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    BOON Control has a few rules that all members must follow, failing to follow these rules will lead to removal from the guild, make sure you read and understand them to avoid the embarrassment of being kicked later.
    • If you are in game, you are expected to pay attention to Discord, no exceptions, if you you want peace to farm or group with non-guildies, doing PvP? Head to a quiet room.
    • You monitor the WoW Retail section of Discord and keep up to date with what is going on in the guild.
    • You treat all members as equals and with respect, any drama, egos, bullying etc will result in removal.
    • Public chat channels, no drama, no baiting, no fighting, in fact pretty much say nothing there, never respond to any trolls ever, just do your business and move on.
    • You are over 18 years old.
    • The best for last, treat posting on public forums the same as those in game, we try to keep ourselves to ourselves they are a pit of drama and trolling, a few idiots posting on the server forums can destroy a decade and thousands of hours worth of hard work in a few posts.
    That's it, it's basically be social, mix with members, keep up to date with what the guild is doing while not being a dick in public and giving the guild a bad name, simple.


    BOON Control's main focus in World of Warcraft will be Raiding and guild events we have a very organised and experienced rock solid team who will lead and build the guild towards this goal.

    The recruitment process is as follows:

    Step 1: Post an application using our google application template, a recruitment officer will contact you in-game (or via Discord) and arrange to speak with you.

    Step 2: Should the recruitment officer think you are BOON material after having a discussion, you will be invited into BOON as a trial member (a probationary period of 2 - 4 weeks applies).

    Step 3: During your trial period, all pro's and con's you accomplish within the guild will be discussed, if you behave and play as a BOON then expect the trial to be made into a full membership, if not you will be removed.

    Please note : Members must be 18+ and must be available on Discord before starting game, members must be available 100% of the time while in game even if they are in a quiet room, they must also be able to read and speak English. If you still wish to apply, please click here and create a new application.

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