TeamSpeak 3 - Remote File Inclusion vulnerability

Discussion in 'Tech Help' started by SmilingBandit, Oct 12, 2015.

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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON
    "We have just released a very important security update for the TeamSpeak 3 Client addressing a RFI (Remote File Inclusion) vulnerability. Please upgrade your desktop clients to version immediately. The update is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. Mobile clients for Android and iOS are not affected by this issue."


    Please upgrade your desktop clients to version immediately
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    Kephir Veteran BOON

    why should i update? :eek:
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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

    Long storry short: Balmung can infuse your TS with malicious files, execute them and gain control of your computer, search and download all your naked selfies and start selling all of them to girls in berlin and over the internet!

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    Kephir Veteran BOON

    wel i can just do that myself if people realy want, i dont have any naked selfies atm but can always make some.
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    SmilingBandit Veteran BOON

    Well one could also hack your online accounts, banking, trading. So i guess you can do this yourself too. Just send me all your money? :D
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    Kamasutrah Classic Guild Member

    ROFL can't breathe for laughing ... can't imagine Kephir naked lol
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    Bluestar Veteran BOON

    i can and im liking it ;) Kephir
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    Kephir Veteran BOON

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