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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Shantotto, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Shantotto Guest

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Signed up.

    The, "do you have a game controller for your PC such as an xbox 360 controller or similar?", part kind of worried me. Hope they don't make the EU/NA one xbox controller optimised rather than mouse/keyboard optimised.
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    Blackspear "The Random"

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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Signed up for this a couple of days ago, what are the chances of getting in? Not been active in their community at all. It seems to be an community event based on forum trolling
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    Shantotto Guest

    No idea what the chances are, but this is for those too scared to experience it in korean I guess :p

    those of us in korean if we get beta can use it for better translations :p
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    Merketh The MerkBot

    that application form is from last spring, so it's not a new one. "community play event" testing for the NA will begin soon (EU has no signups, but they have sent out keys to select fansites and guilds already) so I think most ppl have been picked already especially considering the old FGT' members got to retain their acess.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I'm already playing so I don't care either way. ;)

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Might sign up to see what they have changed for eu/na

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