals damage and a bleed to any targets in the circle when it lands. It is very easy to dodge and is blockable.

    The Second Boss. (Duchess Santorini Sardinia)


    This boss by far has the best looking boss room of all the bosses in the instance. There is a fountain of blood in the center and the floors and walls are covered in pools of blood and blood dripping everywhere, very much like you would expect a Vampire Mansion to look. The boss start off by again trying to run forward and summon adds. Of all the times I have done this, I have never seen the adds prevented. You can use stuns and the lancer chains/shackle to slow her down and delay the adds, but I have never seen them fully prevented. Once she reaches the fountain, she summons her adds then runs round the room in a circle spawning more and more adds. The adds are non elite mobs and can be gathered up and AoEed down. Other than the adds, there are only two other notable abilities. One is a poison that as far as I am aware, is an AoE ground attack that she does. I may be wrong and it may be targetted, but I think it is a ground target and leaves a greenish could that you can just not stand it and avoid. The other ability is an AoE cone attack in which she deal high damage. The high damage cone attack is started by the red eye effect followed up by the animation of her blowing a kiss at the player with threat, dealing high damage in a cone in that direction. The attack is blockable and should be dodged easily by anyone without a block skill. I am not sure if it also applies a bleed, but the base damage is very high and should be avoided at all costs.

    The Third Boss. (Duke Bolperon)


    As you can see, the third boss is the Mad Hatter from Alice In Wonderland, only tall and undead. This fight is very easy should your party dodge/block effectively. There are no adds during this fight, so if you clear the adds that are in the room initially before engaging the boss, you will have a clean straight up fight with the boss. He only really has two notable abilities. One is where he steps back and start do do a fencing like animation with his cane, then will lunge at the threat character dealing high damage to anyone in a cone towards his target. The other ability is where he will slam his cane into the ground and spin around the cane kicking people in a 360 degree AoE attack. Both of these attacks deal high damage, and if you are in here as level 26~27, you can be one shotted by either of these attacks. The key is to pay attention to the animations and block/dodge correctly. One of these two attacks I am almost certain applies a condition to your character, possibly a bleed, but I am unsure on this.

    Killing both the second and third boss (the lord and lady of the mansion) will break the magical seal on the door in the main corridor on the first floor of the mansion, granting access to the room with the fourth and final boss.

    The Fourth Boss. (Bergamo Beroseu)


    The final boss of the Vampire Mansion is...... not a Vampire. Instead it is some sort of crazy Starship Troopers style bug, which looks epic and is a great fight, but is kind of strange when you are expecting to be fighting some sort of super Vampire.

    This fight is easy..... if your tank is a Lancer. So, if your tank is a Lancer, drag the boss into the corner of the room (if your looking at his spawn point from where the statue wwas, the corner behind you to your right is the optimal spot) and tank and spank the boss in this corner. When the boss tries to move to the middle of the room, this is him trying to summon his adds. This is where the Lancer uses his chains/shackle attack and binds the boss. This cancels his move to the middle and makes him turn around and come back to the corner, preventing adds from spawning. If your tank is not a Lancer, then prepare for adds. The adds are small versions of the spider elites outside the instance. Their roll attack is capable of one shotting players, so ideally you want to kill these with ranged DPS or very careful melee DPS players. Other than the adds, he has two other notable attacks. One is where he will walk forwards while rapid fire smashing the ground with his claws dealing large damage to anyone in its path. The other is a jump and smash attack where it deals huge AoE damage in a 360 degree arc in melee around it. Both of these need to be blocked/dodged. This boss is also classes as a massive mob, so it will trample you if it walks over you dealing damage as it passes over you. There are other damaging abilities it has, but if you look out for these ones, the rest should be easy in comparison.


    This is the first instance that drops epic (gold) loot. The epics will drop off the last boss only but rare (blue) quality loot can drop off all the bosses. Drop rate for this instance is pretty good. Full loot table can be found at the bottom of the Vampire Mansion guide on the TERA Inven site. It is however, all in Korean. Also, all the blue and gold drops from Vampire Mansion require level 27 to equip them.

    Finally, here is a video showing a quick run through of the instance. We were running it fast killing the base number of mobs for the quests and skipping the rest, so we completed it in about 35~40mins. I have cut out the footage of us regenning heart before the bosses as it was just us standing by campfires talking in broken English and broken Korean to each other, so the footage is a little shorter than the full run took.

    Again, all credit for the images go to www.tera.inven.co.kr
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    Epic post, this is basically everything you need to know about doing this instance. Everyone play TERA should read this before doing the instance. Good post.
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    I'm just going to say that I'm an epic tank, well not really but it was fun. Two Berserkers made this run insanely fast though, usually this run takes longer.

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