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Discussion in 'Guild Wars 2' started by Doku, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Doku Community Member

    ok you all need to read this https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/structured-pvp-iceberg/

    if its true what they say its gonna be huge

    first they are gonna add paid tournaments in wich you can win gems :O

    then they will add custom rooms for duels, training custom matches with other teams etc.

    and in the future they will do something with spectating tournaments and teams, and something that sounds like an integrated stream system, leaderboards and larger tournaments then the best out of 8 single elimination they have now :O

    it means that Anet is serious about gw2 spvp being an e-sport and this has me realy exited
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    Melody Community Member

    When it's done ©
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    wvwvw is the future u must join us!
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    Karasu Community Member

    All of this was part of the ideal plan years ago. It just takes some time to get it all coded and bug-free. Especially when you start to add competition and money to the mix.. waiting and hoping they make the right decisions is all there is to it.

    They're looking at everything out there, and really want to make it into a decent eSports. ANet has some experience with competitive play and paid tournaments from GW GvG.

    Now let's just hope they'll also consider giving WWW a bit more competitive support.
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    I spent a week in germany with the devs who work on PvP and thier entire mission in life is to make GW2 a esport they live and breathe it and will do whatever they need to do to make sure that happens so yeah expect this to keep developing non stop. The more ppl play the more feedback they get to fine tune it.
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    Melody Community Member

    You believe everything a person tells you?
    Till now i didnt saw a single change that made me feel "yeah ANet is as good as anyone's hype them".
    They failed huge at release, they failt to prevent major exploits (Legendary Precursor twice!), they even fail at balancing cause they dont want to listen. (ex: Pistol Whip 15% DMG reduce, didnt changed anything in the way i kill people, Basilisk Venom good buff followed by major nerf still no point using it over Thieves Guild in serious PvP.)

    Guild Wars 1 is a great game yes, there atleast you had a lot to do.
    Guild Wars 2 gives you the feel you completed the game, once you hit 80 with 100% World Completion, as everything else is just a Style difference.
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    Doku Community Member

    I already think that wvw is as competitive as sieging can be... Anet did a great job designing a system that can be joined from the first second and still has great options for strategy and tactics becouse of the diffrent points to capture and defend with diffrent sizes... Also siege equipment that can be used for diffrent goals.

    All in all i think wvw is as good on macro management as any strategy game out there... And has insane potential for micro management... But nobody is using that and neither are we.

    Wvw will grow when people become more experienced and it will turn out to be great... Trust me on that one
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    they can start by fixing the culling and maybe giving it something like aion had
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    Doku Community Member

    Sorry but you are so wrong on all the thief balancing stuff... Class balancing is for spvp... And the diffrence is huge ... The pistol whip build went from insane to mediocre with that patch (still usable but definitly not op anymore) and venom share builds where already good but went to the strongest thief build for team fights imo.
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    Doku Community Member

    Agreed thats a retarded "feature"
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    Melody Community Member

    Yes with Basilisk Venom being easily countered by Stun Remove skill's it will for sure be one of the strongest builds.
    And the Pistol Whip nerf, changed nothing in the way i kill people.
    I mean i play Thief, and i still feel like im too strong compared to other classes.

    Same goes for E-Mail Support.
    After i got hacked it took them 3 days to answer me, yesterday i wrote a mail with a simple question, today i have the answer.

    Another failure: they wont ban the player that hacked me, neither recover my lost equipment.

    Great Publisher.
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    Fozia Veteran BOON

    i got a q about thieves today i encountered one doing some annoyingly high dmging skill wich stuns u aswell as takes like half your hp in like 2 seconds with super fast hits whats that called?
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    Doku Community Member

    That about the e-mail response being so late is unacceptable an i hope they will be working on that.

    About the pistol whip... Offcourse the way you kill people with pistol whip is still the same ... The effectiveness is just a lot less.... And i said venom share is the best for team fights imo ..... The word team being important here xD
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    Doku Community Member

    Pistol whip most likely with quickness
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    Karasu Community Member

    Sigh.. here we go again.. 'Not enough content!', 'So many bugs', 'I am too stronk / too weak!'

    I talked to the guys making it various times during events such as GamesCom. All they've been promoting in terms of their ambitions is legit. What they can achieve in a certain amount of time is only human. And there's often technical and legal issues to overcome. ( Such as alcohol is not allowed to give any positive effects according to their new rating.)

    - Bugs: Bugs are normal, especially with the amount of content released after over three years of hard work. (Are we bringing this up again?) This is a far bigger game at release than any other: 32 complete zones filled with many different dynamic events, challenges and renown hearts, hundreds of different custom personal story quests, 8 complete dungeons with each 3-4 explorable variants aside from the story mode and their custom rewards, jumping puzzles in each zone, four different PvP maps, eight professions, five races, eight crafting professions with 400 levels each, huge worldwide trading post, mystic forge with epic skins and recipes, complete world versus world with upgrades and siege, flexible party systems and guild system as never seen before ...
    ... Shit is something not working somewhere? This game is sooo bad man.

    - Mistakes: Mistakes are human. And bad/not fun. Sometimes bugs do go trough but that's incomparable to the amount of bugs squatted during development. Yeah a lot of stupid things happen and they could have paid a bit more attention when changing some parameters quickly. They've learned from some mistakes and are increasing the functionality of their hot-fix system.
    - Balancing: Not every player plays the same, balancing hundreds of skills is not just crunching numbers. It's completely different to balancing a MOBA for example. Players are QQing over the Elementalist not having the burst damage they're expecting but don't see it has the highest damage over time in all professions. I know players that could abuse the mechanics so hard they can beat someone 1:1 using any profession. Also, are you going to balance against players at high level or the average Joe running into the arena?

    BTW Pistol whip was nerfed 15 % to perfectly match one of its mirror skills Mesmer's Blurred Frenzy. They're now actually inferior to Mesmer in terms of flexibility and range.

    - Content: I don't see how you say there is more content in Guild Wars 1. If you were playing prophecies you'd have finished the whole game (at release) in less than 24 hour hours. Otherwise you're counting 4 expansions + bonus content and loads of new features added after release. Guild Wars is also only about style. Took less than 24 hours to get to max level, another day or two maybe to finish your story and there's nothing that's gonna make you stronger. All that mattered was achievements, skins and farming.
    Even in WoW they made a new panda expansion but there was nothing to do for the real gamer. The real content such as dungeons and heroics have yet to be released slowly, or so I'm told.

    - Support: First of all, https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Account-Issue-Updates-Posted-Daily - Second, it's not only ArenaNet managing support. But I'm sure they've been constantly hiring new people to catch up with the floodwave of people sending in various issues while fixing the ones that actually caused it.
    Why do you know they won't ban the person that hacked you, did they respond saying so? As for the reroll.. No idea why that thing isn't fixed. Like I said it was developed two years ago but super broken on release.

    "Less QQ, more pew pew." - Johanthan "Chaplan" Sharp

    I've talked to various devs over the years, and each time I asked for anything to improve the game in terms of mechanics, content or features it was 80% of the time already on their to-do list - yet not planned for release. You should know they don't like to talk a lot about stuff until they're exactly sure how they're gonna put it in, so you won't hear about all the friggin amazing stuff still being produced for content updates, holidays (one way to find out, this month!) and expansions.

    Any more QQ's from anyone? Come at me, before the lock!
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    Katiechops Guild Master

    I didn't mention anything they told me, I am talking about what is motivating and interest's them as people, so yeah sitting talking to ppl irl lets you read people and understand what makes them tick, you can see it in thier body langague, what they sit up for and discuss get animated over etc, you can try act that for an interview, or a presentation, you can't while standing at a stand chatting to pass the time, or after 5 pints in the pub at 2am, or even standing taking a piss.

    So yeah I do believe they want to to happen, wheather they can make it happen is another matter, but tbh I think they will time will tell the game is just released and like all moo's it will develop with time as will its e-sports aspect.

    Its not like your Rifts, SWToR, Tera, we are coming up to 2 months since release and the quit rate has been bearly 10% of the original player base, BOON didn't even last 2 months and had effectively 100% drop off rate in those three games, so yeah plenty of ppl will keep playing GW2 new players will come and the shop will keep on farming money and the game will develop with its strong finacial backing and freedom to develop.
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    Aspira Admin Officer

    So this is where you and Chap kept disappearing to last year at Gamescom... secret peepee meetings!!!
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    Melody Community Member

    1.They told us every class is capable of playing any role, its actually true yes, but not every class excels at every job, tho its still wrong, every Class should have the same opportunity's to fill every role.
    2.They told us (and showed us) about amazing Boss Fights, with reward based on our Activity: Jormag, come at 10% health, get Gold Medal Reward.
    3.They told us stuff scales with the amount of players and gets a lot harder tho, i dont see Jormag getting very hard, or that one on the Coast, they have all the same difficulty as the first boss in the Human starting Area tbh, just takes a bit longer to kill them due stupid flying around or fearing into bone walls...
    4.People of the Guild told me without any SOURCE: We will get reward at the end of the week for WvW, yet i have not seen any reward, patch notes or a notice about it.
    5.They influence the market without any reason higher the Gem price, while we been told its a system that scales on how the market goes, and not on how ANet wants the market to go.
    6.After a lot of people got there Legendary Precursor, they make it harder for the next wave that want to go for it, reason: "it was to easy". People where punished for not knowing the easy "recipe's".

    They are not capable of balancing WvWvW to make it more enjoyable, drops should be directly in your bag, so you dont fall behind in your "Zerg" while looting, cause if you running the bags will drop behind you, there weekly server point system is kinda stupid, there should be influence based on: Server Time Zone Activity (@ WvWvW tho, not just Low/Med/High/Full Population), the reward for defending something should be higher, they should limit siege weapons more, its boring having tons of siege weapons doing the job that we should do, they still have not found a solution on the visibility of enemies.

    After i left Aion and League of Legends, i bought Guild Wars 1, had the most enjoyable time, it was so unique, even tho its old it had stuff other games still lack, it was not just a typical MMO even tho it had the Holy Trinity, i felt like rushing is not necessary since level doesn't change a lot pvp wise, the pvp was a lot more enjoyable you could just for no reason run a build and have fun, yes they where FoTM Builds, but you had the challenge to find a counter to the FoTM Build to win matches.

    Guild Wars 2 i felt like: Rush to Level 80, huge difference WvWvW-PvP wise, you survive a lot more, deal more damage.

    Im also disappointed that there was no Event @ Release, a lot of people enjoyed the Zombie Event at the end of the beta's, i personally though they would make a huge event to celebrate the release, but it was just another day of realizing that GW2 is just a normal MMO without the Holy Trinity system, but a broken every class should but cannot fill every role as good is every other class.
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    Chowder Community Member

    i just want to reply to that. in a spvp environment every hard cc is incredibly valuable, seeing as there's a very limited amount of times your opponent can stun break out of, skill/stomp interrupts, and how there's no diminishing returns for crowd control, afaik.
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    Melody Community Member

    I know how importend hard cc is, but most of the time you cant make use of it, you will have a great start when everyone has venom's but after that the team split's mostly so its a lot less worth running it over Thieves Guild, tho other venom's are still quite powerful to share (ex: Devourer).

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