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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    Very handy for communicating with Koreans, once you learn a few commands you will be able to interact. Quite simply to install, though if anyone has any issues feel free to post a comment. Thanks.

    Change keyboard language in Windows 7 and Vista
    It is fairly simple to add or change a keyboard language in Windows 7 or Vista. In Windows 7, enter “keyboard language” in the Start menu search box, and select “Change keyboards or other input methods”.

    Now, click Change Keyboards to add another keyboard language or change your default one.
    Our default input language is US English, and our default keyboard is the US keyboard layout. Click Add to insert another input language while still leaving your default input language installed.


    Here we selected the standard Thai keyboard language (Thai Kedmanee), but you can select any language you want. Windows offers almost any language you can imagine, so just look for the language you want, select it, and click Ok.


    Alternately, if you want, you can click Preview to see your layout choice before accepting it. This is only the default characters, not ones that will be activated with Shift or other keys (many Asian languages use many more characters than English, and require the use of Shift and other keys to access them all). Once your finished previewing, click close and then press Ok on the previous dialog.

    Now you will see both of your keyboard languages in the Installed services box. You can click Add to go back and get more, or move your selected language up or down (to change its priority), or simply click Apply to add the new language.


    Also, you can now change the default input language from the top menu. This is the language that your keyboard will start with when you boot your computer. So, if you mainly use English but also use another language, usually it is best to leave English as your default input language.


    Once you’ve pressed Apply or Ok, you will see a new icon beside your system tray with the initials of your default input language.


    If you click it, you can switch between input languages. Alternately you can switch input languages by pressing Alt+Shift on your keyboard.


    Source : Here
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    Omnipresent Potato Farmer

    And with the language installed from the guide above you can now use the following commands.

    /Common (/ s) ((Go to a common channel)) | /일반(/s)
    /Guard (/ a) ((Go to the guard channel | Possibly GUILD channel?)) | /가드(/a)
    /Trade (/ t) ((Go to the trade chanel)) | /거래(/t)
    /Whisper (/ w) [ID] ((Whisper [ID])) | /귓속말(/w) [ID]
    /Find a party (/ u) (("Find a channel go to a party" is the translation, but I'm 99% sure this or (/p) is for party chat. See image above.)) | /파티찾기(/u)
    /Party (/ p) (("Available in the party channel")) | /파티(/p)
    /Party alert (/ n) | /파티장알림(/n)/Party invitation [ID] | /파티초대 [ID]/Party delegation [ID] | /파티장위임 [ID]
    /Party expelled [ID] | /파티추방 [ID]
    /Party withdrawal | /파티탈퇴
    /Party purposes [purpose of the party type] | /파티목적 [Party Type]
    /Party Recruitment stop | /파티모집중단
    /Party Recruitment Resume | /파티모집재개
    /Guild list | /길드목록
    /Guild invite [ID] | /길드초대 [ID]
    /Guild (leaves guild) | /길드탈퇴
    /Duel [ID] | /결투 [아이디]
    /Forfeit | /기권
    Hide UI: Ctrl+Z

    Korean Inputs:
    /rlfemcheo [ID] - Guild Invite [ID]
    /rufxn [ID] - Duel [ID]
    /vkxlcheo [ID] - Party Invite [ID]
    /vkxl(->)wkddnldla [ID] - Party Leader [ID]
    /vkxlcn(->)qkd [ID] - Party Kick [ID]
    /vkxl(->)xkfxhl - Party Quit

    (->) means hit your right arrow to space to the next letter.

    Here are the equivalent commands in Korean:

    And here are a few emotes:
    인사 = dlstk = greeting
    격식익사 = rurtlrdlrtk = informal greeting
    기쁨 = rl(shift+q)ma = joy
    슬픔 = tmfvma = sorrow
    승리 = tmdfl = victory
    춤 = cna = dance
    도발 = ehqkf = provocative
    박수 = qkrtn = applause
    간청 = rkscjd = beg (I think)
    고민 = rhals = worry
    돌격 = ehfrur = charge
    저기 = wjrl = point (I think)
    부끄러움 = qh(shift+r)mfjdna = shame
    분노 = qnssh = anger

    More commands and useful phrases can be found here: http://booncontrol.com/threads/tera-romanised-korean-useful-phrases-ingame-commands.1007/
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    Agga Community Member

    Thats a nice Post Omni if I was playing I would deffo have that usefull :)
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    Alarisia Community Member

    Awesome, I could have used this when I start playing haha. Good Job :)

    Ohh and umm I should have done this before I posted but some quick terms for partying...

    ㅎㅇ = gd = hello
    ㅈㅅ = wt = sorry
    ㄳ = rt = thanks
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    GahnFall Community Member

    Thought this required windows ultimate 0.o
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    GahnFall Community Member

    i needed to install the ime for some reason
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    You 100% need to install the IME.

    Dunno why that isn't in the OP.

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