TERA English Translated Patch Notes - 23rd March

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    Servers down from 7pm GMT- 1am GMT ( 8pm CET-2am CET)

    [ System > TL ]

    • Matchmaking has been added to the system .
    Solely on the battlefield in a similar battle between teams to help meet the matchmaking system has been added .
    The battle belongs to a team's last winning team on the basis solely to meet a similar timkkiri
    Is a way .

    • battlefield has changed the way compensation payments .
    won every battle on the opposing team at least 1 Kill should have to do win .
    (10:10 stronghold captured in the battlefield to reach your goals, even if scores Are you draw processing please note .)
    additional protection of the party merchant guild medal one more win on the battlefield has changed only if you can get .
    City and Guilds no longer lose when we draw the party will not be paid additional compensation .
    team 1Kill lose even if not , defeat can not be compensated .

    [ Classes > Priest ]

    • ' Play of the sanctuary ' skills have been added .
    - Priests of the 10 meters radius to give effect to the recovery 4M to create a circular area .
    after the creation of a circular area 5 seconds will be maintained .
    six levels can learn skills in the area is retained type recovery . where near the class of much-needed change
    Will be more easily recovered .
    - you or your party going in this area moments HP continued its restorative effects on a week you will receive .
    HP continued recovery effect five seconds a second level of learning will restore the recovery amount .
    HP continued its restorative effects on the recovery performance of a priest weapon stats will be recovered by increasing the amount .
    party power in one area can be effective .
    - Skill casting time a second , re-time 12 seconds is .
    ' healing of the Wind ' and cooldown 5 seconds to share .
    use your skills in the ministry, re-use your skills to the waiting time of 12 seconds and ,
    The waiting time to re-use of healing wind 5 is seconds .


    • ' sanctity of the Lightning ' skills have been added .
    rakonhyeong attack skills can go to the cast of . Priest of skills , capable of casting on the move
    Is the only attack skill .
    priest of Holy Lightning skill in combat, even if the enemy does not rush .
    PvP pigyeokja both the attacker and the case does not rush into battle
    Damage received a red target around 10m to party members within the duration of the 15 -second buff will be granted .
    Buff is shown below .


    power and attack speed increase will increase the combat effectiveness .
    - Reuse time is 30 seconds .

    • ' assistance of the sentence - Breaking News ' has been added .
    - Breaking News skill use 10 minutes of his battle with the speed 15 is increased .
    sentence points needed : 3
    -level limit : 25

    [ Hunting > Monster ]

    • Monster HP has been corrected .
    The same level all over the continent between Qwest and another iteration of the efficiency is too good or bad by comparison
    Monster Quest goal has been modified repeatedly . Monster HP 's compensation and other repetitive quests
    Similar levels of efficiency will come out . For further information, please refer to the table below .


    • Pirates of the Monster Lair has been fixed place .
    channel is located on the difficulty of enemies because of an abnormally increased distance class problem
    To solve a pirate lair dungeons 1,2 floor, located in the corridor have removed some of the red mist monster pirates .
    stuck on the wall is continuously reset the red mist has been modified gladiator .

    [ More > bugfixes ]

    • Enhanced Crystal - poison blade of bugfixes
    strengthen Crystal - poison after mounting of the blades , buff the party likely to use poison on the effect of the blade

    Fixed a bug that were in effect .

    • Priests ' Aid of the sentence - the patron of the armor '
    when equipped with the sentence , the patron receives the effectiveness of the armor to all party members to further increase the sentence effect maetjip
    Were applied bug fixes . Now, the priest cast maetjip only increase their effectiveness, additional
    Will occur . tooltip content has been modified accordingly , the tooltip has been added to the effective duration of the sentence .
    sentence effective at playing the system to prevent duplicate messages or status outputs to display icons
    Has been changed . At this point the system does not output messages .

    • Resurrection battlefield bug
    internal battle with the blessings of the resurrection, if reincarnation , resurrection, the team does not apply to waiting time
    Immediately after death, resurrection, and the problem has been resolved .

    Thank you.

    Links to image versions of the patch notes:

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    Shantotto Guest

    bump for prettier patch notes.
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    Blackspear "The Random"

    God im out of internet till 9pm CET so i will not play :<
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    To note, this looks like a literal translation so some of it looks like it doesn't make sense when you read it at first, but it does all kinda make sense if you read it again in your best "Engrish" skills.

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