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Discussion in 'TERA' started by Alarisia, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I decided sense a lot of people don't know about this that I would make a quick guide on how to use this very useful tool. Being able to view your friends list on the tera.hangame.com site dose not only let you know when your friends are online when you aren't ingame. You can also look up useful details such as peoples armor's and guilds. I have found this to be extremely useful.

    1. How to start: First go to the Tera Hangame site you will always want to use the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for this. Trust me Korean sites always run better on it.

    2. Login and select your character: before you do anything you need to log in and select a character so that your friends list comes up on the page.

    3. Viewing friends list and other things: So once you log in and select your character you can do a lot of cool things, like viewing friends armor/guilds and other stuff.
    Click on the highlighted to go to your friends list.

    Click on highlighted to change which characters friends list and such you are viewing easily.

    The highlighted is the armory info of one of your characters, it changes depending on what one you have selected obviously.

    The highlighted is your guild info, at least if you have one.

    The rest is pretty much self explanatory, just click around and experiment, it works really well for the most part. Sometimes some armors don't load but thats the only problem I have ran into. You can view a lot of helpful information. I like to look at my korean friends glyphs/crystals/armors and decide how to gear my characters accordingly.

    Keep in mind you can also start the game from Internet Explorer once you are logged into the hangame tera site. If you always start from internet explorer you don't have to type in your account info every time you want to play the game. As long as you have it open you are logged in for the most part.

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