Spvp Thief Burst/surv/mobility build

Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Adeon, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Adeon Classic Guild Member

    A little video of my build, that i could fraps even with my crap pc XD,
    i found this build to be the best for spvp for me atm, got a lot of surv, being able to stealth often and heal while stealthed + gaining a nice speed while stealthed + having still a good dmg mainly from backstab and cloack daggers, you can even have a kind of perma stealth in combat refreshing clock daggers on melee range and healing from the passive traits, waiting for a good chance to place a nice backstab :D :

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    Melody Community Member

    Nice, but this is a Public Match, you could have done more Points by Treb in that time :p.
    As long as you have fun playing this way its fine, but it wont be viable in tPvP i guess, your far to sqishy with 15k, if some1 catches you with CC you pretty much dead due lack of Stunbreaking Ability and HP.

    Feel free to Post your Build @ the Theorycrafting Thread.
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    Adeon Classic Guild Member

    i got potentially 3 stuns breaker my 6: ( Infiltrator's Signet remove stuns too), my 0: (Shadowstep) that im using at 0.58, teleport on my Cursor location and brack stuns etc, and if i press it again i will remove stuns again and teleporting back to the orignal position (shadowreturn) :D, on tournament im using this kind of squishy build as im 1 of the dmg dealer, btw playing from 3 days XD, (treb) idk what is it :p, anyway i can easly avoid) atacks after coming out from my first backstab just doing 1 doge and the debuff for restealth will disapear in the meantime leaving me time to restealth with cloack daggers.

    my build :

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    Melody Community Member

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    Adeon Classic Guild Member

    i see thk for advice :D, but still prefer my signet i guess we see different names maybe you use german client ? :p btw mine can help me to get on my target and is 1 more breack stun and the traits you changed for granting 2s stealth is not bad but i prefer the 1 that remove condition on stealth , are helping my mobility and surv when im going into stealth :D, well anyway this game is nice there are mane builds that can work in different ways, i found the one that fit really well with my gamestyle :D

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