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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Aspira, Sep 26, 2011.

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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Here is some footage on the first instance in TERA called 비밀 기지 which literally translates to "Secret Base". No surprise then that it would seem to be a secret base when you go into it.

    The footage is just raw gameplay with no music overlay or teamspeak overlay, just pure ingame video and audio and very very little editing. The instance is a 5 man but we did it as 4. We wiped a few times and the wipes are included in the footage. Was mainly wiping due to not paying attention as we were having a bit of a laugh on TS. (we don't suck... honest!!!)

    Footage split into two parts as youtube was not liking me uploading over an hours worth of HD footage in one go.

    To get to the Secret Base instance, you need to go to the first capitol city you end up in after you leave the noob zone. You then travel to the upper right hand zone from that city, then travel to the upper right hand corner of that zone. The exact location is shown on the map screenshot below. Entry is via the entry statue things as with all instances in TERA.


    TERA instances actually have maps that you can see while you are inside the instances. I know, how amazing right ? This is a great feature and I struggle to figure out why so many MMO's do not give you the ability to have a map in instances. Anyway, below is the instance may of the Secret base instance and shows the boss locations marked with red ticks.


    You enter at the arrow in the top left and kill your way towards the blue line which is a sealed door. To open the door you must kill two bosses at the red tick with the yellow text under it. The first boss is a simple tank and spank fight and the boss itself is just a basic looking mob.

    The second boss appears upon the death of the first boss and it is the giant rock boss with the hole in its chest.


    This boss is no tank and spank fight. The boss has multiple single target and AoE melee attacks as well as being able to jump onto ranged targets and fire blasts of lava from the hole in its chest. As with all bosses in TERA, you just have to learn the animations for each of its abilities and react accordingly.

    The final boss encounter is located at the red tick with the green text above it. This is the minotaur looking boss.


    This boss will agro any mobs in the side rooms if you have not cleared them, so clear all your mobs first. The boss is a simple enough encounter. It's abilities are a long range pounce, and an AoE melee stomp which deals high damage and a very high bleed effect which also slows your character and an AoE cleave attack that is in a frontal cone. Again, learning the animations and reacting accordingly is key.

    When you get this boss down to low hp, it will summon a mob, which I assume is its handler/owner/whatever. This mob is a tank and spank kill as it does nothing special and has fairly low HP and dies fast.

    That pretty much sums up the first instance, it is pretty fun and sets you up for the style of PvE you can expect in TERA.... which is very interactive PvE which requires a brain and not semi-afking pressing the same buttons over and over.

    The video was recorded by ourselves from the Slayers point of view. The images are from the TERA inven site and all credit goes to them for the images. (http://tera.inven.co.kr)
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    You misspelled hole.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    No I didn't.... :oops:
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

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    Alarisia Community Member

    Honestly that run was pretty horrible... it was fun though... Oh and the best part in the video was when you said:
    @32:16 Oh but after watching some of the last boss fight I think they died because of my tanking.... rofl oh well. This is why I always heal instead of tank.

    You should have waited to post this until we had a nice clean perfect run. :p
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Nah. Scrappy runs ftw! :p

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    Kohdl Community Member

    I have a question about this dungeon. Do the red quests ever bring you in here? My friend and I were doing the "story" line and I thought it would bring us into the dungeon at the end of the zone but it sent us south into the prairie-like zone. Does it ever come back to Shangri-La or are there no story quests for the dungeon?
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    It does, but it splits into two red quests at that point afaik.
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    Alarisia Community Member

    The campaign quests (red quests) will bring you to the dungeon, there will be pre-quests then you will be given a couple quests for complete for the dungeon that are "group" quests. If you are in the prairie-like zone you likely either missed the pre-quests for the dungeon or something because they come before that. Hope this helps.
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    Kohdl Community Member

    Thanks for the quick responses you two! I roamed around the dungeon and discovered the pre-quests, gonna get them done and hopefully run it today! :D
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    Gurtholfin Veteran BOON

    Tbh it's no longer a "secret base". It's just a "base" now that you've told everyone where it is!
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Har Har.

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