Star Wars: The Old Republic sells 2M, has 1.7M active subs

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Omnipresent, Feb 2, 2012.


Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by Omnipresent, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Lurch
    God bless em, long term it may well become the casuals game of choice but I dont think it will retain many if any of the hardcore community. That said, I subbed for 6 months but only cos there isnt any other game i can be arsed with at thye moment and I want to see how this game develops for a while.
  2. Bluff
  3. Katiechops
    I dunno guys I think the light sabres prevented mass quits the first sub, I doubt it will save them the second sub and the exit will rapidly begin unless they pull something major out of the bag in the next couple of weeks if I am to be brutally honest, have a good game ,, just no end game or purpose for players ><
  4. adagio
    We all know another game will never reach 10 million subs ever again. The very nature of gaming has probably seen to that.

    Star wars in a year or so could easily have 2+ million subs. People on this forum know a lot more about this than me but I get the feeling the devs are shackled in some way. I'm writing this as an outsider but we know bioware have produced the greatest rpgs on computers and consoles. They have so much talent in the dev department that although they created a great lvling experience it was still nothing new. I just think from now on the devs should just say let's make this our greatest masterpiece. If it works great but if it fails our playerbase will have the greatest of rides.

    I know a few of you think I'm bonkers and the games fine but each to their own.
  5. Saul
    What you need to realise and has not been pointed out enough tbh, is "This Is Not The Bioware You Are Looking For".

    Bioware Austin is a new collection of Dev's recruited to make SWTOR, yeah Greg and Ray are the bosses, Daniel Erickson is a Lead Writer for Bioware, and a couple of others, but Gabe(pvp) is Mythic, Hickman is Mythic, Georg is SOE, and quite a few others from SOE, Mythic, Austin MMO Labour Market.

    Bioware Canada made Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Jade Empire, Baulders Gate, and rumour has it that DA2 was shit because they seconded Dev's working on the polish and mechanics of DA2, to make the Space game part of SWTOR.
  6. adagio
    That's still a talented bunch though Saul. Some may snigger at the mythic guys but they had talent but no direction. No matter who they are, they still carry the bioware name and all that goes before them.

    I still think everything will be good for that game. I just wished they waited 5-6 months, fixed the little niggles and added a few extras. Then announced we are here to the world, this is us at our best. Catch us if you can.
  7. Fozia
    gonna keep it at 1 month at a time :p but ill keep playing nothing else to do atm anyway and i got no life so!
  8. Saul
    I agree bud, I also think this one was internal pressure, they kept promising 2011, and maybe should have said fuck it, 2012 for an awesome game, I don't think EA were putting pressure on this time, I can't believe that EA rushed this, I cant believe they are that stupid looking at their other rushed to market MMO results.

    I still think the game is one of the most polished ive seen at release and I have confidence they will sort out the problems. What confuses me though is it's not just End Game thats missing, basic bugs and features that are still not fixed is pretty amazing to me really and as already been said Ilum should have been pulled until it was ready.
  9. adagio
    You know the one thing that shocked me to hear was lack of end game content. Pvp is a different matter but pve dungeon for four man's could easily have been solved.

    Add a user controlled dungeon generator that let's players make they're own dungeons. It would be of simple demise, a few simple prefabs. The ability to make characters have conversations and boss fights. At the end of the dungeon you give a rating out of 10. If its shit it gets dumped at the end of the month. At the start the leader of the group gets to choose lucky dip or a highly rated dungeon.

    Of course there would be no drops just bog standard credits but it would give constant pve meat. Til the game has enough of its own. Anyone who's played nwn knows how well it could work and also how badly it could go wrong.

    I know the server logistics could be a nightmare but that's why they have experts.
  10. Gurtholfin
    That article is pure marketing BS. Read the first comment (currently) below to get a more accurate picture:

    So basically they sold 300k new copies since December but that gives no indications on subs.

    Of course, this guy could be wrong....but so could the article :)
  11. Merketh
    Also heard a rumour saying they had to make a choice between a focus on DA 2 or ME 3, think we all know what they picked :p
  12. adagio
    We haven't seen what state me3 will arrive at yet.
  13. Fozia
    thats a bullshit excuse dont announce a game if u cant follow up with quality in making it
  14. adagio
    I just think dao2 was a bad design decision. To much input foe the consoles for it to work properly.

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