TERA - Adding Game Time to your Account

Discussion in 'TERA' started by Acina, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Acina Admin Officer

    1. Launch the game, and you will see a message, it means your account is not suspended and you need to add game time.

    2. Go to http://tera.hangame.com, and login by clicking the highlighted link.

    3. Choose the 19,800 (30 days) time card and click the highlighted button to continue.

    4. Choose the highlighted option from drop-down list.

    5. Click on the highlighted button

    6. Select the highlighted text and click on the blue button.

    7. Click on the highlighted button to continue.

    8. Enter the serial number.

    9. Click the highlighted button to verify the codes and click on the blue button to confirm (click the 1 below the highlighted, i made an error with the picture :p).

    10. Time card added successfully.

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    Acina Admin Officer

    I'll create another thread on how to buy game-time cards from HanGame :)
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    any news on how to buy the time cards ? some people have time running out soon and we're scared to buy stuff from RMT sites since it's not only dangerous but it could also trigger the ip change lockdown (right ?)


    even if we can't buy them directly, is there any way to get a timecard that we can add manually using this method ?
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    Acina Admin Officer

    See internal forum for the answer to this, can't post it in the public forums!

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    Gustavo Community Member

    I have the sane question but I am unable to access the private forums, could I be granted access or email me the info if possible thank you for the help.
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    Acina Admin Officer

    I'll PM you here on the forums :)
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    Gustavo Community Member

    Me love you long time!
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    Acina Admin Officer

    So at present there is no way to use a non-Korean CC to buy GTC's from Hangame, so your only alternative is to use Google here I'm afraid :(
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    TwoTone Community Member

    So stupid question, I'm trying to enter my game time code and it's not taking it. I've double checked it. I assumed I enter the 10 4 digit segments from left to right so that the 5th 4 digit group starts the second line correct?
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    TwoTone Community Member

    Nevemind, messed the verify code click
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    galo shez Community Member

    Hey man, could you PM me how you were able to buy game time directly from hangame? I would prefer to avoid using third party sites like newgameway if possible.

    As far as I can guess, I would imagine that you have to have a korean paypal of some sort?
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Afaik, you need a Korean credit card to buy directly from hangame.

    Best bet is 3rd party site like you mentioned, or I think Japanese time cards also work on the Korean servers and can be bought online.

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    Kopek Community Member

    Greatly detailed guide, thanks a bunch! ;)

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