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    By Emily Diehl MAY 24th, 2010

    If you’re a fellow gamer geek, it’s probably pretty likely that you’re also a fan of collecting awesome game swag. I can relate: my desk looks like a cross between a toy store and a comic shop, and I’m pretty sure that most people’s desks around here have at least one (if not a dozen) figures on them.

    As passionate acquirers of cool stuff, we’re exploring different options for Guild Wars 2 merchandise, and we want your opinion to help us pick the coolest stuff to make. Do you want Guild Wars 2 shirts? Figures? Messenger bags? Mouse pads? Lawn mowers? (OK, maybe not lawn mowers, but you get the idea.)

    Your input will influence future Guild Wars 2 merchandise releases, so embrace your inner geek and make your voice heard! Take a minute to share your thoughts with us by filling out our Guild Wars 2 merchandise survey right here. We’ll collect your feedback in a few weeks and put it to good use.
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    The survey is now closed.

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