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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    Creds to Ergo, Proxy guild http://proxytera.enjin.com/home

    So, I hear you wanna know more about enchanting; so I've been told to write a guide so that you too can be a +6 and eventually up to +12 enchanting master, like me.


    *This guide is a work in progress I'll add more screenshots as time goes on forgot to take many during open beta weekend but I'll take more for the head-start*

    What do i need to begin Enchanting?

    To start enchanting you simply need an Enchantable item with set bonuses on them at different thresholds, as well as a piece of gear of the same Tier as the item you would like to enchant; this item will be destroyed in the process and any rarity of gear will work as this component (a good use for quest items you can't sell on the broker) try to use the cheapest material you can get for this part. Lastly you will need Alkahest; regular Alkahest are used for Enchanting items from 0 to +6, Refined Alkahest will enchant items up to +7 to +9 and Masterwork Alkahest will enchant items up to +10 to +12. Normal Alkahest can be purchased off of any Merchant found in most towns for 10s/ea. Refined Alkahest and Masterwork Alkahest can be bought off of the Vanarch enabled Specialty Vendors. *Unlike KTERA there is no risk of losing an enchantment level when you fail to enchant*

    Let's start Enchanting!

    To start Enchanting hit "t" to bring up your Enchanting UI (if you rebound t you can access it in the Activities Menu) right click or drag the item you want to enchant to the slot in the Enchanting UI, then 2 more slots will be added to either side.

    On the left is where you will place the item of the same tier and slot you are extracting for the enchantment, it will be destroyed in the process. The Extractable item is allowed to be of a different armor or weapon type as long as it fits in the same slot and the same tier level i.e. a cloth chest can be used to enchant a metal chest as long as they are the same tier but a metal glove CANNOT be used to enchant a metal chestpiece. Weapons can be enchanted with any other weapon of the same tier. Remember everything is based off of the items Tier level not its equip level sometimes 2 items can be the same level but on 2 different tiers. Also you can use items higher level than then item you are enchanting as long as they are on the same tier i.e. you want to enchant your shiny new enchantable blues out of Bastion of Lok lvl 22 blue tier 4 you can use the level 24 tier 4 quest rewards to enchant your blue gear. While you can use any rarity of gear to enchant any level you may have a higher success rate with higher quality gear *A higher chance doesn't mean a guaranteed chance, my weapon reached +6 off a white after destroying a blue 3 greens and 20 other whites (20 whites=10g in alkahest alone) going from +5 to +6; while using a green on my gloves and boots went from +5 to +6 first try* The suggested rarity of Extractable items to enchantment level goes as follows:

    0-+2 - White Extractable gear
    +3-+5 - Green Extractable gear
    +6-+8 - Blue Extractable gear
    +9-+12 - Gold Extractable gear

    On the right is where you will place your Alkahest as the catalyst for the enchantment the number of Alkahest you need per enchantment is equal to the tier of the item you are enchanting so to enchant a tier 5 item you will need 5 Alkahest *Alkahest are the goldsink component to Enchanting you can farm gear to use for extraction but you will aways need to buy more alkahest and it can become quite expensive after +3 if you are getting failure after failure*

    Now hit then enchant button, cross your fingers and hope as hard as you can that you will be successful. *if when you hit the enchant button it says "You can't do that now" try getting off your mount first ; )*


    Final Thoughts

    Enchanting +1-+3 is pretty simple and cheap; after +4 though you will be spending a lot on Alkahest and extraction fodder if you choose not to farm it so i recommend only fully enchanting gear that you will use for a while. Don't think that just because a green had double +8% attack speed that it will be better than a yellow with only 1 +8% attack speed because you can reidentify an item and lock in the stats you want to keep with an Enigmatic Scroll *I'll add more on reidentifaction later* Remember the amount of crystal slots is based off of the type it is using a green over a yellow just because "Durr this one has more speed lol" you are losing out on valuable crystal slots for crit multipliers or mp regen when with some more time, effort and gold you can have better.
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    Triss Community Member

    Wait a second, you do not lose enchantment levels with the better alkahests or does this apply to the general ones as well?
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!


    the losing got patched away before rlease
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Nice guide, informative.
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