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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Acina, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Acina Admin Officer

    If you have added the Korean keyboard and Microsoft IME (see guide here:http://booncontrol.com/threads/tera-add-keyboard-languages-game-commands.1974/), you can use it as an input language and can now use /commands in game:

    Also, any capitol letters in the Romanised inputs are deliberate and must be typed using shift+letter to get the correct output.

    (->) means hit your right arrow to move to the next character.

    Useful ingame commands:
    /rlfemcheo [ID] - Guild Invite [ID]
    /rufxn [ID] - Duel [ID]
    /vkxlcheo [ID] - Party Invite [ID]
    /vkxl(->)wkddnldla [ID] - Party Leader [ID]
    /vkxlcn(->)qkd [ID] - Party Kick [ID]
    /vkxl(->)xkfxhl - Party Quit

    Typing these produces this result:


    Class Names:
    검투사 -- Warrior (rjaxntk)
    창기사 -- Lancer (ckdrltk)
    광전사 -- Berserker (rhkdwjstk)
    무사 -- Slayer (antk)
    궁수 -- Ranger (rndtn)
    마법사 -- Sorcerer (akqjqtk)
    사제 -- Priest (tkwp)
    정령사 -- Mystic (wjdfudtk)

    탱크 -- Tank (xodzm)
    원거리딜 -- Ranged DD (dnjsrjflelf)
    근거리딜 -- Melee DD (rmsrjflelf)
    -- Healer (glf)

    Instance Names:
    L19+ 비밀 기지 -- Shangri-La (qlalfrlwl)
    L26+ 밤피르의 저택 -- Vampire mansion (qkavlfmdml wjxor)
    L37+ 사교도의 은신처 -- Heathenish Shelter (tkryehdml dmstlscj)
    L42+ 사령술 연구소 -- Saryeongsul Institute (tkfudtnf dusrntn)
    L50+ 황금의 미궁 -- Golden Labyrinth (gkdrmddml alrnd)

    Normal Chat:
    cya - ㅂㅂ (qq) or you can also say 수고요 / ㅅㄱㅇ (tnrhdy / trd) -> means "well done" but can also be used to say good bye after a party run.

    hello - ㅎㅇ (gd) or 하이여 (gkdldu)
    help - 도와주세요 (ehdhkwntpdy)
    go - ㄱㄱ (rr)
    gz - ㅊㅋㅊㅋ (czcz)
    inside - 내부 (soqn)
    need - 필요 (vlfdy)
    omw - 금방가요 (rmaqkdrkdy)
    rest - 쉬어요 (tnldjdy)
    sorry - ㅈㅅ (wt)
    thanks - 감사해요 (rkatkgody) or (rt)
    wait - 기달 (rlekf) or 잠시요 (wkatldy)

    invite me - 파티좀여 (vkxlwhadu)
    lfg - 파티구합니다 (vkxlrngkqslek)
    elite killing - 엘리트몹 잡습니다 (dpfflxmahq wkqtmqslek)
    campaign quest - 미션퀘 (altusznp)
    elite quests - 엘리트퀘 (dpfflxmznp)
    i'm just helping - 그냥 도와주는 거에요 (rmsid ehdhkwnsms rjdpdy)

    탱크+힐+원거리딜 -- 달의 호수 그룹 퀘스트 필요함
    xodzm+glf+dnjsrjflelf -- ekfdml ghtn rmfnq znptmxm vlfdygka
    tank+healer+dealer -- moon lake group quests needed

    Additional helpful phrases:
    I Don't Understand! -- 알아 듣겠어요! - (amt dkfdk emerpTdy!)
    My Korean is bad. -- 저는 한국말 잘못 해요. - (wsms gksrnrakf wkfamt gody.)
    Do you speak English? -- 영어를 할수 있어요? - (duddjfmf dkftn dkTdjdy?)

    korean keyboard simulator: http://www.sayjack.com/typewriter.html

    I'm working on a few others, but this should get ppl started.

    (all the above in brackets is the roman keystrokes when you have the Korean KB turned on)
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    Acina Admin Officer

    Remember that what is written here is on an QWERTY layout keyboard, if your using an AZERTY or DE keyboard you'll need to pretend your keyboard is QWERTY otherwise you'll type the wrong Hanji.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    this game must be REALLY worth it to go through all this hassle
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    Furyon Community Member

    i see that all day long i see screen shots and videos...looks really cool....btw how many boons are actually playing it ?....i have strong thinking to try it myself
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    Shantotto Guest

    10+ and rising.

    Check private forum for how to get an account.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    I'd say there were 12 - 15 of us if you include those that are downloading it, currently there are:


    In game, with 4 - 7 in the process of downloading/patching etc.

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    Blackspear "The Random"

    Game is really cool! Non Target System is soo funny, to kill mobs u have to do something and know what mob can do to you to doge it!
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    Furyon Community Member

    ok ....u got me here i will come later on 2day on ts to talk some details with u and join u.....but dint see in forum wat do i have to do...so if u have a minute just post some usefull links....like where download....where pay...stuff like that....chach u on ts later 2 day(gtg now for a while)
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Played about with the slash commands last night and some of them output emote text into the chat interface but have no animation that I can see, others have some really nice animations.

    Only tested them on an Elin character and I assume that they are very different on each race/sex as this game is very diverse in that way.

    Best ones in my opinion are.....

    On an Elin this does the Sonic the Hedgehog peace sign pose from the old megadrive game. Really cool.


    On an Elin this does the Pow Pow girl pose. Pretty funny.

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    Fizzee Veteran BOON

    Installed the Korean keyboard on my phone to help with translations, found the ultimate man with hat... ghc = 홏
    qns = 분 which is minutes (otherwise known as pandas). Handy for CDs etc
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    Alaisy Veteran BOON

    looks like a man on a ski

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