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Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Specter, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Ary posted this build on her raid application, and i thought its really good, since it maximizes the damage output. Ok, you don't have the instant snare from absolute zero (very handy) nor the battle res (even more handy in the first times you do a pve instance) but you get shitload of dps.

    the basic idea behind this build is to get:
    +5 % air (lightning mastery)
    +30% air (inductance)
    +15% (lightning conductor)
    +14 x 3% (ice sheer)
    +10% (dark power)
    +10% (warlock armor)
    +10% (sacrifice life: damage)
    +20% (static flux)
    +33+ % if DoT skill - Lightning Storm, Raging Storm ? (neddra's influence)
    142% (+33%) maximum possible increase damage on an air skills. Imagine a lightning field w/charged field or a Lightning strike critting... => dead corpse.

    Stormcaller 31 ; Warlock 30
    You get the core of the build this way. You can tweak it using the remaining points to your flavour.
    For example:
    - 2 more points in warlock : give you nedra's essence and shadow life, plus Choke.
    - 2 points in elemental summoner : give you a nuke to use when opportunity procs - lightning strike - and aditional crit chance (so you can do those nice crits you see on screenshots ;) )
    - 1 point in ride the wind for escaping plus static discharge to further increase the aoe spike you can do.
    - 5 points in elemental summoner for +5 % crit
    - 2 points in shell shock for a damaging root that also causes electrified FASTER than any other skills - except lightning storm wich is same speed... (ary doesnt like this for some reason, but i do ;) - u like to icicle - sheer - raging)
    - 5 pts in archmage for detaunt

    One may think that more points stormcaller are better because of Stretch of Cold , but the +damage increase skills in warlock tree give you also inc damage to water skills... (you can get max 51 points in storm, by removing 20 points you loose 20% but you gain 20% "passive" damage from warlock armor + dark power alone.)

    Credit goes to Ary for the warlock + stormcaller combo.
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    Saul Community Member

    This is the build ive been using since release, I have always been looking to go Warlock /Archmage, but I spoke to Ary and was convinced with the sheer dps output of 31/30 in Stormcaller / Warlock. But i will deffinatly be looking at Warlock / Archmage for a PvP with 44 points in Warlock.
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    Specter Veteran BOON

    Ops, i just made some tests with the training dummies and it seems that neddra's influence doesn't affect the channeled / dot skills from stormcaller tree.
    Tried hailstorm, raging storm, electrocute and lightning storm and all did the same damage before and after speccing the points on neddras influence.
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    Doodle Bush Whacker!

    This is allready what i use for my stormcaller group pvp build, but i also have 5 points in archmage for 15% increased damage vs players and i have 5/5 vitality instead of neddras influence, neddras only works for dots afaik

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