Synergies between crafting skills

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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    For everyone that is just a tad bit too lazy to read this up on your own, I'll give a quick breakdown of how crafting in rift works:

    Gathering and Manufacturing skills
    There are two different types of skills in Rift. One is dependent on being out in the world and harvesting nodes or slain mobs - Gathering. The other is dependent on standing at a crafting station, most often using the materials from the gathering skills.

    Foraging - Picking flowers and wood up from the ground.
    Mining - Harvesting mining nodes.
    Butchering - Harvest slain mobs.

    Leveling Gathering is dependent on advancing as designed by the game. For example, the levels for Silverwood Foraging are 1 to 35 and follows a specific route which is very similar to the questing route. There are certain milestones you want to hit before you move on to a new zone, in silverwood for example you want to hit 35 before moving on to Gloamwood. This is the same for other gathering skills.

    Outfitting - Cloth/Leather Armour
    Armorsmithing - Chain/Plate Armour + Shields

    Artificier - Staves, Cleric/Mage offhands, Wands, Rings and Necklaces
    Weaponsmithing - Swords, Maces, Daggers and Bows.
    Apothecary - Pots
    Runebreaking - Runes (talismans/enchants)

    Leveling Manufacturing is dependant on having the mats from the gathering skills and/or harvesting skills that come along with your manufacturing skill. You can without repercussions gather a lot of nodes and skill up manufacturing using those later during the day.

    Artisians Marks
    By completing crafting quests (such as craft two shoes) you gain artisians marks. These quests do not require adventuring out into the world, but they have to be handed in in rank-appropriate zones (Circumventable by summoning) main hubs. Artisian marks are used to purchase recipies for manufacturing skills and are awarded EXCLUSIVELY from having manufacturing skills. You get quests for every manufacturing skill you have, and as such with two manufacturing skills you gain double the marks.
    Recipes can however also be bought from the Notoriety Merchants. These are usually the "off" items in lower levels, such as a polymorph pot. There is NO SKILL CAP BASED ON LEVEL meaning that you can, in theory, level your crafting skill to 300 on an alt. You do miss out on the notoriety recipes, and in higher levels possibly Plaques used to buy epic recipies (we still don't know anything about this). In theory you can have only gathering skills on your main and manufacturing skills on alts.


    All skills have synergies with others. I would say that there are three types:
    Strong - These skills compliment each other so well that you can level both of them using the other. (Green)
    Semi-strong - With effort you can level this Manufacturing skill using this Gathering skill (Blue)
    Beneficial - This manufacturing skill benefits from this/these skills. (Red)


    In the picture above these are illustrated.

    However, it's a little bit more complicated than that. For example, Butchering rewards both hides (Outfitting/Armorsmithing) but also Teeth/Paws (Apothecary/Artificier). Foraging rewards Flowers (Apothecary) and wood (Weaponsmithing/Artificier).Runebreaking is the odd-off crafting skill where you break down gear for runes, and it has a fairly strong synergy with all other crafting skills but Apothecary since the items you won't use can be runebroken. Runebreaking can be leveled all on its own, though that requires a lot of free geardrops.

    The picture should help you choose if you feel like it yourself, but I have a few suggestions for the different roles if you want to supply yourself (and not utilize an alt):

    Outfitting/Butchering/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills
    Artificier/Foraging/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills
    Artificier/Foraging/Mining - 1 manufacturing skill
    Artificier/Foraging/Apothecary - 2 manufacturing skills - purchase/trade from butchery
    Apothecary/Foraging/Butchery - 1 manufacturing skill

    Armorsmithing/Butchering/Mining - 1 manufacturing skill
    Artificier/Mining/Armorsmithing - 2 manufacturing skills - purchase/trade from butchery
    Armorsmithing/Mining/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills - purchase/trade from butchery
    Weaponsmithing/Foraging/Mining - 1 manufacturing skill
    Weaponsmithing/Mining/Armorsmithing - 2 manufacturing skills - purchase/trade from butcher and forager
    Apothecary/Foraging/Butchery - 1 manufacturing skill

    Outfitting/Butchering/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills
    Weaponsmithing/Foraging/Mining - 1 manufacturing skill
    Apothecary/Foraging/Butchery - 1 manufacturing skill

    Armorsmithing/Mining/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills
    Weaponsmithing/Foraging/Mining - 1 manufacturing skill
    Weaponsmithing/Mining/Runebreaking - 1 manufacturing skill
    Apothecary/Foraging/Butchery - 1 manufacturing skill

    If you have any inquiries/if i screwed something up, please post! :)
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Go Outfitting/Butchery/Runebreaking. Enjoy your free gear.
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    Allstar Just A "Member"

    I love you.

    But I'll be going Apothecary/Foraging/Butchery 'cause I'm cheap
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    I like this thread, thanks for clearing up the crafting stuff.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    All except warriors, you mean, amirite?
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    Actually, it's listed under warrior that you want to go "Armorsmithing/Mining/Runebreaking - 2 manufacturing skills"
    You know, colour-coded for your convenience. :p That was for slacking Allstar only.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    So yeah, you meant for the squishys to go Outfitting/Butchery/Runebreaking, not the warriors. Like I said. But then again, leveling mining along with armorsmithing is a lot harder than..getting the mats for Outfitting as drops from mobs while you got along, butcher any mobs as you go along and then break the shit and Runecraft stuff. Armorsmithing and mining will be out of fashion in a jiffy @ endgame, mark my words. Same in any mmorpg.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Yea I have a bad feeling you are right, but hopefully the copy games like LOTRO when it comes to crafting and the crafted gear is actually some of the best you can get.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    And if it's good at endgame, just get the mats for that poor chump of a crafter who's been struggling to level smithing to max, have him make that one piece you need and profit. Everyone will raid or PvP for gear and the crafting good at endgame proffs will be Apothecary for PvE and Runecrafting for elitists <3
    Prove me wrong, inshallah.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    This is obviously only for people who are interested in crafting in the first place. The problem is that we have no idea how good the crafted gear will be in endgame, but I think for example The Wall looks pretty damn nice.

    Also, for myself, I could not fucking grind Foraging/Butchering until the end of times to put pots on the AH where everybody and their mom will be competing.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    I read "increased threat" and yes, PvE. :p
    Pretty sure any crafted gear won't have that Valor stat, ie useless (in PvP). I betcha.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    Thats a pretty nice tanking shield.
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    Cranberries Community Member

    Thanks for the summary Maskerad. I'm glad they finally finished that wiki page on armour/weaponsmithing now. Means I can plan my route of farming to max level. Something you didn't answer though, do the professions work synonymous with WoW where you need to be level X to get level Y profession, or could a level 10 alt craft max level gear?
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    No, that's the whole deal, there is no such level cap. I believe it is in Wow that you can only craft items your level*5, which is not the case in rift. Quite retarded, if you ask me.
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    Cranberries Community Member

    One thing that worries me though is the need to hand in a set of gathering goods in order to get a daily quest "mark" (similar to JC tokens in WoW, or whatever) - are these marks bound to account (similar to WoW) or just bound to a character? Otherwise, for my focus of Armoursmithing/Weaponsmithing/Runecrafting I'll have to level two others to 50 just to get all the necessary profession to supplement Armoursmithing/Weaponsmithing/Runecrafting. Unless of course Rift doesn't expect you to be totally hardcore with professions. I'm not sure, I've yet to level professions in the beta - was more focused on instances, specs and general questing.
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    Tvar Veteran BOON

    I hope they introduce some other perks to crafters, stuff that only they benefit from. BoP weapon/armorsmith stuff, etc.
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    Maskerad Veteran BOON

    The marks are bound to a character as currency, however there are no currencies for the gathering professions and the currency is earned by crafting items, nothing else. Which means that yes, your alt can craft to gain recipes at rank 10 for rank 300 items. You do miss out on the Notoriety recipies that up until what we have seen are fluff items only but might be better in the high level zones. There is also uncertainty regarding the "[Manufacturing] Plaques" which nobody is quite sure how they are earned. If they are earned by instances or similar things at rank 50 then of course having your Manufacturing skill on your main will be beneficial, but if they aren't then having gathering skills on your main would be the best. If you dare take that risk I'd suggest taking Foraging/Mining/Runebreaking on your main due to the BOP-gear and no need for butchery.

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