Summary of Guild Summit (1.2 info)

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Fizzee, Mar 6, 2012.

  • by Fizzee, Mar 6, 2012 at 2:16 PM
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    Summary of the SWTOR Guild summit;

    Thanks to Merketh for the link with the full un-edited version
    And thanks to for their article I butchered
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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Fizzee, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Rev
    wont need war hero rank for war hero gear....
    what stupid shit is this
  2. Fallanx
    no new operation, nice 'Needs serious testing and balancing, will not launch in 1.2"
  3. Ironhide
    That alone could be a deathblow with regard to PVE.

    With no timescale to its release how many people will stick around to do the same content on a weekly basis?
  4. Tvar
    So what's the ETA on this 1.2?
  5. Fizzee
    Last line of the first posts quoted area.
  6. Tvar
    So mid April - May it is. :)
  7. Fizzee
    Just be glad it's not charged DLC or unlocked via a highscore on an iOS spinoff game
  8. Aspira
    June/july prolly, let's be honest, when do patches for any games ever get released remotely near their scheduled dates.

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  9. Tvar
    The day a company charges for DLC in an MMO will certainly be the day they've reinvited some new kind of drug (WoWlol) to keep people that retardedly hooked. I mean, DLC is the scourge of the rest of the gaming industry, thank god not in the MMO business. But I have to say BW have been fairly accurate on their estimates of releasing 1.1 and other things so far, to be fair.
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  10. Alaisy
    Enjoying most aspects of this game still, RP, PvP and PvE. But I only really use a companion 10% of the time, it isn't really immersive to use in RP (duplicate NPC's f.e), in PvP it is disabled and in PvE you are usually in a full group.

    The only time we really used our companions is to disband a world pvp ops raid, to summon a healing companion for ourselves and double the numbers.

    All the other notes seem great to me though, but I'll see what actually ends up in game and what not. It always changes a lot before it gets deployed, and even then things get changed rapidly.
  11. Gurtholfin
    Don't see too much there to pull me back. Some of it is a little worrying... queuing as 8 man is only fun if you're in the 8 man and not the pleb ending up with 8 randoms. The game will take about 2 minutes given the new increase in medals for finishing quicker.

    Some of it is welcomed though... a new warzone is much needed, the customisable ui, flashpoint.

    How is the game going of late anyway? Are numbers staying strong on servers?
  12. Astarael
    I got an email from Mako asking me to come back. She was ignored.
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  13. Tvar
    If I got an invitation back by Jaessa to come back for some additional cyber, well I would. Mako doesn't have it going on. Weak force, etc. :p
  14. Astarael
    if you don't login for like 7 days then you get an email from your main companion i think.
  15. Allstar
    Sadly, I only got mail from Tharan Cedrax :(

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