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    Guild Creation and the First Golden Age of BOON

    BOON Control is an old mmo Guild / Community it was born back in 2005 in Vanilla WoW when Katiechops merged his guild "Pest Control" with another friendly guild "The Fellowship of the BOON" to form a new bigger guild BOON Control in preparation for Molten Core and 40 man raiding.

    The guild became a successful and prominent raid guild with a lovely reputation for ganking! Katiechops along with many other fine BOON Officers and members took the guild through Vanilla and TBC. TBC was truly a golden age for the guild and its strong sense of community was firmly entrenched in 2007 we did 270 raids from Karazan through to Black Temple and defeating Illidan. My favourite movie of that time was not one of a single boss kill but a collection of screenshots that I had taken over the year as the guild progressed together towards its common goal.

    Favourite boss kill movie

    Next came Warhammer online, Katiechops still had misty eyes looking back to his past times in Lineage 2 and its sieges and couldn't resist the opportunity to take BOON Control into that environment, all went well we destroyed Destruction in the Warzones and Conquered the RvR areas. However rapid success went against us, the RvR was still broken and night after night at looking at us holding keeps etc and the zone capturing mechanic being totally broken started to get tiresome.

    With no fix in sight and the badly timed (yeah for EA/Mythic) release of Wrath of the Lich King 80% of the guild returned to WoW, what remained merged with an ally guild "Mystical Awakening" for the remainder of their time in Warhammer.

    Two BOONs and two paths, Katiechops stayed and played Warhammer with MA but also learned from that experience. From that point on we would make new BOON Control Guilds for every new game the guild was going to play to ensure the guild kept strong and was committed to that game.

    The Second Golden Age of BOON

    When Aion arrived a new BOON Control for Aion was set up and the two BOON Controls effectively parted their ways the old WoW BOON Control can still be found on Kazzak but to all intents and purposes is a completely separate guild now.

    Aion was exactly the game needed to make a kick ass siege guild and pre-release a 73 member BOON Guild all of whom had played alongside Katiechops in previous games was ready and raring to go.

    Aion truly became a second golden age for BOON Control the guild set out with one mission to dominate the siegefield and destroy the Asmodians. When the guild took to the siegefield the server noticed, such was the guild success the guild would have over ten thousand Abyss Medals and other spoils of war in the bank.

    The guilds success in sieging was immediately noticed by NCsoft and BOON Control was the first EU guild featured in the official Aion magazine for their siege success and sheer number of enemies killed. Article here.

    The guild went on to form the Elyos Alliance with some ally guilds which in turn dominated the Abyss eventually leading to BOON Control capturing Divine Fort and complete Abyss domination. This feat was repeated after the server mergers which brought us an influx of Asmodians from Caster who despite being a successful siege faction on Caster meet the same fate as their Telemachus brothers and BOON retook Divine fort with the aid of all the Elyos.

    Then server transfers came, the Asmos ran and the EZ Mode Elyos arrived and it was said...

    As a siege guild the game was over and a couple of months later we disbanded the guild, there are countless movies of Telemachus Elyos sieging many are in our media section so I'll link a mix and match of us doing stuff in Aion and one of our transformer team in action.

    The Wilderness Years

    After Aion, came the wilderness years we knew the next game we wanted to play, Guild Wars 2 but we also knew it was years away so the guild entertained itself doing all sorts of gaming crap picking up and droping games at random just for some light fun and to pass time and hang out with their mates.

    Several weak mmo's came and went, Rift, SWTOR, Tera, with no significant end game, none kept players past their subs and hence the hellish reputation the mmo market has these days, however there was always a light at the end of the tunnel, Guild Wars 2 was starting to shape up and from the far east news of new mmo Archage was filtering through to the west.

    BOON Control had some pretty significant highlights during the wait for GW2, the most obvious for anyone following the guild or GW2 was BOON Control being invited to Gamescom 2011 to help out at the Guild Wars 2 battleground stand for the week and help demonstrate the battlegrounds for the first time on the ESL stand against the Arenanet game designers we lost 3-0 but hey we were playing them at their own game! Fridays match, massacred after a bad start first match, almost got them second but just couldn't hold out.

    Another highlight for the guild was gaining access to Archage, XLGames gave us access to their beautiful new game, they watched us streaming a one week beta in the west and after seeing the sheer number of hits we managed to get on our stream and other Archeage materials, gave us press access to try and raise its profile in the west. hmm who did we meet at Gamescom and showed them GW2 that has a Youtube channel with almost 1 billion views? That's right the Yogscast crew. So we took them on whirlwind jaffacake fueled tour of the game that was a truly hysterical experience to say the least, they are nutters! Oh and the movies have past the 2 million views mark on Youtube, so job done imo.

    The rest of the Yogscast and BOON Control Archage movies here

    The Third Golden Age of BOON

    Guild Wars 2 finally arrived and after months of being courted by pretty much every server initiative, well in NA/EU, BOON opted to decline them all and pick a low population Tier 8 server, basically to avoid drama, politics and most importantly WvW ques.

    And this we did allowing us to raid as a guild every night and dominate the WvW maps we were on night after night, we had settled on Piken Square and were not alone many strong WvW guilds had thought the same and Piken soon grew a reputation of being the strongest prime time WvW server in the EU and it started to work it way through the Tiers, at times it would sit still but after a couple of weeks of getting destroyed all prime time bigger heavy populated servers would yield and let us pass up the Tiers until finally reaching Tier 2.

    BOON and Piken go separate ways, by Tier 2 the servers great reputation and low population ment it was the obvious choice for WvW migrators to go to and the community split, the majority wanted to deliberately lose to go back down a few Tiers to avoid ques and discourage the migrators.

    BOON and other guilds, Red Guard, ECL and sIN respected the choice of the majority and choose to migrate to Seafarer's rest another Tier 2 medium population server where we would help them push for Teir 1.

    Seafarers did indeed become a power house, and was promoted to Tier 1 the following week and went on to dominate Tier 1 winning the next 5 weeks in a row until the Doomsday arrived!

    A free transfer to any Medium / low population server was announced to the servers horror being a medium population server. Seaferers was the EU number one ranked server and a medium populated in the space 24 hours it was swamped by every WvW wannbie in the EU and over night became unviable for us as quing for hours to WvW was never an option for BOON and due to the massive ques BOON chose to leave Teir 1 undefeated to move to a quieter server, but to all intense and purposes we had seen it all and did it all having fought 23 of the 27 server in the EU servers across every Tier in the EU and the guild effectively retired from the game.

    BOON achieved the one thing it wanted from GW2 to fight hard and give servers a hard time during prime time and we did just that taking their upgraded Keeps and Towers off them during prime time while they are actively defending them be it in Teir 8 or Teir 1 they still fell to our determination.

    There plenty of movies in the media section to showing some monster WvW Keep takes, here are just a couple.

    Some Open WvW

    Epic 40 min Tier 1 three faction prime time Keep take

    Dawn of a New Golden Age for BOON?

    BOON are forming a World of Warcraft "Classic" guild with the purpose of clearing all the content but in a social fun environment where you don't have to lose your wife and house in order to adventure through all of the game.

    The most important feature will be community, old school guildies helping eachother, partying together, getting drunk on comms and talking shit! Like the good old days!

    Interested in joining with BOON in World of Warcraft Shadowlands? Just keep following to Step 2 here

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