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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Nariko, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Nariko Community Member

    You have an idea how to maximize our play during the raids?
    Pros/Cons just keep it clean

    Have at it!
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    I'd like to suggest, we send out people to cause a ruckus behind enemy lines while sieging either RS or FR borderland.

    The additional trouble caused by 3 or 4 guys that run around, take supply camps, flag towers / forts etc. should benefit the main raid
    more than allowing the opponent to focus all 150 guys on a single spot.

    - We gonna be missing a handful of players in the main zerg => less firepower, less supply.
    - Could easily be done by "pugs" in WvW but ... won't happen ... not with the current mentality of PS randoms.
    - Additional work for the Raid Leader, unless we decide on a group to take care of this before the raid starts or while we're gathering.

    - By creating more than one hotspot on the map, unorganized opponents might be crushed before the battle even begins.
    - A fort or tower under siege won't survive long, when there's no supply incoming ... the enemies will have to spare more people
    to restore that flow than what we used to stop it.

    I think i've suggested this a few times in the past already and I never really got people interessted in applying such tactics, nevertheless i still
    think it's worth posting this at least because i firmly believe this to be necessary to ensure a smooth evening against better opponents.

    While our zerging might be enough to handle scrubby t9 - t4 zergs, i don't think it'll do any good once we fight ex t1/t2/t3 servers who're used to dealing
    with slightly more organized play than what we've encountered so far. As tumble said in another thread, the majority of our success comes from KC yelling at us and holding us on a short leash which stop us from running around like headless chicken. We still have to improve alot when it comes to following orders, moving around
    as one group and focusing on the same targets ... or at least the same area cause of the Random 5 effect .....
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    Nariko Community Member

    Funny that you suggest that now, this subject has been brought up to KC attention just last night and there is one group of 5 ppl asigned to that very task.
    Starting next all call that team will be awaiting KCs orders.
    That will still leave 6/9 mesmers to cover the main raid with portals/Tw/pulling etc.
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    Jame Community Member

    Earthwall, this was for mesmer suggestions. :) You should put that in the Siege Feedback thread.
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    Earthwall - Raith Community Member

    oh, crap ... didn't see in what category this is :p
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    Nariko Community Member

    No worries, was actully good timing- as mentioned - this is already been talked about last night and a group is ready and waiting for the next raid
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    I suggest that if you are inside an enemy fort, discovered and don't believe you'll manage to escape for long enough, try to die right behind a gate so we can rez u through it and u can portal us in. :) Maybe if there's 2 mesmers, one can die behind outer door and one behind inner door lol :D
    Need to test if this works reliably first, tho; I know you can rez people through gates at least on some occasions and you can stomp enemies through gates as well, so it should work.

    May wanna first discuss whether we consider this an exploit or a usable strategy.
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    Jame Community Member

    Personally I'd consider that exploiting.
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    HardKoar Community Member

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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Yeah, at first it's what I thought as well, but then dpsing through it isn't, smashing it with a catapult from inside to break siege on the outside officially isn't so..kinda' gray area, since you don't need to do anything against/outside the basic rules/mechanics of the game to pull it off really (like walljumping), you just normally rez someone that is in range as rezzing normally doesn't require line-of-sight.
    Looking at the bigger picture, personally I'd rather there not be an option at all and doors would be thick enough to not allow siege/aoe to hit through it or rezzes/stomps to happen. Maybe once they implement the "fixing walls and doors will require at least 10% health or whatever it was to actually respawn the object after it was broken, while it can still take damage", they'll consider the option of sorting out the aoe-thru-gate issues as well with thicker gates. I can see why it's not an option now, as you can have really nasty situations with people getting stuck in there much more often than it happens now with walls being repaired.
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    Tumbleweed Classic Guild Member

    Oh and another one that isn't in the gray area:
    As far as I know, you can activate a portal at any time for one minute since the moment you dropped the "portal entre", which creates the opportunity of using it like this: When we are followed by the enemy and we are passing a choke-point (bridge/gap/doorway) or entering a keep to defend, it could be nice for one mesmer to leave a "portal entre" behind, preferably somewhere hard to spot, so we can port behind them really fast once they enter the chokepoint/reach the gate if the raid leader decides to do so.
    I think this would be really effective to do when they reach a gate as you normally don't expect to get hit from the rear when you only just got there and you're usually busy trying to sort out rams/aoe-ing empty battlements/looking for ACs up top.
    I believe that porting behind the enemy as they enter a choke-point we just ran through is a good thing to do when we're facing a zerg much larger than our numbers, as it allows us to thin them badly from the rear, picking off a good bunch of stragglers, then have a more balanced (numbers-wise) fight with the rest. In this scenario it would be even nicer if a 2nd mesmer would leave a "portal entre" on the point where we activate the 1st portal, which will allow us all to port back to either surprise the front of the zerg or escape if we get in trouble. :D
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    Axle Community Member

    Switching portal for feedback in defense works wonders when placed on the door being hammered on the numbers that fly out of that bubble on the door is fantastic as the zerg on the other side mainly all the ranged throwing their damage that penetrates through the door having it reflected back in their face for the duration of the bubble the best part is they don't even know why their hp is going down to stop pew pew

    we have all seen what chaos storm does to defenders and attackers when placed on the door imagine having it thrown back in the mesmers face lol

    this can also be used to protect defenders attempting to repair the door and avoid AOE creeping through to damage them from outside.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    Its exploiting to me yeah dpsing through walls is ghay and they refuse to fix it but two wrongs don't make a right. I know for a fact they don't want ppl rez'd from outside a wall they just haven't fixed all the possibilities.
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    Axle Community Member

    Seen this today however as it's quoted i have no idea where the source material is or if indeed it was a ninja nerf slipped.
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    Jame Community Member

    Someone go and try? :D

    There's been TONS of QQ about mesmer portals in the official forums though, so wouldn't be too surprised if it happened. If it's true but not yet there, that might be a leak from a patch in progress.
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    Axle Community Member

    Yeah that's why i expressed my opinion to Nariko about our over reliance on portals i could feel something was coming due to the QQ and i wanted the mesmers to prepare and adapt with an open mind to flexibility and other avenues we could apply ourselves if need be rather than go into a state of shock and lose momentum because we are too accustomed to applying ourselves in certain ways.

    The recent patch brought some needed love to our DPS potential Anet seems to be wanting to water down our reliance on being needed for our portal capability in order to give us more flexibility in our role on the battlefield and giving us a valid DPS option it's not quite there yet Berserker still misses hits but it's a start.
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    HardKoar Community Member

    How about bringin fort this new and improved feature that no ones ever created in any MMO?

    IT's called creating a fucking raid, a group of 20 players enters the same ''raid'' and only they can use the portals rather than having a bunch of randoms using up the # of portal slots. They keep talking about pvp and RvR in this game and yet they fail on the basic concept of making a simple fucking raid, driving mental every raid leader.

    Nonetheless, I never saw using portals as something ''needed'' but a very welcome comodity, I am sure no one will hit the '' Omg how are we going to eat now '' button.
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    Nariko Community Member

    If Portals get changed

    The game is always changing, and will always change.
    Ok, so then we work with what we got. We will still be able to use portals, maybe not needed or wanted as much as before.
    We could try different ways to work with or around the new issue:
    • maybe 2 mesmers
    • two differnt portals
    • Troll portals
    I havent really brain stormed this yet, (just got up) but I am sure if we sit down together, test things we will find something - so no panic.
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    Axle Community Member

    yeah there's no panic it aint the end of the world yet lol but if were brainstorming now then a transition to a new playstyle will be a smooth one the amount of times iv seen a change come in other games and people have been WTF my class is useless now when they never thought to learn to adapt to the changes.

    But i do agree Hardkoar having a system like the fix to healing buffs that gave allies and group members priority over npc's would be just as effective for portals, now that we may have or will have a limit of 20 uses it only seems fair to allow a way to give priority to group and guild members to keep the portal strategy's useful to organised groups and not wasted on random individuals.

    There is no way KC will be happy calling a portal only to find half of the raid left outside and a load of tag along pugs standing beside him on the other side lol

    It's hard enough getting one mesmer through to portal never mind two at the same time however if we can get one through as normal and a portal up and another mesmer traveling through that portal he can place a new entry and jump off battlements etc to place another exit and get the remainder through.
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    Elfins Veteran BOON

    It is implemented with the december patch yes, when using portal I get an icon above utility bar saying how many entries are left on it.

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